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Bombs, birds, and butterflies co-exist as Pentagon protects rare species

The U.S. military has joined forces with environmental groups to preserve natural habitats. More than 400 threatened and endangered species are benefiting, and so is the Pentagon.

How Twitter, other sites can ID extremist accounts

Elizabeth Bodine-Baron of RAND explains how a social media company can determine which accounts to block, and if it can make a difference.

'Rio pulled it off': The Summer Olympics wraps up

The Summer Olympics in Rio have officially come to a close.

The little boy in Aleppo: Can one photo end a war?

The photo of the rescued boy in Syria has inspired sympathy, outrage — and donations. But will it be forgotten tomorrow?

A month after Turkey's failed coup, taking stock of a sweeping purge

More than 40,000 people have been detained and approximately 20,000 arrested. More than 5,000 civil servants have lost their jobs.

Ryan Lochte apologizes for 'not being more careful and candid' in Rio

After the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee issued a formal apology to Rio and Brazil over the U.S. swimmers' behavior, star athlete Ryan Lochte broke his silence over a debunked robbery claim.

Allyson Felix wins silver as the Bahamas' Miller takes gold in 400-meter final

With her seventh Olympic medal, Allyson Felix now becomes the most decorated female athlete in U.S. track and field's history.

Dramatic rescues underway as Louisiana floodwaters reach 'historic' levels

More than a thousand people have been rescued as the state is drenched and battered by what the Governor has called an "unprecedented and historic flooding event."

Riots follow fatal police shooting In Milwaukee

Violence erupted and businesses were set ablaze after an officer shot and killed a 23-year-old man during a foot chase Saturday.

U.S. officials confirm death of senior ISIS leader

The Defense Department says a U.S. drone attack killed Hafiz Saeed Khan, who reportedly participated in attacks against U.S. and coalition forces.

How Maureen O'Toole helped pioneer women's Olympic water polo

It took a century for women to play water polo at the Olympics, and Maureen O'Toole was on that first team. Now she's watching an Olympian she coached compete in Rio.

Brazilians in LA have mixed feelings about Rio Olympics

At Supermercado Brazil, a tiny Brazilian grocery store in Culver City, Mariana Pinheiro watched the opening ceremonies on Friday afternoon from her computer at the counter.

Russia's entire Paralympic team is banned in doping scandal

Russia's para-athletes were caught up in the same scandal as the country's Olympic team. "The anti-doping system in Russia is broken," says one official.

42 hurt when railing collapses at Snoop Dogg concert

One person remained hospitalized and dozens of others were injured after a railing collapsed during a concert in Camden, New Jersey.

Go Olympic time-traveling with LA Metro

Forget DeLorean. For the next few weeks you can time-travel by Metro — or, at least, you can meet gold-medal heroes of L.A. Olympics past. See our interactive map for the full schedule of who, where, and when.

Men open up about why they identify as feminists

President Barack Obama wrote an article for “Glamour” magazine Thursday on his role as both a father and a feminist.