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Official says 40,000 Haitians may be going to US

An estimated 40,000 Haitians may be on their way to the U.S. via the California-Mexico border, according to immigration officials, causing an "emergency situation."

Illegal immigration dips and diversifies in California

A new report finds that the number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. has stayed roughly the same since 2009 and dropped a little in California. But the countries they are coming from have shifted.

A Colorado farm helps refugee kids put down roots in a new home

In exchange for working on a farm, the kids get fresh, healthy produce to take home. They also get a way to break through the isolation refugees often face in a new country.

Government says self-driving vehicles will save money, time, lives

Transportation officials say they will unveil a sweeping plan to make sure the federal government is involved in ensuring the safety of self-driving vehicles.

Median incomes up in LA, but housing costs remain prohibitive

Housing costs have risen far faster than wages in LA, and that has made dreams of a middle-class lifestyle particularly elusive for city-dwellers.

Police arrest suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami over bombs in New York area

Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth, N.J., said Rahami was apprehended and that he was taken away by an ambulance after being injured.

1 blast injured dozens in Chelsea. I saw a 2nd device shortly afterward

NPR Books editor Petra Mayer was in the Manhattan neighborhood on Saturday when she saw what looked like a pressure cooker on the sidewalk. Suddenly she found herself at the heart of the night's news.

Governor: No apparent link between NY blast, overseas terror

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said an explosion that rocked a Manhattan neighborhood on Saturday doesn't appear to be linked to international terrorism.

Mass stabbing attack in Minnesota mall injures at least 8 people

The suspect was reportedly wearing a private security uniform and made at least one reference to Allah. Authorities say the motive for the mass stabbing remains unclear.

For US minority students in China, the welcome comes with scrutiny

Educators are trying to create more opportunities for American minority students to study in China, which has grown increasingly aware of the importance of diversity in U.S. culture.

Philippine President sparks painful memories of Marcos era for SoCal Filipinos

For Filipinos in Southern California, the latest political turmoil from their homeland has conjured harsh memories of a former dictator.

Dictionary fans might squee: OED adds new words, because YOLO

A fusty old tome? Fuhgeddaboudit. The Oxford English Dictionary regularly updates to reflect English's evolution. The latest additions include "gender-fluid," "biatch" and a batch of Dahlesque words.

Thanks to Sept. 11 'inertia,' restrictions still shape public spaces

Fifteen years later, some of the places with heightened security restrictions following the terrorist attacks remain that way.

Alexis Arquette, actress and transgender activist, dies at 47

The actress, best known for roles in "Pulp Fiction" and "The Wedding Singer," died early Sunday surrounded by loved ones, family members said.

On 15th anniversary of 9/11, 'the grief never goes away'

More than 1,000 survivors, family members of victims and dignitaries marked the anniversary at a ceremony at Ground Zero.

Sept. 11 families face 'strange, empty void' without victims' remains

Fifteen years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the remains of 40 percent of the World Trade Center victims have not been identified. Their families have been waiting for advances in DNA technology.