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US sails near disputed island in South China sea

A guided missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island on Saturday. It was a challenge to maritime restrictions by China, Taiwan and Vietnam, which all lay claim to the island.

Boat sinks en route to Greece, killing at least 35 migrants

The 56-foot boat, packed with more than 100 migrants, sank shortly after departing Turkey. It was heading for the island of Lesbos, just a few miles away.

No bail for Oregon occupiers Ammon and Ryan Bundy

A federal judge ordered the leader of the Oregon wildlife refuge occupation, Ammon Bundy, and his brother held without bail. Despite Ammon Bundy's advice, four militants continue the occupation.

With sanctions gone, Iran goes on a shopping spree in Europe

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has received a warm welcome in Europe amid a series of business deals worth billions of dollars with the likes of Peugeot. A megadeal with Airbus is in the works.

FBI is negotiating with militants still inside Oregon wildlife refuge

"People were just grabbing their things ... and just fleeing, driving in their cars and zooming out," one of the militants still inside the refuge says of the impact of leader Ammon Bundy's arrest.

A look inside the vast, violent network of Latin America's drug lords

The story of drug gangs in the Americas is one that stretches from the favelas of Brazil to the remote mountains of Mexico to U.S. towns and cities.

El Niño triggers rapid erosion throughout the coast

Even though it's helped out with the drought, the powerful storms of recent weeks have had a devastating effect on California's coast.

California stakes a claim in the olive oil business

Forty years ago California wines outperformed French vintages at a competition- the so-called "Judgement of Paris." The olive oil industry may be next

Through genetic testing, more African-Americans learn their roots

"The Social Life of DNA" is a new book that explores what cutting-edge DNA testing technology means for African-Americans who lost their history in the slave trade.

Iraq faces a perfect economic storm

Iraq's government is waging a costly war with the Islamic State while dealing with falling oil prices, millions of displaced citizens and staggering costs to rebuild.

Winter storm on the East Coast buries cities, floods coast, kills at least 18

Up to three feet of snow have fallen in the Eastern US, and parts of New Jersey and Delaware have seen record flooding.

Magnitude-7.1 earthquake shakes Alaska

A major quake awoke residents of Anchorage early Sunday and was felt across much of southern Alaska. The National Weather Service says there's no risk of a tsunami.

LAX faces more flight delays, cancellations due to winter storms

In total, 117 flights have been delayed or cancelled Saturday due to snow storms in the Midwest and on the East Coast, LAX said in a statement.

Iranians in So Cal see new phase in US-Iran relations

It's been a busy week for Iran and US relations – and Iranians in Southern California are watching the events closely.

As sanctions are lifted, Iranian foes fear the worst

Many Middle Eastern countries fear a newly emboldened Iran will grow more aggressive across the region. Here is a look at reactions to the nuclear deal.

Palestinian officials arrest peace negotiation aide on suspicion of spying

The arrested man works for the Palestinian office that handles peace negotiations with Israel and is accused of passing information to the Israelis.