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Mexican Carpoolers: A photographer's view of truck bed commuters

In the backs of pickup trucks, construction workers lie among tools and blankets, headed to the city for a day's work. Alejandro Cartagena turned his camera on the carpoolers.

AirAsia tail recovered, but no sign of 'black box' recorders

The large, red piece of debris emblazoned with the word "Asia" was lifted from the bottom of the Java Sea using inflatable balloons.

Missing in Mexico: An LA woman searches for her lost brother

Kill my son. Find my brother. A mother in Mexico pleads with gunmen who snatched her son in the night. He remains missing, and his sister vows to find him. The case is not unique.

Reports of Boko Haram-led massacre in captured Nigerian town

Baga was seized a week ago. Amnesty International says that as many as 2,000 people may have been killed by the Islamist extremists in recent days.

MI5 chief: Paris attack 'terrible reminder' of terror threat

In a rare public speech, Britain's top domestic spy chief Thursday called the Paris attack "a terrible reminder" that some "wish us harm."

The unstoppable selfie stick trend is now on American shores

You can't miss them, and some folks can't resist them. Selfie sticks — monopods that help you take phone photos of yourself — are only growing in popularity.

AirAsia flight's tail spotted in the Java Sea, official says

It might offer clues to why the flight crashed on Dec. 28 with more than 162 people on board. An aircraft's black boxes are located in its tail.

US court weighs Texas law's burden on women seeking abortions

If upheld, the law — which mandates stricter building codes for clinics that perform the procedure — could leave only six clinics open in the entire state of Texas.

Explosion at fireworks warehouse in Colombia makes for amazing video

The explosion of 24 tons of pyrotechnics was caught on video by a local news photographer who was there to check out a small fire. No one was seriously injured and video is stunning.

Lacking Internet, Cubans rely on 'the package' for entertainment

A weekly "package" allows Cubans to watch every current TV show and series available to the world at a fraction of the cost and without government censors.

How driver's license suspensions unfairly target the poor

Losing your driver's license often has nothing to do with unsafe driving. Without one, many who can't afford to pay the fines have a hard time keeping a job.

Hundreds of LA Muslims honor Dr. Maher Hathout at memorial

The prominent American Muslim leader and interfaith activist was remembered by friends, family as a progressive visionary.

Pope announces 20 new cardinals, with homelands from Myanmar to Mexico

Some of the prelates come from countries that have never before been represented at such a high level in the Catholic Church — including Tonga and Cape Verde.

NYPD's Wenjian Liu, killed in Dec. shooting, is laid to rest

The officer and his partner, Rafael Ramos, were gunned down in an unprovoked attack on Dec. 20.

The goal: To remember each Jim Crow killing, from the '30s on

The Civil Rights Restorative Justice Project wants to document every racially motivated killing in the American South between 1930 and 1970. The project's director says it's a race against the clock.

After making waves in 2014, ISIS' power appears to ebb

By the summer of 2014, a third of Iraq was under the control of the self-proclaimed Islamic State or ISIS, and people worried the capital might be next. Six months on, that's changed.