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Dramatic rescues underway as Louisiana floodwaters reach 'historic' levels

More than a thousand people have been rescued as the state is drenched and battered by what the Governor has called an "unprecedented and historic flooding event."

Riots follow fatal police shooting In Milwaukee

Violence erupted and businesses were set ablaze after an officer shot and killed a 23-year-old man during a foot chase Saturday.

U.S. officials confirm death of senior ISIS leader

The Defense Department says a U.S. drone attack killed Hafiz Saeed Khan, who reportedly participated in attacks against U.S. and coalition forces.

How Maureen O'Toole helped pioneer women's Olympic water polo

It took a century for women to play water polo at the Olympics, and Maureen O'Toole was on that first team. Now she's watching an Olympian she coached compete in Rio.

Brazilians in LA have mixed feelings about Rio Olympics

At Supermercado Brazil, a tiny Brazilian grocery store in Culver City, Mariana Pinheiro watched the opening ceremonies on Friday afternoon from her computer at the counter.

Russia's entire Paralympic team is banned in doping scandal

Russia's para-athletes were caught up in the same scandal as the country's Olympic team. "The anti-doping system in Russia is broken," says one official.

42 hurt when railing collapses at Snoop Dogg concert

One person remained hospitalized and dozens of others were injured after a railing collapsed during a concert in Camden, New Jersey.

Go Olympic time-traveling with LA Metro

Forget DeLorean. For the next few weeks you can time-travel by Metro — or, at least, you can meet gold-medal heroes of L.A. Olympics past. See our interactive map for the full schedule of who, where, and when.

Men open up about why they identify as feminists

President Barack Obama wrote an article for “Glamour” magazine Thursday on his role as both a father and a feminist.

Watch trampolinist Logan Dooley transform 10 tricks into an Olympic feat

The Lake Forest athlete explains how his sport is like a combination of gymnastics and diving, and how the competition requires stringing together 10 consecutive tricks. Watch him do it.

USC alum trains for waves, pollution in Rio's marathon swim

American Haley Anderson has prepared for all the challenges she can expect in the open-water swim. The goal: improve on her 2012 performance, where she missed out on gold by four-tenths of a second.

How to watch the first US women's soccer games

Catch Team USA at a local viewing party or by live stream Wednesday at 3 p.m. as Olympic contests get underway in Rio ahead of Friday's opening ceremonies.

This Anaheim Olympian will school you in badminton

Howard Shu, the sole U.S. men's singles player in badminton, is hoping to make an impact in a sport that's largely dominated by Asian countries.

The Styled Side: designers go for the Olympic gold

Ralph Lauren is stepping up for Team USA, H&M will be backing Swedish competitors, Cuban athletes will be outfitted by Christian Louboutin and more.

NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton to step down

Bratton's decision appears to mark the end of a 45-year career in public service that spanned coasts and included a seven-year stint as L.A.'s police chief.

Apple ditches pistol emoji in favor of water gun

The pistol emoji will be replaced with a green water gun icon. Apple is also adding emojis of a pride flag, families with single parents, and women playing sports.