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Americans abroad: A view of the 2016 election from overseas

From thousands of miles away, Americans overseas share their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election

Janet Reno, first female US attorney general, dies at 78

Reno's tenure was marked by tragedy and controversy. But she left office widely respected for her independence and accomplishments.

Jury selection to start in South Carolina church shooting trial

Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Dylann Roof, 22, who killed nine people during a bible study.

Another officer charged in Oakland police sex scandal

A wide-ranging investigation implicates more than two dozen law enforcement officers.

2 former Chris Christie aides found guilty in 'Bridgegate' trial

Former top aide Bridget Kelly and onetime Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni have been found guilty of all counts.

Protesters, police still clashing over disputed North Dakota pipeline

At the Dakota Access Pipeline site, officers used pepper spray against demonstrators on government land. The protesters say the pipeline would violate sacred Indian lands and could cause pollution.

6.6 earthquake flattens historic basilica in Italy

"The monks are all safe, but our hearts go immediately to those affected," say the Benedictine monks of Norcia.

Customs and Border Protection seeks deep reform

The US Border Patrol expanded after Sept. 11, but was soon plagued with corruption. A new leader is trying to turn around the agency.

U.N.: ISIS uses civilians as human shields in Mosul

The fighters are allegedly killing civilians who refuse to comply with their instructions or who they suspect are loyal to the Iraqi security forces.

In fight over ND pipeline, tribe leader calls for peace and prayers

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been raging. Tribe leader Dave Archambault II says he's telling supporters "not to react to any form of aggression that law enforcement brings."

A history of election cake and why bakers want to #MakeAmericaCakeAgain

Bakers Susannah Gebhart and Maia Surdam are reviving election cake: a boozy, dense fruitcake that was a way for women to participate in the democratic process before they had the right to vote.

With all those big-box stores, are military commissaries still needed?

The U.S. military spent $1.4 billion to run stores that provide discount groceries to troops. But the Department of Defense wants to cut $200 million from the subsidy.

Why Ugandans are offended by music video made by U.S. missionaries

Two Ugandan writers weigh in on a video by Luket Ministries that features white women depicting the Ugandan way of life.

What's up with the internet today? Websites lag, don't load for many

A hacking attack against a major internet infrastructure company, Dyn, has prompted intermittent disruptions across numerous sites, including Twitter and Spotify.

Anaheim man identified as American killed in Iraq on Thursday

He died of wounds sustained in a roadside bomb attack north of Mosul. He was part of a U.S. team advising and assisting Iraqi Kurd fighters known as peshmerga.

Amir Hussain on Muslims and the making of America

There has never been an America without Muslims. So begins the premise to a new book called Muslims and the Making of America by LMU professor Amir Hussain.