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Power, consent and sexual harassment in the public eye

Rich Polk/Getty Images for The Weinstein C
| Is the outcry against sexual harassment going too far? Or do people still not understand consent?

Trump launches Asia trip with a warning to North Korea


"No one — no dictator, no regime and no nation — should underestimate, ever, American resolve," President Trump said.

There's an immigration gap in how Latinos perceive discrimination


U.S.-born Latinos are almost twice as likely as immigrant Latinos to say that someone had made negative assumptions about them because of their race or ethnicity.

Instead of #MeToo, French women say 'Out Your Pig'


The #MeToo movement goes global as French women come up with their own hashtag — one that points at aggressors, not victims.

NorCal gets ready for the first big storm of the season


Sonoma County crews have been working long days to prevent mudslides and water pollution in areas hit by last month's devastating wildfires.

Tough choice for wildfire survivors: Rebuild fast or better?


Many families are eager to rebuild and local politicians have vowed to speed them along. Wildfire experts want officials to consider strengthening regulations.

Girl detained by Border Patrol after emergency surgery released to parents


Rosa Maria Hernandez, 10, who has cerebral palsy, was taken into custody while on her way to a hospital. She was put into deportation proceedings and housed away from her family.

Las Vegas shooter lost money and had been depressed, sheriff says


The depression and gambling loss may have been a "determining factor" in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Las Vegas' sheriff said.

Female California lawmakers allege harassment by colleagues in House


One current and three former female lawmakers say that they, too, have been harassed or subjected to hostile sexual comments — by fellow members of Congress.