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VA changes policy following scathing Daily Show segment

More veterans in rural areas will be able to go to a doctor near their home, thanks to a policy change made Tuesday by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Spanish woman, baby among Germanwings plane crash victims

The Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crashed in the mountains near the popular ski resort of Pra Loup, about 400 miles south-southeast of Paris.

US to slow troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, White House says

Obama said he still intends to complete the drawdown by the end of 2016 and that the U.S. transition out of a combat role has not changed.

Hope and yearning for the Internet in Cuba

Without a doubt, the Internet in Cuba is tough. The politics are thorny; getting it is difficult. But there are signs that change is on the horizon.

Obama chief of staff: Israel's 50-year 'occupation' must end

The Obama administration is pushing back hard against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's suggestion that a two-state solution is dead.

Singaporeans mourn death of founding father Lee Kuan Yew

The government announced that Lee, 91, "passed away peacefully" several hours before dawn at Singapore General Hospital. Lee was hospitalized in early February with severe pneumonia.

Census Bureau tests new online survey in small towns ahead of 2020

The year 2020 will be the first time the Census will be available online. But the Census Bureau must persuade hard-to-reach groups to take the survey. So they're doing a practice run in Savannah, Ga.

Ashraf Ghani: US critical to Afghanistan's future

In an interview with NPR's "Morning Edition," the Afghan president says most of his country wants U.S. troops to remain. He also says he's determined to make sure ISIS doesn't gain a foothold.

Singapore says founding father Lee Kuan Yew has died

Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore who helped transform the sleepy port into one of the world's richest nations, died Monday, the government said. He was 91.

ISIS issues 'wanted' list of 100 US military personnel

U.S. defense and intelligence officials tell NPR that the list appears to have been derived from publicly available sources and not a breach of a government server.

After students went to wage jihad, teacher highlights youth radicalization

A German-Syrian religious studies teacher was shocked when she heard that five of her former students had left Germany to join jihadist groups in Syria. "It felt like a personal defeat," she says.

Pope accepts resignation of cardinal accused of sexual misconduct

Keith O'Brien, who stepped down as Archbishop of St. Andrews in Scotland two years ago, will be stripped of his privileges but not his title, the Vatican says.

Judge rules for the release of photos showing prisoner abuse

The ACLU's years-long lawsuit claims the public release of photos that document abuse in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan is crucial to holding the government responsible.

On Happiness Day, 6 Nepalis tell how to not worry and be happy

Nepal is a poor country. Unemployment is high. Politics is a mess. But as one resident puts it, "[We] have the ability to be happy about how unhappy we are."

Netanyahu says 'conditions have to change' for Palestinian state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep on the heels of a win for Netanyahu's Likud Party in parliamentary elections this week. Read a transcript of the interview.

Tunisia attack: 21 killed, more gunmen may be at large

Tunisia's prime minister, Habib Essid said two of the attackers were killed in a gunfight with police, and that security forces are hunting for two or three others believed to have been involved.