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Saudis and UAE will donate $100 million Ivanka Trump fund

As a candidate, President Trump regularly criticized the Clinton Foundation for taking money from Middle East despots. But these donations are different.

Unruly man subdued on flight to Hawaii

Passengers and a flight attendant used a drink cart to block him from getting to the front of the jet. He was then immobilized with duct tape.

Far-right users jump to social media platform Gab

The site Gab urges users, many of whom feel sidelined by mainstream social media, to #SpeakFreely.

Ringling Bros. curtain call is victory for animal welfare activists

After decades of working on animal rights, some activists believe the movement has finally hit the mainstream, fueled in part by social media.

Callista Gingrich nominated as Vatican ambassador

There is little sign of opposition to the nomination of Callista Gingrich, but it is not without controversy.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani wins re-election

Voters chose the reform-minded president by a margin of about 20 percent over his main conservative challenger.

Steep rise in interracial marriages among newlyweds 50 years after they became legal

Today, one in six newlyweds marry someone outside their race, which appears to allude to a more accepting society.

12-year-old wins her third State Spelling Bee

Dipsomaniac was the word that won Ananya Vinay her third California's State Spelling Bee. She'll head to the national Bee later this month.

Repercussions continue from global ransomware attack

It's believed to be the biggest extortion attack recorded, with more than 200,000 people affected in 150 countries.

Moms who lost daughters in truck underride collisions push for greater safety

Lois Durso's daughter was killed instantly in 2004 when her car lost control in a blizzard and slid under the side of a truck trailer.

Nevada legalizes 80 mph — but only in certain areas

Nevada joins a handful of other states in allowing people to drive that fast. The highest speed limit in the U.S. is 85 mph on a Texas toll road.

When your son does the unthinkable, can you forgive him?

Sue Klebold's son Dylan was one of the Columbine High School shooters. Nearly 20 years later, she talks about her struggle to understand his actions.

Ransomware attacks ravage computer networks in dozens of countries

"We'll likely look back at this as a watershed moment," says Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, as malware called Wana Decryptor is blamed for the attacks.

Emmanuel Macron declared French president in early vote counts

Marine Le Pen called to congratulate Macron and conceded defeat to a gathering of her supporters in Paris shortly after polls closed.

North Korea says it has detained a fourth US citizen

Kim Hak Song, an employee of a university in Pyongyang, is being held on suspicion of hostile acts against the country.

Swimming across the US-Mexico border to support immigrants

Twelve athletes swam across the border from the United States to Mexico in an effort to call attention to immigrants in a charged political environment.