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Can shipping containers be used as buildings?

The cost of housing in the city is making many people think small. And the micro movement loves to reuse and recycle.

Burger King looks to rule in Crimea after McDonald's secedes

One fast-food empire says it plans to move in to the disputed peninsula after the other decides to at least temporarily close its shops.

Most wild kittens taken to shelters will be killed

Wild kittens that will number in the tens of millions this year are starting to be born. Overtaxed shelters will be forced to euthanize many they receive.

Banning traditional animal slaughter, Denmark stokes religious ire

The country's move to require stunning animals before killing them is seen by some as an affront to religious methods of slaughter. Muslims and Jews are now working together to protest it.

Uber starts a new venture into bike delivery

The San Francisco-based company Uber has enjoyed great success with its ride-sharing services, and now it's making a big move by expanding its business to bike deliveries.

UMass basketball player announces he's gay

UMass guard Derrick Gordon has become the first openly gay player in Division I men's basketball, it was announced in interviews with ESPN and Outsports on Wednesday.

Irvine drops 'friendship' plan with Vietnam city

The proposal to join with Nha Trang, on the coast of Vietnam, was withdrawn by Councilman Larry Agran this month after an uproar from many in the Vietnamese community.

New pings have head of search optimistic jet will soon be found

An Australian ship has detected two more pings that may potentially be signals from the plane's black boxes. The head of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is hopeful they will find the aircraft.

Boston Marathon bombing: Studio City runner returns to race

If you think a terror attack can keep a marathoner from running in Boston, you don't know long-distance runners.

NHTS: GM missed deadline for faulty switch data

A government safety agency is fining General Motors $7,000 a day, saying the company failed to fully respond to requests about a faulty ignition switch by April 3.

NCAA women's final matches two undefeated teams

For the first time in history, two teams meet in the NCAA women's title game with perfect records. Not for the first time in history, two coaches face off who don't like each other.

LAPD officers tampered with recording equipment

Investigators have found that Los Angeles police officers tampered with recording gear in dozens of patrol cars to avoid being monitored.

Another jet search unknown: How much it's costing

How much has the far-flung, month-long search cost? The U.S. bill alone has run into the millions of dollars, and some countries such as China have devoted more ships and planes to the effort than the Americans have.

Windows XP users, it's time to upgrade; here's how

Microsoft support for Windows XP stops Tuesday. If you're still using the 12-year-old operating system, here are some tips to get through an upgrade.

Fort Hood: Army says shooting suspect had requested leave

Iraq War veteran Ivan Lopez, who was being treated for mental illness, killed three people and wounded 16 at Fort Hood military base Wednesday before committing suicide.

Drug Smuggling Twist: Innocent Mexicans allegedly duped by Mennonite suspect

Federal prosecutors in Texas and New Mexico are dealing with an unusual case. Ten drug smuggling crimes have been traced to a man from a Mennonite community in Mexico who is alleged to have duped the victims.