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How dangerous is driving under the influence of marijuana?

The question of driving stoned was taken up by a House committee this week, a response to the changing landscape in marijuana law across the country.

Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip, is seen shortly before the start of a proposed cease-fire on Friday.

Fighting resumes in Gaza, as Israeli military says cease-fire is over

Just hours into what was supposed to be a three-day cease-fire, Israel and Hamas traded fire in Gaza. Palestinian officials said one attack killed scores.

Members of Uganda's gay community and gay rights activists react after the constitutional court overturned an anti-gay law.

Court in Uganda throws out anti-gay law

The decision was a technical one. The court said there was no quorum when parliament voted on the measure, which punished some acts of homosexuality with life in prison.

Israel and Hamas agree to 3-day cease-fire, UN says

The truce is set to begin at 8 a.m. local time Friday. Envoys will also travel to Cairo to negotiate a possible longer peace deal.

Gas explosions kill 20, injure 270 in Taiwan

A series of underground gas explosions killed 20 people and injured 270 others late Thursday in Taiwan's second-largest city, authorities said.

FAQ: What you should know about the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history

The deadliest recorded Ebola outbreak surpassed 700 deaths across West Africa on Thursday, as the World Health Organization reported dozens of new deaths.

Investigators make it to Ukraine jet crash site

As fighting raged in eastern Ukraine, an international team of investigators on Thursday reached the crash site of the Malaysian Airline Flight 17.

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds 2011 union law

The 5-2 ruling upholds Gov. Scott Walker's signature policy achievement, which effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers.

Amid confusion, 17 killed by shelling at market in Gaza

Israel's army declared a humanitarian cease-fire on Wednesday but said it did not apply to all areas. A market that Palestinians had thought was safe was hit, killing 17 and wounding dozens more.

Suing Obama: GOP-led House gives the go-ahead

Obama and other Democrats derided the effort as a stunt aimed at tossing political red meat to conservative voters.

Ukraine: Clashes, land mines prevent visit to jet debris site

A Ukrainian government security spokesman added to security concerns Wednesday by claiming that Russian-backed separatists "have mined the approaches" to the crash site.

Berkeley garage 'The Buslab' keeps vintage VW buses on the road

If you're road-tripping through California this summer, you might spot the occasional Volkswagen Bus. Back in its heyday in the '60s and 70s, the iconic van was everywhere.

US, Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia

The coordinated sanctions were aimed at increasing pressure on Russia to end its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, whom the West blames for downing a passenger jet.

'Terror tunnels' of Gaza have ancient precedent

Beyond the tactical utility of the tunnels, they have had a powerful psychological grip on the Israeli public, and they've been a staple of asymmetrical warfare for thousands of years.

Budget Big Sur: 3 lodging options big in beauty, small in price

When the L.A. Times recently ran a story about traveling Big Sur on a budget, they had some great suggestions, but I didn’t think they went low budget enough.

NCAA settles head-injury suit, $70 million for testing

The NCAA will fund a $70 million program to test current and former athletes for brain injuries. It'll also establish a common return-to-play policy all schools must follow.