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From left, Bruce Jenner, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attend FOX's "The X Factor" Season 2 Top 10 Live Performance Show on Nov. 21, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

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Jenner: 'For all intents and purposes, I am a woman'

In an interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC's "20/20", the former gold-medal-winning Olympic decathlete described a struggle with gender identity that began in childhood.

Mexico US Girl Seized

Mexico officials investigate case of girl wrongly sent to US


An investigation has been launched in the case of a 14-year-old girl mistakenly sent to the U.S. to live with a woman who claimed to be her mother.

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Cesar Chavez to get Navy funeral honors

On the 22nd anniversary of his death, Chavez was receiving full graveside honors Thursday from the U.S. Navy at his memorial in California.

Gen. David Petraeus will be sentenced Thursday over secret notebooks

The sentencing came two months after he agreed to plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material.

Adam Gadahn: OC native who joined al-Qaida killed in US strike

The government made the announcement Thursday, the same day the president revealed that two hostages held by al-Qaida were inadvertently killed in a separate strike this year.

Calbuco volcano erupts twice in Chile, nearby town evacuated

The Calbuco volcano erupted for the first time in more than 42 years Wednesday — and then erupted again. A time-lapse video captured the massive tower of ash.

A history of beef between black writers, artists and intellectuals

The Eric Dyson's takedown of Cornel West got us recalling some epic disagreements between black thinkers over the years.

Armenians in US double-take as Obama balks on using ‘genocide’ in commemoration

Friday marks the 100th anniversary of the mass killing of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, but President Obama won’t be using the term ‘genocide’ to describe them.

Obama again avoids calling 1915 Armenian killings 'genocide'

The president prompts disappointment from those who have been pushing him to use the politically fraught term on the 100th anniversary of the killings this week.

Pope accepts resignation of bishop who didn't report abuse

Bishop Robert Finn led the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri for nearly 10 years.

'Our Kids' book looks at wealth gap in Ohio town and the US

While every parent hopes their child will do better than they did, it turns out young people today — specifically, poor kids — have fewer chances than mom and dad.

NY judge grants legal rights to 2 research chimps

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe's order Monday grants two research chimps the writ of habeas corpus. The decision effectively recognizes chimps as legal persons.

Solar power makes electricity more accessible on Navajo reservation

The panels, funded by government grants, are helping thousands of tribal residents take advantage of the everyday luxuries enjoyed by other Americans — like turning on lights or storing food.

Egypt's former president Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison

Less than two years after he was removed from office by the military, an Egyptian court has sentenced former president Mohammed Morsi to 20 years in prison for the arrest and torture of protesters.

'Accountant of Auschwitz' goes on trial, says he shares moral guilt

Oskar Groening, 93, acknowledged having helped collect and tally money as part of his job dealing with the belongings stolen from people arriving at Auschwitz.

Pulitzer Prizes: LA Times, Daily Breeze honored

The Los Angeles Times took home two awards, while reporters at the smaller, Torrance-based Daily Breeze took home one for local reporting.