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Mexican President orders investigation on own conflict of interest

Critics have charged that the Peña Nieto government faced conflicts of interest because of the transactions he made with contractors who were then awarded lucrative construction projects.

Arrest Warrant For Argentine President Found In Dead Prosecutor's Home

The prosecutor investigating the death of Alberto Nisman denied that an arrest warrant existed. She changed her story today.

How fish could change what it means for food to be organic

The USDA is considering a set of rules for certifying farmed fish as organic. But some consumer groups say the recommendations don't go far enough.

Pope declares Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero a martyr

The Archbishop was an outspoken voice against human rights abuses during the Salvadoran Civil war. He was killed while giving mass in 1980.

Purported IS video shows Jordan pilot burned to death

The 20-minute-long video was released on militant websites and featured the slick production and graphics used in previous videos released by the group.

Fuhgeddaboudit: New York accent on its way out, linguists say

New York City is home to more than 700 languages, including distinct "New Yorker" accents. A new exhibit examines how changes in the city's population are contributing to their decline.

NY attorney general targets popular herbal supplements

GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreen Co. sold supplements that either couldn't be verified to contain the labeled substance or contained ingredients not listed on the label.

Obama weighs sending lethal assistance to Ukraine

President Barack Obama is reconsidering his opposition to giving Ukraine defensive weapons and other lethal aid to help its struggling military repel Russian-backed rebels.

No genocide proven in Serbia-Croatia conflict, court rules

The conflict that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s included widespread violence, says the International Court of Justice. But the acts can't be deemed genocide.

Watch: Groundhog in Wisconsin bites mayor's ear

Perhaps because of the bite, the mayor of Sun Prairie, Wis., also apparently got the little critter's prognostication all wrong. Winter will end early this year, he said. So, we'll take it.

Freed Al-Jazeera journalist looks forward to 'the little things'

Australian Peter Greste, who spent more than a year in an Egyptian prison, was freed on Sunday. He says he remains concerned about his still-jailed Al-Jazeera colleagues.

Egypt sentences 183 to death over assault on police station

The charges are related to the bloody August 2013 ransacking of a police station in the village of Kerdassah, near Cairo. The attackers killed 15 officers.

Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil scoffs at the idea of an early spring

The world famous groundhog saw his shadow his morning. His prediction on Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa., came as a winter storm moved from the Midwest to the Northeast.

Heavy fighting resumes in Ukraine as truce talks collapse

Russian-backed rebels are shelling a strategic rail hub in the Donetsk region a day after cease-fire discussions fell apart.

4 years after revolution, Libya slides into chaos

Libya was hopeful after Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown, but today it's a nation torn apart, with two competing governments in two different cities, each with its own parliament and military.

Party ban is patronizing, U.Va. sorority women say

National sorority leaders have told members at the University of Virginia not to attend a multi-frat Bid Night party after a discredited article about a gang rape.