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Antelope Valley to candidates: More homeless funding, please

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| Officials say they're not getting their fair share of L.A. Homeless Services Authority funding. Those running to be the area's new county supervisor agree.

New census methods include outreach to young children


Census officials are trying new ways of reaching hard-to-find residents, including teaching their children to be evangelists for the count.

Labor advocates want more money for wage enforcement


With the minimum wage set to rise in July, LA is creating a Wage Standards Office to ensure workers are paid in full, but labor advocates say it's underfunded.

A surge in the youth vote will probably help Democrats


All those 17 to 25-year-olds have the potential to rock this presidential election — especially in one state and for one party.

Villaraigosa's 'made a decision' on running for governor — but he won't say what it is


The former Los Angeles mayor is coming off a 38-day tour of the state, one that's beneficial if running for governor, though he's not revealing if he will.

Nancy Reagan's legacy as California first lady


Before Nancy and Ronald Reagan stepped on a national stage, she was the state's first lady and left her own mark.

Library visitors pay tribute to former first lady Nancy Reagan


Nancy Reagan was remembered Sunday by visitors to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Fuentes' plan to leave LA City Council opens candidate gates


7th District councilman's decision not to run for reelection next year creates a rare open seat on the that many are hoping to fill.