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Underdog Eagles pull out a shocker, beating Patriots in Super Bowl LII

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
| It was a slobberknocker all game long, with both offenses dominating. But ultimately, Philadelphia's defense made the crucial final stops that earned the team its first-ever Super Bowl title.

Goose shot by hunter knocks him unconscious


Call it karma. A hunter in Maryland is in stable condition after a waterfowl he hit fell from the sky and knocked him out, causing head and facial injuries.

PG&E power lines sparked 2 Santa Rosa fires


In the first public reports about what caused some of the dozens of blazes, investigators say power lines buffeted by heavy winds ignited at least two small fires.

Dogs sniff out human ashes in wildfire wreckage


Cremated loved ones were in some of the thousands of homes incinerated by recent wildfires. Forensic search dogs are helping find lost urns among the rubble.

Humane Society CEO resigns amid allegations of sexual harassment


The resignation of Wayne Pacelle comes just hours after the nonprofit had issued a statement endorsing his leadership and dismissing allegations made by three women.

Blood avocados no more: Town says it's kicked out cartels


Americans will consume more than 200 million avocados on Super Bowl Sunday. According to authorities in Mexico, at least one town grows what you might call a "conflict-free" variety.


CDC director resigns due to 'complex' financial entanglements


Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald had "complex financial interests," according to a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services. News reports say she bought tobacco stock while CDC director.

Hawaii missile alert sender who believed an attack was imminent has been fired


A missile defense drill enacted during a shift change at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency included the words "This is not a drill," the Federal Communications Commission report finds.

Cleveland Indians will remove 'Chief Wahoo' from uniforms in 2019


For decades, Native Americans and their supporters have protested the baseball team's logo, a bright red caricature of a Native person. It's coming off uniforms — but staying on fan merchandise.