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Magnificent Mile protests disrupt but don't deter holiday shopping

Demonstrators converge on Chicago's high-end shopping district to bring attention to the death of Laquan McDonald. The protest is smaller than last month's Black Friday demonstration.

When will Santa be in SoCal tonight? Ask NORAD

Want to know Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Eve? Curious what reindeer eat? The North American Aerospace Defense Command has the answers.

Alaska's pot cafes will give patrons a taste of cannabis

Alaska is about to become the first state to have pot cafes where people can buy and consume marijuana. The state's marijuana control board recently approved on-site consumption at retail stores.

UK officials want to know why US blocked Muslim family's Disneyland trip

British Prime Minister David Cameron will look into claims that U.S. officials prevented the family of 11 from flying to the theme park for a planned holiday.

Homeless veterans face challenges beyond the rent check

Thousands of homeless military vets have government vouchers for rent. But landlords aren't always willing to accept them, partly because of tight housing markets and stereotypes about the tenants.

Per governor's order, Kentucky marriage licenses no longer need clerk's name

The action comes in response to Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' declining to issue licenses to same-sex couples. The ACLU says this new policy will just complicate things.

Everything you need to know about registering your drone

The Federal Aviation Administration now requires all recreational drones to be registered before they are flown. Get the info you need to register your new Christmas present, or an old one.

For LA families, search for Mexico's missing spans borders

Families in L.A. searching for lost loved ones in Mexico grow more visible by using social media and organizing public gatherings.

Obama: 'No apologies' for fighting ISIS within 'American values'

In an interview with NPR, President Obama forcefully defended his strategy against ISIS and encouraged Americans to "keep things in perspective."

2015 Google searches reveal we're not just interested in fluff

Yes, TV stars and athletes were frequently searched in 2015. But Simon Rogers, data editor at Google News Lab, says we were also seeking information about serious stuff.

Massive landslide leaves more than 2 dozen missing in China

The landslide buried some 22 buildings in China's Guangdong Province. Three people were injured and 27 are missing, according to state media.

After Saudi Arabia's historic election, what's the future for women?

Women have won several positions on municipal councils in Saudi Arabia for the first time. What, if anything, do these first-ever elections including women mean for those in Saudi Arabia?

Fact check: Did Obama withdraw from Iraq too soon, allowing ISIS to grow?

Republicans have hammered President Obama for underestimating ISIS and naively allowing it to grow by leaving Iraq. But the withdrawal is only one factor in the rise of the extremists.

Harper's runs official retraction from Stephen Glass, nearly 18 years later

A number of stories by the former journalist were found to be fabricated in 1998. The retraction is the first ever issued in the magazine's 165-year history.

After Ferguson, unintended consequences of municipal overhaul

Lawmakers tried to rein in ticketing after the protests that followed Michael Brown's death. But small, predominantly African-American communities may take a bigger hit than cities like Ferguson.

Pope Francis will make Mother Teresa a saint

Pope Francis has issued a decree attributing a second miracle to the founder of the Missionaries of Charity who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.