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Examining the weaponry in Gaza

In Gaza, a 72-hour cease fire began early today. Israel says it has withdrawn its troops. Hamas says it will participate in talks to secure a lasting peace. It remains to be seen if the latest truce will hold.

Obama: US companies to invest $14B in Africa

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced $14 billion in commitments from U.S. businesses to invest in Africa, as representatives from nearly 100 American and African companies gathered in Washington to discuss ways to boost economic partnerships.

Israel-Hamas truce sets stage for talks on Gaza

Israel and Hamas began observing a temporary cease-fire on Tuesday that sets the stage for talks in Egypt on a broader deal on the Gaza Strip.

Fighting genital cutting of British girls: a survivor speaks out

Her family said they were going on a vacation. But Nimco Ali was taken to a woman who performed female genital mutilation. Now Ali is helping the more than 100,000 girls in the U.K. possibly at risk.

Israel accepts Egyptian cease-fire plan

Israel and Hamas on Monday accepted an Egyptian cease-fire proposal, signaling an end to the bloodiest round of fighting between the bitter enemies could finally be approaching.

Plane lands in Liberia for 2nd American with Ebola; NIH says vaccine not far away

A chartered evacuation plane that will take home the second American sick with Ebola - American missionary Nancy Writebol - has landed at the airport in the capital.

Second U.S. aid worker who contracted Ebola set to arrive in Atlanta

The worker's transfer back to the U.S. has caused a lot of concern and questions about how the decision was made to bring Ebola to American shores.

Storms, aftershocks hurt rescue efforts following deadly China quake

The earthquake that hit Yunnan Province on Sunday afternoon has killed nearly 400 people. It displaced about 230,000 people, and more than 57,000 may still be waiting for rescue.

Shuttered abortion clinics affect women on Texas border

The fight against stricter regulations on Texas abortion clinics goes to court again today. Lawyers will argue on behalf of two clinics near the U.S./Mexico border. Those clinics have shut their doors, unable to meet new rules passed by state lawmakers last year.

US-Russia relations: More carrot or more stick?

Lately, when Washington ratchets up the pressure on Moscow, Russia increases its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. Some in Washington wonder if it's time to change the approach.

Islamic State seizes towns near Kurdish area

The militants are hoping to cement control of the border area between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. At least 14 Kurdish soldiers were reportedly killed in the fighting this weekend.

Quake reportedly kills at least 150 in southwest China

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit Yunnan Province Sunday afternoon, leveling buildings and rippling roads. Rescue crews are still working to find survivors.

How dangerous is driving under the influence of marijuana?

The question of driving stoned was taken up by a House committee this week, a response to the changing landscape in marijuana law across the country.

Fighting resumes in Gaza, as Israeli military says cease-fire is over

Just hours into what was supposed to be a three-day cease-fire, Israel and Hamas traded fire in Gaza. Palestinian officials said one attack killed scores.

Court in Uganda throws out anti-gay law

The decision was a technical one. The court said there was no quorum when parliament voted on the measure, which punished some acts of homosexuality with life in prison.

Israel and Hamas agree to 3-day cease-fire, UN says

The truce is set to begin at 8 a.m. local time Friday. Envoys will also travel to Cairo to negotiate a possible longer peace deal.