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Jefferson Davis statue comes down at University of Texas

The larger-than-life sculpture of the president of the Confederacy was removed after an appeal to block the move was rejected last week.

Oliver Sacks was a boundless explorer of the human brain

The acclaimed British-American neurologist and author has died of cancer at the age of 82.

'Awakenings' author, neurologist Oliver Sacks dies at 82

The author and practicing neurologist, who also wrote "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," died Sunday at his home in New York City.

It's a boy! National Zoo reveals surviving panda cub's gender

Genetic testing also showed that he was sired by Tian Tian, the zoo announced.

When he says yoga saved his life, he's not exaggerating

A boy loses his father. A family loses its livelihood. The boy runs drugs and picks pockets so his siblings can eat. He is convinced he will die. And then ... he takes a yoga class.

Appeals court reverses ruling that found NSA program illegal

The ruling means the government can continue collecting the data for the next few months, although the program is set to expire at the end of November.

Can you use that in a sentence? OED adds new words

The Oxford English Dictionary was updated with a number of new words, so, naturally, NPR held a contest to see who could use the most in a single sentence.

Within a decade, Pakistan could be No. 3 nuclear power, report says

Two think tanks estimate that Islamabad could have 350 warheads in the next several years as it outpaces rival India and several other nations in production.

Planned Parenthood alleges 'smear' in letter to Congress

Undercover videos by anti-abortion activists have fueled a conservative backlash against Planned Parenthood but so far have produced no evidence anyone is illegally profiting from fetal tissue.

China detains 11 over deadly warehouse explosion

The Aug. 12 warehouse explosions were not only one of China's worst accidents but the deadliest ever for first responders, with 115 police and firefighters among the dead and missing.

Virginia shooting: TV station holds moment of silence to honor slain journalists

The station paused at 6:45 a.m. to remember reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, who were killed during a live broadcast.

Despite allowing gay leaders, Mormon church keeps Boy Scouts ties

The church implied it might leave the Scouts. Now, the church says as long as it can use its own criteria for appointing leaders, it will go on sponsoring troops.

Husband found on Ashley Madison: It wasn't me. (His wife believes him)

When Casey Corcoran found his email address in the adultery website's customer database, he told his wife. It was a mistake, and he wanted her to know that.

Selecting boys over girls is a trend in more and more countries

With abortion, infanticide and neglect, parents are taking steps to ensure there are boys in the family. Only six countries had a skewed boy-girl ratio in 1995. Today the number is up to 21.

Civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson dies at 104

She nearly died while helping lead the "Bloody Sunday" civil rights march in 1965 and championed voting rights for blacks.

Hill analysts lower 2015 budget deficit forecast to $426B

The federal deficit projected by the Congressional Budget Office marks the lowest shortfall of Barack Obama's presidency.