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At least 121 killed in Baghdad bombing

It exploded early Sunday on a busy street in the Karada neighborhood, where people were gathering to shop and socialize. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement.

UC Berkeley student killed in Bangladesh terrorist attack

UC Berkeley sophomore Tarishi Jain is among the 20 people killed by Islamic militants during Friday's terrorist attack at a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh in mourning after gunmen kill 20 hostages in a cafe

Bangladeshis fear this attack, which happened in the posh neighborhood of Gulshan, is "just a sign of things to come."

Investigators: Cockpit voice recorder memory intact from EgyptAir crash

Investigators haven't been able to determine what caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to go down but they're hoping the voice recordings will help clear up the mystery.

Driver using Tesla 'autopilot' dies after crash in Florida

A person who had been driving a Tesla S car on "autopilot" mode died after colliding with a truck, U.S. officials confirmed.

Pentagon ends ban on transgender troops

Defense Secretary Ash Carter says only a person's qualifications should matter, and that there should be no other unrelated barriers to service.

Istanbul international airport open again after attack kills at least 41

More than 230 people were injured on Tuesday in an attack by three suicide bombers, Turkish authorities say. Less than a day later, flights have resumed at Europe's third-busiest airport.

Traditionalist Worker Party: 3 facts you probably didn't know

Their founder is a college-educated man who is "the young face of hate in America today."

EU's founding members urge UK to make a quick Brexit

Six European Union foreign ministers at a meeting in Berlin say they want to avoid a period of uncertainty, a day after Britain voted to leave the EU.

The Brexit break-up breakdown from both sides of the debate

We take a look at reactions from people on both sides of the Brexit debate from the perspective of two Brits residing in Southern California.

BBC projects United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union

The so-called "Brexit" will come to pass, the BBC and other British media outlets project. The British pound plunged against the U.S. dollar.

How national parks prepare for a record season (and how campers should prepare)

It's going to be a busy summer at Yosemite National Park. It's the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, and visitor numbers are up all over the country. 2015 was a record breaking year with more than 305 million visitors to parks and sites nationwide.

'Angels' from Orlando's theater community guard mourners from protesters

As mourners hold funerals in Orlando for the victims of Sunday's nightclub shooting, the Orlando theater community is banding together to protect them from anti-gay protesters.

Investigators say Orlando shooter showed few warning signs of radicalization

After interviewing dozens of people who knew Omar Mateen, investigators say his profile is more like that of a "typical mass shooter" than a man radicalized by ISIS.

In songs, stories, Latino and LGBT voices on how the Orlando attack feels personal

The shooting in Orlando didn't just happen in any nightclub. It was a gay club. On Latin night. Now both communities are grieving the attack.

Shanghai Disneyland opens for first visitors

A slice of the happiest place on earth is now open in China. After years of planning, Shanghai Disneyland opened to visitors Thursday.