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3 dead in shooting near Kansas City Jewish center

There is a heavy police presence at the Jewish Community Center complex in Overland Park and the entrance is blocked off, but it's not yet clear if the shooting took place there.

Huge fire kills at least 11 and destroys hundreds of homes in Chile

In Chile, a large fire has reportedly killed at least 11 people and destroyed 500 homes. Thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate areas near the port city of Valparaiso.

Early Afghan election results point to a runoff

Despite a small sample of results released Sunday, the two leading candidates took the opportunity to posture about the final outcome.

Frustrated with Congress, IMF heads leave DC with budding idea

The U.S., the IMF's most powerful member, has refused to sign off on reforms. On Saturday, global leaders suggested the IMF would turn to other options if Congress doesn't act by year's end.

Ukraine says an officer died in battle with pro-Russian forces

A Ukrainian Security Service officer has been killed and five others wounded in the eastern city of Slovyansk, officials from Ukraine's interim government said Sunday.

Google Maps displays Crimean border differently in Russia, US

In Russia, Google's Maps division now shows the Crimean peninsula as part of Russian territory. It's showing a different image on browsers in the U.S.

Pakistani court tosses out attempted murder charge against baby

Weeks after he was fingerprinted and appeared in court, baby Musa is no longer living under the shadow of an attempted murder charge.

'God' files suit in New York to resolve credit dispute

God Gazarov, a Russian immigrant who owns a jewelry store in Brooklyn, says Equifax won't give him a credit history, suggesting he change his first name to resolve the problem.

White House to Iran: No visa for UN envoy pick

Denying visas to U.N. ambassadorial nominees or to foreign heads of state who want to attend United Nations events in the United States is rare, if not unprecedented.

Can shipping containers be used as buildings?

The cost of housing in the city is making many people think small. And the micro movement loves to reuse and recycle.

Burger King looks to rule in Crimea after McDonald's secedes

One fast-food empire says it plans to move in to the disputed peninsula after the other decides to at least temporarily close its shops.

Most wild kittens taken to shelters will be killed

Wild kittens that will number in the tens of millions this year are starting to be born. Overtaxed shelters will be forced to euthanize many they receive.

Banning traditional animal slaughter, Denmark stokes religious ire

The country's move to require stunning animals before killing them is seen by some as an affront to religious methods of slaughter. Muslims and Jews are now working together to protest it.

Uber starts a new venture into bike delivery

The San Francisco-based company Uber has enjoyed great success with its ride-sharing services, and now it's making a big move by expanding its business to bike deliveries.

UMass basketball player announces he's gay

UMass guard Derrick Gordon has become the first openly gay player in Division I men's basketball, it was announced in interviews with ESPN and Outsports on Wednesday.

Irvine drops 'friendship' plan with Vietnam city

The proposal to join with Nha Trang, on the coast of Vietnam, was withdrawn by Councilman Larry Agran this month after an uproar from many in the Vietnamese community.