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Cookbook author crusades for millions of kids who go hungry in summer

'Good and Cheap' writer Leanne Brown is teaming up with a national anti-hunger program to try to reach people who want help feeding their families healthy and affordable meals when school is out.

Here's why the Census started counting Latinos, and how that could change in 2020

On the Code Switch podcast this week, a look at concerns and issues facing people of color in the 2020 Census, and a look back at the reasons why "Hispanics" became a word in the first place.

Missile test: US launches unarmed ICBM from California

The U.S. Air Force successfully launched an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile from California, the fourth such test this year.

US to test launch unarmed ICBM from California

The U.S. Air Force is planning to test an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile with a launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the fourth such test this year.

Don't look away: Stuff happens fast in Trump's first summer in Washington

Even as the GOP's assault on Obamacare lurched and stumbled to a stop, America's attention was divided by other stories — some important, some of lesser consequence and some of greater shock value.

Craft beer, brought to you by Big Beer

More than a dozen of America's most popular craft breweries have been bought by global beverage companies in recent years. Craft beer brewers say they're under attack by what they call "Big Beer."

House and Senate reach deal on sanctions for Russia, Iran and North Korea

The sanctions would punish three countries; the bill also aims to prevent President Trump from relaxing sanctions without lawmakers' consent. A House vote is expected on Tuesday.

Here's what's in the House Republican budget (and why it matters)

The House budget slashes safety net spending and boosts military spending, but arguably the most important thing it does is serve as a vehicle for tax overhaul.

California border crossing to close temporarily in September

San Diego's bustling San Ysidro border crossing with Tijuana, Mexico, will be closed to southbound cars for more than two days in September.

Hundreds of structures threatened by central California fire

Firefighters are battling a blaze near Lake McClure, a reservoir about 50 miles east of Modesto.

​Judge in Hawaii hands Trump latest defeat on travel ban

The ruling is the latest piece of pushback in the fierce fight set off by the ban Trump first attempted in January. It will culminate with arguments in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in October.

Presidents Trump and Macron meet in Paris

Ideologically, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron couldn't be more different. But both pulled off surprise election wins by throwing out the political playbook.

​House panel unveils $1.6B plan for building US-Mexico wall

Mexico, however, will not be footing the bill. Instead, the $1.6 billion down payment for the wall will be added to the government's almost $20 trillion debt.

Citizenship for military service program under fire

Thousands of foreign nationals have served in the U.S. military in exchange for citizenship. The Trump administration is considering ending the program.

Can California require cops to release body cam video?

Assembly Bill 748 would amend California's public records statute to limit the discretion that police departments have for withholding body camera videos.

Massive structure fire in Oakland collapses building

The flames were first reported just before 5 p.m. and have engulfed a large building under construction near Lake Merritt. The building eventually collapsed.