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Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel: 'End the 2-state narrative'

Bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman is a longtime supporter of Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and has questioned the need for a Palestinian state.

Lutefisk: A dish 'famous for being terrible'

The whitefish is famous for being repulsive. But Scandinavian-Americans in the Midwest consider it an important link to their Viking ancestors.

Cease-fire in Aleppo crumbles, traps civilians

Reports from eastern Aleppo have described horrific bloodshed as the Syrian regime overpowers rebel forces. Now, a cease-fire deal has crumbled.

South Sudan on brink of 'Rwanda-like' genocide

In a meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council, commission chief Yasmin Sooka reported murder and rape on an "epic" scale.

MLB rookie hazing: New ban on dressing as women

The policy, set to be ratified Tuesday, bans the hazing ritual of dressing up rookies as Wonder Woman, Hooters Girls and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

South Korea's parliament votes to impeach President Park. What happens next?

Park's downfall started when it was it was discovered she had ties to the daughter of a religious cult leader.

John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, dies at 95

Glenn became a national hero in 1962 when he became the first American to orbit the Earth. He later spent 24 years as a Democrat from Ohio in the Senate.

Don't stop fighting for 'identity politics'

There's no satisfying definition of "identity politics," but clearly we've been paying too much attention to race, gender and sexual orientation, right? Not so fast.

LA clears hurdle in race for 2024 Olympics

As one of three cities cleared by the IOC, it has until Feb. 3 to submit documents regarding "games delivery, experience and venue legacy."

Warehouse fire recovery effort complete; death toll at 36

Investigators say a refrigerator may have caused the fire, but it's still under investigation. Firefighters have begun knocking down the building.

Oakland warehouse manager says 'sorry' on 'Today' show

Derick Almena leased and managed the warehouse known as "Ghost Ship," which burned down over the weekend, killing at least 36 people. He gave an agonized, frequently tense interview on the "Today" show.

A SoCal vet on feds halting Dakota pipeline: 'It was a profound moment'

"We still feel a need to stand up, play our part and make a stand," said SoCal veteran Anderson Gould, who made the trip to North Dakota to join protests.

California weighs bills to protect immigrants under Trump

The moves come as the nation's most populous state prepares for tougher immigration enforcement promised by Trump during the presidential campaign.

A Spanish village stays afloat, thanks to Corona beer tycoon

Antonino Fernandez made his fortune from Corona beer, but he never forgot the Spanish village he came from.

Fake or real? How to self-check the news and get the facts

When it comes to news stories that circulate on social media, it's not always easy to tell fact from fake. Some experts offer tips to help.

USS Arizona survivor heads to Pearl Harbor 75 years later

Lauren Bruner, now 96, will travel from his La Mirada home to Hawaii to visit a memorial over the Arizona's sunken wreckage and attend a remembrance ceremony.