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Reporter who broke the story of start of WWII dies at 105

As an activist, Clare Hollingworth saved thousands of refugees from Hitler's forces. Then, a few days into her career as a reporter, she uncovered the scoop of a lifetime: Germany was invading Poland.

State department apologizes for decades of anti-LGBT discrimination

The "Lavender Scare" pushed gay people out of government service. Secretary of State John Kerry has now apologized for past practices.

In transit, Taiwan president set to stop in U.S. — to China's displeasure

Tsai Ing-wen is on her way to Central America for a nine-day trip, but she will be stopping in Houston and San Francisco on the way. After a diplomatic dust-up last month, China is watching the trip closely.

The fight to repeal Obamacare begins

President Obama and Vice President-elect Mike Pence met with lawmakers in an effort to frame the coming debate over the Affordable Care Act.

Turkish authorities have reportedly identified nightclub shooting suspect

Turkish media are reporting that authorities believe the suspected gunman responsible for the New Year's attack at an Istanbul nightclub is from Kyrgyzstan. The shooting killed at least 39 people.

WNBA players were near site of Istanbul attack, coach says

Three Los Angeles Sparks team members were among a handful of WNBA players that were next door to a deadly shooting in a nightclub in Istanbul early Sunday.

To appeal to a modern palate, native chef gives tradition a little twist

More Native Americans are revisiting indigenous ingredients and methods of cooking. It's a natural calling for chefs, like Navajo Freddie Bitsoie, who have found themselves in a cultural tug of war.

7 women trailblazers who took a stand in 2016

Maybe they didn't make headlines. But they inspired others to break stereotypes and take a stand.

7 things to know about Israeli settlements

West Bank settlements have expanded under every Israeli government over the past half-century. Nearly 10 percent of Israel's Jewish population now lives on land captured in the 1967 Six-Day War.

A brief history of food emoji: Why you won't find hummus on your phone

There are burgers and sushi, and even the salacious eggplant, but where are the dumplings and salad? Creating a more culturally diverse menu of food emoji is harder than you think.

Final goodbye: Remembering those who died in 2016

In 2016 we said goodbye to Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Juan Gabriel, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Harper Lee, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Reagan and more. See AP's list.

Beyond latkes: 8 nights of fried delights from around the world

Jews commemorate Hanukkah by eating fried foods. For most American Jews, that means latkes — potato pancakes fried in oil. But other cultures toss different foods into pots of boiling oil.

Marzipan, the sweet taste of the holidays in Madrid

One legend has it that marzipan emerged during an epic 13th-century Spanish battle. Today, it is a highlight of the holiday season.

As others prepare for holidays, troops prepare to deploy

More than 13,000 American troops remain deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and units continue to cycle in and out of the two nations as part of the continuing U.S. mission.

10 strange items TSA kept off planes this year

A grenade-shaped trailer hitch, a replica exploding vest, and dead seahorses are some of the strangest items that TSA officers encountered.

Volunteers comb deserts along the border for missing migrants

Every year, thousands of people attempt to enter the United States illegally through the deserts of California, Arizona and Texas.