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Calling young adults: Has Obamacare improved your health?

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| A survey finds that adults under 26 report better health and lower costs since the federal health law let them say on their parents' insurance.

Is your surgeon profiting from the device he's implanting in you?


It's virtually impossible to find out if your doctor is part of a POD. But it's worth trying to find out before undergoing intensive spinal surgery.

First Person: Leah Gallegos brings yoga to East LA


At People's Yoga young Chicanas practice alongside elderly Japanese women. They may speak different languages, but they are "creating a community together."


To help protect infants from whooping cough, vaccinate during pregnancy


The state health department faces an uphill battle persuading obstetricians to start vaccinating pregnant women against whooping cough.

Selling the spine: Doctors profit in the OR, but at whose expense?


California has seen a rapid growth in what are called Physician Owned Distributorships in the spinal device business. Critics argue they create a financial incentive to do more and at times unnecessary surgeries.

North Hills VA under review due to scheduling 'confusion'


A spokesman says the national VA will take a closer look at the North Hills facility's scheduling practices, but stressed that a national audit found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Strange bedfellows: the health care union and the hospital association


SEIU-UHW and the California Hospital Association's deal to work together has gotten mixed reviews.

Senate passes bill simplifying health plan search by drug coverage


SB 1052 fixes a problem that anyone taking a drug for a chronic condition may have encountered: It was nearly impossible to shop for an insurance plan by drug.