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California border crossing to close temporarily in September

San Diego's bustling San Ysidro border crossing with Tijuana, Mexico, will be closed to southbound cars for more than two days in September.

Hundreds of structures threatened by central California fire

Firefighters are battling a blaze near Lake McClure, a reservoir about 50 miles east of Modesto.

​Judge in Hawaii hands Trump latest defeat on travel ban

The ruling is the latest piece of pushback in the fierce fight set off by the ban Trump first attempted in January. It will culminate with arguments in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in October.

Presidents Trump and Macron meet in Paris

Ideologically, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron couldn't be more different. But both pulled off surprise election wins by throwing out the political playbook.

​House panel unveils $1.6B plan for building US-Mexico wall

Mexico, however, will not be footing the bill. Instead, the $1.6 billion down payment for the wall will be added to the government's almost $20 trillion debt.

Citizenship for military service program under fire

Thousands of foreign nationals have served in the U.S. military in exchange for citizenship. The Trump administration is considering ending the program.

Can California require cops to release body cam video?

Assembly Bill 748 would amend California's public records statute to limit the discretion that police departments have for withholding body camera videos.

Massive structure fire in Oakland collapses building

The flames were first reported just before 5 p.m. and have engulfed a large building under construction near Lake Merritt. The building eventually collapsed.

To test your fake news judgment, play this game

The journalist who thought up this game says she saw the need before "fake news" was even in the vernacular.

Wheelchair basketball is changing lives in Afghanistan

The head of the program wasn't sure a basketball team was a good idea. The players proved him wrong.

25 people shot at Little Rock nightclub

Police say the shooting was the result of a dispute among clubgoers and not related to terrorism.

As Hong Kong marks handover anniversary, a push and pull with China over identity

Much of the recent history of Hong Kong – and of mainland China, too – can be seen as a series of struggles over appearance and disappearance.

In Serbia, a struggle to protect the Balkan donkey by selling its pricey milk

At $10 a cup, donkey milk isn't cheap. But one Serbian farmer has found a market for this elixir, using it for cheese, infant formula and even chocolate.

More than 140 may be buried after landslide in southwest China

141 people are believed to be missing after a wall of mud, rocks and boulders buried the town of Xinmo in Sichuan province.

Some US states relax restrictions on cladding suspected in London fire

Washington D.C. and three states now permit cladding similar to what investigators think was used on Grenfell Tower, where at least 79 people died when it went up in flames.

Real estate firm with ties to Trump may build the new FBI headquarters

Some critics say Vornado Realty Trust should recuse itself from bidding on the project because of its financial relationship to the president and his family.