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Hundreds March To Texas Tent City Holding Detained Immigrant Kids

| Rep. Beto O'Rourke organized the Fathers' Day march in just a couple of days. Hundreds of people showed up to protest the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the border.

Some Survivors Of Category 5 Hurricane Irma Want A Category 6


Some top researchers now say that climate change has led to stronger hurricanes. Now, there's a push to expand the wind scale to include a Category 6 for winds as powerful as those seen last year.

Trump Administration To Open Temporary Tent Shelter In Texas For Migrant Children


The Trump administration is scrambling to find shelter space for a growing number of juveniles who have been separated from their parents under the policy of prosecuting all illegal border crossers.

Neighbor Who Attacked Sen. Rand Paul Sentenced To 30 Days In Prison


The Kentucky senator suffered six broken ribs in the assault. Prosecutors had sought a 21-month prison sentence, but had to settle for 30 days and a $10,000 fine.

Italy Reportedly Drops Case In Part Because Woman 'Too Old' To Be Harassed


The former president of Italy's soccer federation is accused of groping a colleague. The New York Times and The Guardian say prosecutors believe the woman, in her 50s, was too old to be intimidated.

Afghan Taliban Begins 3-Day Cease-Fire For Eid Al-Fitr


The holiday cease-fire — promised on both sides — is a rare act of goodwill. However, not all warring parties in Afghanistan are laying down arms.

California evangelicals opposing border family separations


Evangelicals in California voice support for immigration reform that keeps families together at the border.


Another Video Surfaces Of Violent Arrest By Mesa, Ariz., Police


A lawyer has released body cam footage from January showing police hitting a man and later mocking him as he lies bleeding. It's the department's third use-of-force controversy this month.

Musician Wins $260,000 In Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Who Sabotaged Career


Canadian clarinetist Eric Abramovitz was accepted into a prestigious conservatory — but, a court found, his girlfriend at the time deleted the acceptance email and sent him a fake rejection.