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What President Obama shares with the Godfather

More like "Don Obama"? In order to understand the President's foreign policy moves, Harvard professor Stephen Walt says look no further than the Corleones.

U.S. prisoner swap for Bergdahl broke the law, GAO says

The Pentagon didn't give enough notice to Congress and misused nearly $1 million when it swapped Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders, the Government Accountability Office says.

Hamas executes suspected informants after deadly Israeli strike

One day after an Israeli airstrike killed three of its senior military leaders, Hamas says it has executed more than a dozen people it believes were spying for Israel.

In riots sparked by an Ebola quarantine, a teen is shot and dies

Protesters were on the move. Soldiers fired. A teenage boy sustained wounds to both legs. For half an hour, no one could find an ambulance and no one came to care for him.

Who are the protesters getting arrested in Ferguson?

The violence at night in Ferguson, Mo., has calmed down for now. However, there have been more than 160 people arrested since the protests began. Police records offer a sense of who they are.

ISIS 'beyond anything we've seen,' Hagel says

The secretary of defense says the extremists are well funded and organized and that he expects them to "regroup and stage an offensive" despite U.S. airstrikes.

European fighters take on more prominent roles in the Islamic State

The hunt is on to identify the man in the James Foley execution video who speaks with a British accent. An estimated 2,000 Europeans have left home to join the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Michael Brown: Nixon orders withdrawal of Guard from Ferguson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced what he called a systematic withdrawal of officers from the St. Louis suburb.

US diplomatic cable puts chill on ALS ice bucket challenge

The State Department lauded the fundraising phenomenon, but said the participation of high-profile diplomats, such as ambassadors, violates internal policy.

Hip-hop station lets St. Louis residents sound off about Ferguson

A St. Louis-area hip-hop station has broken format to become a place for people to voice their opinions about the protests in Ferguson.

Liberia gives food in slum sealed to stop Ebola

International aid workers warned that more help was needed as the country battles not only the virulent disease but also hunger in parts of Monrovia.

How the government carries out hostage rescue missions

The Pentagon acknowledged that U.S. ground troops had attempted to rescue several American hostages, including James Foley, earlier this summer in Syria.

Afghanistan expels NY Times reporter over story about potential coup

New York Times correspondent Matthew Rosenberg was forced to leave Afghanistan after officials called one of his recent stories a threat to national security.

An officer shot a black teen, and St. Louis rioted — in 1962

As we unpack St. Louis' long, tense history of racial unrest amid continuing protests in Ferguson, Mo., we find striking parallels between the events of years past and those of the past few weeks.

US won't rule out attack in Syria to hit Islamic State

American aircraft have carried out more strikes against the Islamic State, after the extremist group beheaded U.S. journalist James Foley. The attacks come despite threats to kill other hostages.

Hamas says airstrike killed 3 senior commanders

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanks the Shin Bet, the country's domestic security service, for intelligence that set up Thursday's attack.