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Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Las Vegas shooting didn't change anyone's mind about guns

A new poll says Americans are as divided as ever on whether restricting firearms would reduce mass shootings and homicides.

Lulu photographed during explosives training.

Meet Lulu, the CIA's cutest dropout

The agency says that Lulu, a black Labrador being trained to sniff out explosives, just wasn't that into it.

Singapore US Navy Ship Collision

Navy veterans look beyond the crews for cause of collisions

The Navy is looking for lessons learned after 17 sailors were killed this summer when the destroyers USS McCain and USS Fitzgerald each collided with slow moving freighters in the Pacific.

California won't make its bar exam easier

Becoming a lawyer in California isn't going to get easier after the state Supreme Court decided not to lower the minimum passing score on one of nation's toughest licensing exams for attorneys.

30-foot border wall prototypes erected in San Diego borderlands

While the mockups are massive, it's anybody's guess whether they'll ever get built.

Evacuations still in place for NorCal blaze with rain on the way

Northern California firefighters are battling a fire that sprang up two nights ago in the southern Bay Area Santa Cruz mountains, prompting evacuation orders.

Officers fired after forcible removal of United Airlines passenger

David Dao, a 69-year-old Kentucky doctor, was injured as he was dragged from a United Express flight in April. Video taken by fellow passengers went viral, sparking outrage.

Federal judge in Maryland blocks Trump's latest travel ban attempt

District Judge Theodore Chuang wrote, "This Preliminary Injunction is granted on a nationwide basis and prohibits the enforcement of Section 2 of Presidential Proclamation 9645 in all places."

Lighter winds aid firefighters working to contain California blazes

Officials say they are increasingly optimistic that the fires are gradually being extinguished, with two of the largest about 70 percent contained.

Remembering the victims of the Northern California wildfires

At least 40 people have died in the deadliest week of wildfires in California history. Here's a look at some of the old and young who were killed in the blaze.

276 killed in deadliest single attack in Somalia's history

The death toll could rise after a truck bomb exploded on a crowded street near key government ministries in Mogadishu.

California finally turns a corner in battling wine country fires

The winds that have been fanning the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in state history haven't kick up as much as feared.

Mendocino County to let people back into their homes

Evacuation orders are being lifted on Sunday, but residents should be prepared to leave if conditions change.

Pictures of Santa Rosa — Ground Zero for California fire devastation

"From a distance you could just see red. And hear nothing but explosions," says one resident. Fire destroyed thousands of homes in the neighborhood.

Firefighters stop flames from advancing into Sonoma

About 100,000 people remain under evacuation orders. Plans are in the works to allow some of them to return home.

Life goes on in Santa Rosa, devastated by fire

Inside the Russian River Brewing Co., the fires are all anyone can talk about. Outside, ash continues falling from overcast skies.