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Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, prior to a bilateral meeting in Vienna, Austria, on Sunday.

Ronald Zak/AP

Iran nuclear talks extended several months

The two sides had set a deadline of today to hammer out a deal, curbing Iran's nuclear programs. Instead, Western powers and Iran agreed to a second extension.

This Nov. 19 screenshot shows the cover photo of an unofficial Marine group on Facebook called "Just the Tip, of the Spear." The group and those like it have been accused of promoting sexism and of acting as a forum for hate speech.

Marine Corps finds it tough to shut down sexist Facebook groups

Female Marines are being humiliated and generally degraded by their peers on Facebook. The groups' pages are frequently shut down, but return within days due to a dedicated following.


Tunisians hold landmark presidential election

Tunisia took another step forward in its transition to democracy on Sunday by holding its first free presidential election, with voters hoping for more stability and a better economy.

As gay marriages rise, so does the case for same-sex divorce

Many couples have traveled to states where gay marriage is recognized to get hitched. Those who do have a much harder time getting divorced once they get back home.

Women sweat the test to show marines they're combat-ready

The Marine Corps is running a test to see if women can serve in ground combat. "A lot of people think that we can't do it," says one Marine who's trying to make the cut. "I don't think the same."

Families feel sidelined as US reviews hostage policy

The White House is reviewing how it handles hostage crises following the brutal murders of Americans abroad, but families of hostages say they're often left out of the conversation.

In response to attacks, Israel takes down Palestinian homes

After a deadly attack by a Palestinian militant last month, Israel blew up his apartment building. Israel says the aim is deterrence, while the Palestinians call it collective punishment.

Rumors of Boko Haram attack send Nigerian refugees fleeing

Many of the displaced ended up in camps in the city of Yola. Now they're racing further away as concerns grow that Yola also faces attack, and that the government isn't doing enough to stop it.

FBI sends nearly 100 additional agents to Ferguson

The FBI has sent nearly 100 additional agents to Ferguson, Missouri, to help law enforcement there as officials prepare for possible unrest.

House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories

A two-year investigation has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

CIA wants to delete old email; critics say 'not so fast'

The CIA plan calls for deleting the email of almost all employees after they leave the agency. But opponents say this would erase too many important documents.

Swedish appeals court upholds detention order for Julian Assange

Prosecutors want to question the Wikileaks founder, who has taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women in 2010.

Me, myself and the loo: A woman's future can rest on a toilet

"My Toilet," a new photo exhibit in London, documents how commodes — or the lack of a proper one — affect the health and education of girls and women.

Amid scandal, Mexican first lady decides to sell mansion

Amid rumblings about conflict of interest and corruption, Mexico's first lady says she will sell a multimillion-dollar home in Mexico City.

Judge overturns Montana's gay marriage ban

A federal judge in Montana overturned the state's ban on gay marriage ruling it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Miss Honduras, sister apparently killed, police say

Alvarado was crowned Miss Honduras in April and was expected to compete in the Miss World Pageant in London next month. She was supposed to have left for London this week.