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Why a potential 'Free Speech Week' at Berkeley is causing a stir

Seth Wenig/AP
| Organized by a conservative student publication and right-wing activist Milo Yiannopoulos, the event is a response to what they see as university efforts to shut down conservative speakers on campus.

Kim Jong Un calls Trump 'dotard' in statement


In an extraordinary statement released through state media, the North Korean leader says the U.S. president is "surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician."

​LA team helps search for Mexico quake survivors


Mexico's federal police said several people were lifted out of the debris of two buildings Thursday.

The US-Mexico border is already dangerous to cross, even without a wall


According to a documentary project examining the U.S.-Mexico border, much of it is made of desert, mountains, and river canyons; in short, it's already pretty tough to cross.


Mexico City earthquake: All children are accounted for


Search teams are working feverishly to find any survivors who were trapped. However, Navy Assistant Secretary Angel Enrique Sarmiento said there is no missing child at the collapsed Mexico City school that has been the focus of rescue efforts.


Trump Administration orders new sanctions on North Korea


President Trump announced additional sanctions on North Korea in response to Pyongyang's renegade nuclear program.

​A stunned Puerto Rico seeks to rebuild after Hurricane Maria


The extent of the damage is unknown given that dozens of municipalities remained isolated and without communication after Maria hit the island Wednesday morning as a Category 4 storm with 155 mph winds, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years.

Hurricane Maria knocks out all power in Puerto Rico


As it closed in on Puerto Rico, Maria was a Category 4 hurricane but it still packed a punch. Puerto Rico has long been spared from a direct hit by a hurricane.

Quake in Mexico kills at least 217, help from LA on the way


Adding poignancy and a touch of the surreal, Tuesday's magnitude-7.1 quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. Just hours earlier, people around Mexico had held earthquake drills to mark the date.