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Hurricane Patricia: Here's how you can help

Hurricane Patricia has become the strongest hurricane ever recorded for the eastern north Pacific Ocean and has the potential to do catastrophic damage. Here's how you can help.

Coalition identifies US commando killed in Iraqi raid

The Department of Defense said Joshua L. Wheeler died from wounds caused by small-arms fire during an operation to free Iraqi prisoners from the Islamic State group.

White House proposes plan to help Puerto Rico emerge from debt crisis

The commonwealth faces a budget shortfall of $28 billion over the next five years.

US service member is first to die in action in anti-IS campaign, Pentagon says

One U.S. service member died in a hostage rescue, becoming the first American killed in combat in Iraq since the U.S. began its campaign against the Islamic State group.

Camerawoman who was fired for kicking migrants to sue Facebook

Petra Laszlo told a Russian newspaper she plans to sue Facebook for allegedly failing to take down threatening and negative pages on the social media site.

Police step up patrols in St. Louis over string of church fires

Police describe the fires at six predominantly black churches as arson. The ACLU of Missouri said could be racially motivated.

Trudeau elected Canada's prime minister as liberals assume power

After his victory, Justin Trudeau, 43, touted "sunny ways" to a boisterous crowd in Montreal, a reference to his insistence on running a positive campaign.

Drone close calls spur government to require registration

To work out details, the FAA and the Transportation Department are setting up a 25- to 30-member task force including government and industry officials and hobbyists.

Distance strains LA families' search for Mexico's missing

Despite the deep stigma against speaking out in the midst of powerful drug violence and government corruption, families in LA are starting to name the missing.

Assailant opens fire on Israel bus station, soldier killed

Arab attacker was armed with a gun and a knife in one of the boldest attacks yet in a monthlong wave of violence. Ten are also injured.

With violent clashes on the rise, Israel builds wall in east Jerusalem

News of the wall being erected comes a day after Israeli officials say five stabbings or attempted stabbings of Israelis by Palestinians assailants took place on Saturday.

Iran nuclear deal hits milestone aimed at sanctions relief

U.S. expects Iran will take months to live up to its end of a seven-nation nuclear pact, formally taking effect today, that could eventually provide the country relief from international sanctions.

'El Chapo' Guzmán escapes from authorities, but suffers injuries

Joaquín Guzmán became Mexico's most wanted drug trafficker after he escaped from a maximum-security prison. Authorities said they had found Guzmán but he escaped again.

Palestinians set fire to Joseph's tomb in the West Bank

The tomb is believed to contain the remains of the biblical patriarch, Joseph, and is a prayer site visited by many Jews. Over the past two weeks, at least 39 people have been killed in clashes.

Violence escalates following arson attack at Jewish shrine

Palestinians firebombed a site revered by some Jews as the tomb of the biblical figure Joseph. Factions had called for protests against Israel in a "day of rage" Friday.

Sexual harassment case shines light on science's dark secret

Renowned astronomer Geoffrey Marcy resigned Wednesday after it became public that he sexually harassed students for years. Researchers are asking why so little is done to stop harassment in science.