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Israel's election: Netanyahu declares victory in tight race

Initial exit polls showed Netanyahu's Likud Party deadlocked with the center-left Zionist Union. But the results indicated that Netanyahu will have an easier time cobbling together a majority coalition.

US returns dozens of looted artifacts to Iraq

Among the artifacts is the head of a statue of Assyrian King Sargon II, similar to one destroyed by militants with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

California judges must cut ties with the Boy Scouts

The state's earlier ban on judges belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation now applies to youth organizations. Does this take judicial impartiality too far?

Netanyahu promises no Palestinian state if he is re-elected

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a Palestinian state and vowed to strengthen construction in east Jerusalem settlements.

Nearly one-third of Americans hiding information online, Pew finds

While Americans are deeply divided over whether government surveillance is serving the public interest, one-third of those surveyed are taking steps to hide their personal information online.

Massive protests against Brazil's president seek her ouster

Protesters don't just want Dilma Rousseff gone; they are demanding the ruling party be booted as well. Some estimates say 1 million people protested across Brazil.

Francis predicts papacy of 4-5 years, calls for Jubilee Year

Pontiff marks second anniversary of his surprise election by predicting that he won't be pope for long — and by calling a special Jubilee Year.

Lights go out in Syria as civil war rages on, lifespans shorten, studies say

Once, Syria was a modern nation. Today, after five years of brutal conflict, 83 percent of the country's lights are out and life expectancies are 20 years shorter.

2 police officers shot outside Ferguson Police Department

The shooting occurred during a protest outside Ferguson police headquarters and comes less than 24 hours after the resignation of the city's chief of police.

Ferguson chief resigns in wake of scathing federal report

Following a highly critical Justice Department report, the city said in a statement that it reached a mutual separation agreement with police Chief Thomas Jackson.

6 things you need to know about marijuana and Calif. employment laws

In the wake of a ballot measure that legalized the use of marijuana in our nation’s capital, a D.C. Council committee has advanced a bill to ban employers there from prescreening job applicants for the drug.

Obama imposes sanctions on Venezuela, invoking emergency powers

Citing an "erosion of human rights guarantees," President Obama issues an executive order imposing sanctions on members of Venezuela's military and intelligence services.

In Syria, archaeologists risk their lives to protect ancient heritage

Academic "Monuments Men" have donned disguises and dodged snipers to help save their country's cultural riches from looting and destruction. Heritage experts warn the losses so far are incalculable.

Venezuela's Maduro sees only plots as his economy crumbles

Venezuela's president is expelling most U.S. diplomats and demanding Americans secure visas to enter the country. Critics say it's an effort to draw attention from the the nation's economic meltdown.

CIA's Brennan to overhaul spy agency's management structure

Brennan announced the restructuring to the CIA workforce on Friday. He said the move comes after nine outside experts analyzed the agency's management structure.

Global outrage over IS group attack on ancient Iraqi site

Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric joined UNESCO Friday in decrying the Islamic State group's attack on the renowned archaeological site of Nimrud.