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Ferguson largely peaceful after officer's decision to quit

Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in August but was not indicted by a grand jury last week, has tendered his resignation from the force.

Police in Cairo disperse anti-Mubarak protests

The protests came after the 86-year-old former strongman saw charges of murder against him overturned by an appeals court.

Video of woman dancing on Tehran's subway goes viral

The video was posted to a Facebook page called My Stealthy Freedom showing Iranian women defying the country's strict laws on female dress.

Mickey Rourke boxes Pasadena native half his age — and wins

Actor Mickey Rourke, 62, whose brief professional boxing career ended 20 years ago, faced off against a 29-year-old fighter from Pasadena in an exhibition match in Moscow.

Black Friday roundup: Protests for Ferguson, wages, furs

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, protesters are demonstrating nationwide over a wide range of issues, including the Ferguson grand jury verdict, low wages, and animal fur sales.

Thailand Blocks Access To Damaging Human Rights Report

Human Rights Watch said this week that six months after a coup toppled the country's elected government, the regime arrests its opponents and censors the media.

Mexico's president announces anti-crime crackdown

The Mexican president announced a nationwide anti-crime plan that would give Congress the power to dissolve local governments infiltrated by drug gangs.

Ferguson gives thanks after a quiet night

Protesters in Ferguson pressed pause Thursday to observe the Thanksgiving holiday, decorating boarded-up storefronts and gathering for church services.

Two men's efforts to help migrants in Mexico end in their murders

The pair fed and clothed Central American migrants on their way through Mexico. One of them, a transvestite, had been doing it for more than a decade.

A Somali aid worker would rather give out cash than free food

Degan Ali, a Somali humanitarian, tells us about her organization's efforts to fight famine in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.

Amid violence, Iraq fractures again along religious lines

Nearly a decade ago, Iraq's war drove millions from their homes and divided the country along sectarian lines. It's happening again in response to the latest brutality by the Islamic State.

Rain, snow on menu for eastern Thanksgiving travelers

The National Weather Service said major Northeast cities will likely see moderate to heavy rain most of Wednesday.

Israeli Cabinet OKs controversial nationality measure

The bill defines Israel as "the nation-state of the Jewish people." It has angered not only Israel's Arab citizens, but also members of the coalition government.

Iran nuclear talks extended several months

The two sides had set a deadline of today to hammer out a deal, curbing Iran's nuclear programs. Instead, Western powers and Iran agreed to a second extension.

Marine Corps finds it tough to shut down sexist Facebook groups

Female Marines are being humiliated and generally degraded by their peers on Facebook. The groups' pages are frequently shut down, but return within days due to a dedicated following.

Tunisians hold landmark presidential election

Tunisia took another step forward in its transition to democracy on Sunday by holding its first free presidential election, with voters hoping for more stability and a better economy.