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Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal cell phone codes

The targeted company makes "subscriber identity modules," or SIM cards, used in mobile phones and credit cards. Its clients reportedly include AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Memoirs of photojournalist abducted in Libya

Lynsey Addario's new memoir details her captivity in Libya as well as her childhood memories of her father coming out as gay. She had both fact-checked.

LA's counter-extremism efforts highlighted at CVE summit

In the wake of deadly attacks in Copenhagen and Paris perpetrated by homegrown terrorists, White House summit focuses on community outreach to prevent extremism.

Afghan first lady steps into the spotlight

In a country where women are seen but not often heard, Rula Ghani intends to play a prominent role. She hopes to help the country's most vulnerable people.

Ukraine update: Fighting shifts to Mariupol

In the past 24 hours, 14 of its soldiers have died and 172 were injured. Leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia are trying to salvage a cease-fire.

Chocolate makeover: Nestle dumps artificial colorings

Nestle giant says it's removing artificial flavors and colorings from its chocolate candies. The move is part of food firms attempt to meet demands for natural ingredients.

Iran's Jews: It's our home and we plan to stay

Iran's Jewish population has dropped dramatically since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But nearly 9,000 Jews remain. Many say they've learned to accept the limitations.

Debate: Are America's best days behind it?

Is America in decline, or an unparalleled leader on the world stage? In the 100th debate from Intelligence Squared U.S., two teams face off over the motion, "Declinists Be Damned: Bet On America."

Kids' solo playtime unleashes 'free-range' parenting debate

A number of parents have made news in recent months for letting children walk or play outside on their own. But laws on when kids can be by themselves are vague.

Carnival parade float hits power line in Haiti; at least 18 dead

A power line came into contact with a crowded float during a large parade early Tuesday. Conflicting reports on the number of people killed range from 18 to 20, with dozens more wounded.

93-year-old charged in Germany with serving as Nazi guard

A German court says a 93-year-old man has been charged with 170,000 counts of accessory to murder on allegations he served as an SS guard at Auschwitz.

Egypt launches airstrikes against ISIS In Libya

On Sunday, the Islamic State released a video that purported to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped. Libya joined Egypt in the strikes.

Video purports to show IS militants beheading hostages

The makers of the video identify themselves as the Tripoli Province of the Islamic State group — the Islamic militant group that controls about a third of Syria and Iraq.

Boehner raises possibility of Homeland Security shutdown

Democrats responded by saying responsibility would fall on the Ohio Republican and the country would suffer from the needless closing of vital part of government.

Sporadic shelling continues as Ukraine truce takes effect

The fighting continued around the Luhansk region and in the heavily disputed city of Debaltseve.

Another winter storm slams the northeast

The system was bringing hurricane-force winds and near-white-out conditions to parts of the region, with northern Massachusetts and the Boston area particularly hard hit.