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Why Rachel Dolezal can never be black

The white civil rights activist and former NAACP leader outed by her parents in 2015 for passing herself off as black, is making the rounds with news again.

Muslim ban deportee attends Trump’s speech to Congress

"It was bit strange. There were a lot of positive words being used in the speech. My experience of what had happen because of the policies was really contradictory to those words."

Bang zoom! SpaceX taking private passengers to the moon

The company said it received a “significant deposit” from two people keen to do a moon mission—but there are a few additional hurdles to clear first.

Joseph Wapner, judge on 'The People's Court,' dead at 97

Wapner decided real small-claims cases on the show from 1981 to 1993. He joined the show soon after retiring from Los Angeles courts.

​GOP congressman: Special prosecutor needed for Russia probe

Rep. Darrell Issa of California says it would be improper for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to lead the investigation.

Homeland Security chief: 'No mass deportations'

Only hours earlier, President Donald Trump suggested the opposite. He told CEOs at the White House the deportation push was a "military operation."

Budapest to withdraw Olympics bid, leaving only LA, Paris

The withdrawal, confirmed to the Associated Press, leaves only Paris and Los Angeles in the running. The International Olympic Committee will choose a host city in September.

Record number of miles driven in US last year

American drivers put 3.22 trillion miles on the nations roads last year, up by 2.8 percent from 2015. A better economy and lower gas prices fueled the increase, which highlights infrastructure needs.

Japanese-Americans remember WWII incarceration

Many of the incarcerated were farmers, coerced to work the land in the camps. The food they grew was meant for the incarcerated but camp administrators sold it on the open market. Resistance ensued.

'A Day Without Immigrants' protest closes businesses

Some businesses closed for the day; others stayed open and pledged to contribute a share of the day's proceeds to nonprofits that aid Latino communities.

Leaving urban areas for the political homogeneity of rural towns

In the last election, it became easier to see the political divide between urban and rural areas. Now, people from California are moving to northern Idaho to find people similar to them.

Protests against Planned Parenthood rouse dueling rallies nationwide

Across the U.S., anti-abortion protesters flocked to clinics to calling for an end in federal funding for Planned Parenthood. In many cities, supporters showed up to counterprotest — sometimes right across the street.

Nearly 1 in 5 immigrants in US illegally in NYC, LA areas

The report released Thursday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center estimates more than 2 million immigrants in the country illegally lived in the two areas in 2014.

California joins second lawsuit against Trump travel ban

Attorney General Xavier Becerra and 16 other attorneys general filed a friend of the court brief in the case of two men with Yemeni visas detained in Virginia.

Federal departments suspend travel order's enforcement, as Trump vows to fight

The State Department and Department of Homeland Security said they are complying with a restraining order issued Friday by a federal judge. President Trump called the decision "ridiculous."

​California university students sue over Trump travel ban

The federal suit filed Thursday in San Francisco says the ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries is unconstitutional and has created hardships for the students.