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Shrinking middle class? Not in Latin America

But unlike in the U.S., the gap between rich and poor in Latin America has narrowed. And the middle class has grown.

Job growth picked up some speed in March, survey signals

Private employers added an estimated 191,000 jobs to their payrolls last month, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report.

Chile earthquake: 6 dead and light damage; no U.S. tsunami threat

There is no threat of a tsunami along the coasts of Alaska, California, Oregon or Washington, after an 8.2 earthquake off the coast of northern Chile Tuesday night.

Magnitude 8.2 quake strikes northern Chile

Authorities have ordered an evacuation of coastal areas in case of a tsunami. There are no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Ukraine prepares for May presidential vote

A former prime minister and a candy billionaire lead the pack of presidential contenders for the May election. One question is whether Crimea voters will have a say.

Global airlines call for better tracking method after MH370

The head of the International Air Travel Association says of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777: "We cannot let another aircraft simply vanish."

Lending circles help Latinas pay bills and invest

Here's an example of how a tanda works: 10 friends, family or co-workers get together, and each agrees to give $100 every two weeks to the group's organizer.

The new Mozilla CEO's political past is imperiling his present

When Mozilla, best known for the Firefox browser, hired Brendan Eich as its CEO, it ignited a firestorm over free speech and equal rights. Now, the dating site OkCupid is getting involved.

Missing Malaysian jet may never be found, head of search warns

With no firm data on how fast the plane was flying and how far it actually went, the operation to find it is "the most challenging ever," retired Australian Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston cautions.

Baseball's opening day: When politics is really hardball

There aren't many other political photo opportunities that scream out patriotism, tradition and fun than throwing the ceremonial first pitch.

Congress passes bill to stop cut to Medicare docs

Congress finalized legislation Monday to prevent doctors who treat Medicare patients from being hit with a 24 percent cut in their payments from the government.

Russia may withdraw some troops from near border with Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reports being told by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his plan to pull back some forces, which might reduce some tensions in the region.

Stocks rise after Fed's Yellen says economy's not so hot

What may seem like bad news from the central bank chief — "the recovery still feels like a recession to many Americans" — was good news to investors trying to gauge the Fed's next move. Here's why.

Citi Foundation to aid 10 US cities

The Citi Foundation is donating $50 million to improve youth employment opportunities in Los Angeles and nine other U.S. cities.

Boston bombing exhibit includes shoes, runner bibs

The Boston Public Library will host an exhibit titled "Dear Boston: Messages from the Marathon Memorial" to mark the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Only 'ocean junk' found so far as search for jet continues

Planes and ships continue to look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean off Australia. But there's no sign of the jet or the 239 people on board. They disappeared on March 8.