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Catholic Church steps up legal help to LA's Salvadorans

Josie Huang/KPCC
| The Archdiocese of Los Angeles plans legal aid workshops at churches popular with Salvadorans as their temporary permission to live in the U.S. is ending.

Catherine Deneuve apologizes to sex assault victims after controversial letter


After the letter she signed sparked a backlash, the French actress said she needs to provide "clarification."

For CDC, reducing flu spread takes priority over nuclear attack preparedness


The agency scrapped plans to tell Americans what to do in a nuclear attack. Instead, it will focus on the flu. The decision came before Saturday's false alert of a ballistic missile attack.

DACA recipients can apply for renewal


Government officials said they'll once again accept DACA renewal requests in response to a court order from a California judge.

Plane skids off runway in Turkey and onto cliff's edge


Passengers of the Pegasus Airlines flight experienced a terrifying landing as the plane went hurtling over a cliff, leaving the aircraft dangling over the Black Sea.

False ballistic missile alert freaks out Hawaii


Emergency management officials say someone "pushed the wrong button," sending a Saturday morning alert that warned of an incoming missile.

Trump's idea of good vs. bad immigrant countries has a long history


The President's recent vulgar slur appeared to favor the revival of a discriminatory immigration policy abolished by Congress more than 50 years ago.

Trump Administration will let states require people to work for Medicaid


The Trump Administration is encouraging states to require "able-bodied" Medicaid recipients to work or volunteer in order to keep their health insurance coverage. Opponents argue that good health leads to the ability to hold down a job.

VA clears the air on doctors talking to veterans about marijuana use


Officials want health care providers to discuss how the use of medical marijuana could interact with patient care, but doctors still can't point vets to state-approved marijuana programs.