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Women leaders no longer a rarity in today's Navy

KPCC/John Ismay
| Having women command Navy warships is routine, but it wasn't always that way. And now the last restrictions keeping them from direct combat have been dropped.

Some relatives of Filipino vets will be allowed to immigrate sooner


Starting next month, immigration officials will let some adult children and siblings of elderly Filipino American vets wait for their immigrant visas in the United States instead of in the Philippines.

Sailors can get more ink under new Navy regulations


Beginning this month, tattoo enthusiasts who serve in the U.S. Navy can ink a lot more of their bodies. The new policy is designed to help recruit millennials.


Former Marine's graphic novel tackles life in the Corps


Before Max Uriarte left the Marine Corps, he began a popular web-comic called Terminal Lance. His new graphic novel has now risen to the top of bestseller lists.

Navy secretary to Marines: Women in combat is irreversible


On Tuesday, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus made his case for incorporating women into combat roles to Marines at Camp Pendleton.

To help keep veterans healthy, VA wants to hear their life stories


An initiative at several veterans hospitals adds something new to patients' medical records: their life stories.

Decades later, families await remains of loved ones lost in war


Nearly 83,000 U.S. service members are still listed as missing in action. Many of their families still hope their remains will be identified and returned home.

Tobacco still too much a part of military culture, Army report says


The Army's first ever "Health of the Force" report found that about a third of all soldiers use tobacco, and many have other health issues that affect their performance.