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Cubans in SoCal look for change after Castro

Cuba is in the midst of a nine-day mourning period after long-time leader and revolutionary icon Fidel Castro died at the age of 90. His death was announced last Friday.

At least 9 hospitalized after shooting at Ohio State University

A suspect was shot and killed during an incident Monday on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio, according to University officials.

Bourbon St. shooting leaves 1 dead, 9 injured in New Orleans

Ten victims, ranging in ages 20 to 37 years old, were injured from shotgun wounds in the city's French Quarter.

Mourning, celebration follow death of Fidel Castro

The polarizing leader, who took power in Cuba in 1959, died on Friday, after years of poor health.

Pipeline protesters ordered to leave by Dec. 5

Anyone in the encampments north of the Cannonball River in North Dakota was told to immediately leave. Those who remain risk arrest.

Dakota Pipeline protesters mark a solemn Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

Crowds swelled over the holiday at a Native American protest over an oil pipeline, but encounters with police remained peaceful.

Upstream from Standing Rock, tribes balance benefits, risks of oil industry

Drilling in the the Bakken oilfield's sweet spot has brought in millions of dollars — but tribes have environmental worries.

Women take on big-wave surfing at Mavericks

Sarah Gerhardt is the first woman to ever surf Mavericks, the famously dangerous big-wave spot in northern California.

Pope Francis grants all priests the authority to absolve abortions

The Vatican has long considered abortion such a grave sin that only bishops can grant absolution. The pope changed that temporarily in 2015; now he's extended the change indefinitely.

With little housing growth, Native American families live in close quarters

The two tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming are experiencing a population boom, but the amount of housing hasn't increased leading to severe overcrowding.

Vin Scully, Frank Gehry among 21 receiving Medal of Freedom

President Obama has announced the last group of people that he will honor with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, including Michael Jordan, Diana Ross, Frank Gehry and Vin Scully.

7.8 earthquake triggers New Zealand tsunami

"There is a threat of land inundation for the East Coast of New Zealand."

Still fighting: Vietnam vets seek help for rare cancer

The U.S. government acknowledges that liver flukes, endemic in the steamy jungles of Vietnam, are likely killing some former soldiers.

What happens to US immigration policy under President Trump?

During his presidential bid, Donald Trump spoke of plans to cut immigration to the U.S. KPCC's Leslie Berestein Rojas shares how Southern California's immigrant and refugee communities are reacting to the election result.

At 95, WWII glider pilot maintains special bond with neighbors

One of the last living World War II glider pilots lives in a modest home in Tampa, Florida, where he's developed a special bond with his neighbors.

Americans abroad: A view of the 2016 election from overseas

From thousands of miles away, Americans overseas share their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election