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Health savings account change in 2018 could trip up some consumers

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| The new calculation reduces by $50 the amount a family can put into these HSA accounts this year. Anyone who has already funded the account at a higher level will need to adjust, or risk IRS scrutiny.

Video reveals power of Sinclair, as local news anchors recite script in unison


Sinclair Broadcast Group owns more than 190 local TV stations across the country. They recently began instructing local anchors to read a script denouncing "fake" news.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, anti-Apartheid activist, dies at 81


The South African icon, who married Nelson Mandela before his imprisonment, long symbolized the struggle against Apartheid. Later, after their divorce, controversy laced some of her legacy.

A commitment to MLK's work, 50 years after his assassination


"Tighten your belts and dry your tears. If you love Martin Luther King as you say you do, help me carry on his work."

Oakland fire marshal criticized over deadly blaze resigns


A rented warehouse known as the Ghost Ship burned in 2016, killing 36 people. The warehouse had no fire inspection prior to the blaze despite previous reports of dangers.

Wife of Orlando nightclub shooter cleared of all charges


Prosecutors had accused Noor Salman of obstructing justice and helping her husband, Omar Mateen, plan the 2016 attack that left 50 people, including Mateen, dead.

'Serial' subject Adnan Syed deserves a new trial, appeals court rules


Maryland's second-highest court has upheld a ruling vacating Syed's murder conviction, which the hit podcast covered. Syed will be retried in a lower court, provided Thursday's ruling isn't appealed.


Russia retaliates, expels 60 American diplomats after US action


Tensions between Russia and the West are ratcheting up as the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of the officials and the closure of the U.S. consulate in St. Petersburg.

Why can't American Samoans be citizens? Lawsuit says they should be


The suit is of great interest to Southern California's estimated 27,000 Samoans. Of the 16 U.S. territories, American Samoa is the only one whose residents aren't U.S. citizens.