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60,000 people join far-right march on Poland's Independence Day

| A demonstration organized by far-right groups in Warsaw drew thousands of participants drew far-right leaders from around Europe.

Hundreds gather for first Sunday service since Texas church shooting


A week after 26 people were killed in Sutherland Springs, pastor Frank Pomeroy told parishioners that unlike the gunman, they had chosen "life."

At least 60 dead, 300 hurt in Middle East earthquake


A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Iran-Iraq border region near the eastern Iraqi city of Halabja.

US teams visits site of Niger ambush where 4 American soldiers died


It is working with a team from the Niger military to investigate how the October 4 attack by extremists took place.

South Korea's sex ed guidelines suggest victims are to blame for date rape


When South Korea issued sex education guidelines in 2015, there was an outcry. Two years later, the guidelines remain in place.

A week after the mass shooting, Texas church reopens as a memorial


The First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs will pay tribute to the victims of last week's massacre: "It is our hope that this will be healing for everyone."

#MeAt14 reminds internet 14-year-olds are innocent, immature, unable to consent


Twitter users are posting pictures of their 14-year-old selves as a rebuke to Roy Moore's alleged sexual encounter with a teen.

Pence speaks at Arlington on Veterans Day


The Vice President, both the father and son of servicemen, delivered a speech that was by turns conventional and surprisingly personal.

Camouflage and shiny pink caskets for Texas shooting victims


Trey Ganem is offering free customized caskets for the victims of the shooting. He hopes his designs help celebrate their lives.