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Former hostage: Under deal, Iran has less incentive to hold Americans

Sarah Shourd, who was imprisoned by Iran in 2009, calls the nuclear deal a "win-win." It doesn't demand Americans' release, but she says it makes it less useful for Iran to keep hostages for leverage.

Mitsubishi to apologize for using US POWs as forced labor

A senior executive will personally say sorry to James Murphy, 94, who was forced to work in one of the company's copper mines, something he described as "slavery in every way."

WATCH: Surfer in South Africa narrowly escapes shark

During a World Surf League competition in Jeffreys Bay that was broadcast live on television, Australian surfer Mick Fanning has a heart-stopping moment.

18-day negotiation yields landmark Iran nuclear accord

The accord marks a dramatic break from decades of animosity between the United States and Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to call it a "stunning historic mistake."

The secret history of black baseball players in Japan

Decades before Jackie Robinson broke American baseball's color line, a longstanding camaraderie between black and Japanese players would shape the future of baseball in Japan.

US agents knew of 'El Chapo' escape plots in 2014

Mexico's most notorious drug trafficker began plotting to break out almost immediately after his recapture at a seaside resort in February 2014.

Pentagon announces plan aimed at lifting transgender ban

Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the Pentagon's regulations banning transgender individuals from serving in the military are outdated.

Boy Scouts panel OKs gay adults as leaders

The Boy Scouts of America's National Executive Board will meet July 27 to ratify the resolution to end the longstanding ban on gay Scout leaders.

Obama commutes sentences of 46 convicts

The move was part of a broader effort by the administration to make the U.S. criminal justice system fairer.

El Chapo's second escape memorialized in Mexican 'corridos'

Singers of the ballads have for decades detailed the lifestyle of drug dealers in Mexico, so it was no surprise that when the country's most notorious kingpin escaped, it was memorialized in song.

'El Chapo' escape a 'PR disaster' for Mexican government

Mexico's most powerful drug lord escaped from a high-security prison for the second time in 15 years —an embarrassment for President Peña Nieto.

Greece reaches deal with creditors, avoids euro exit

Before it can receive about $95 billion in loans and support for its banks to reopen, the Greek government will have to pass a raft of austerity measures.

How close is 'close'? Iran, West inch toward nuclear deal

There are conflicting reports as to whether the negotiators will or won't announce a deal on Monday.

IS claims responsibility for attack on Italian consulate in Cairo

A group calling itself Islamic State in Egypt said it carried out the car-bomb attack that killed one person and caused serious damage to the diplomatic compound.

Afghanistan says US airstrikes destroyed Islamic State branch

While U.S. officials declined to confirm it, Afghan authorities said a US airstrike Friday killed IS affiliate leader Hafeez Sayeed and more than 30 other militants.

Serena Williams wins 21st Grand Slam title at Wimbledon

For Williams, it leaves her one shy of Steffi Graf and at third place for the all-time women's Grand Slam record.