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Linked by tragedy, San Bernardino reflects on Las Vegas

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
| This week's mass shooting in Las Vegas has resurfaced painful memories in the Inland Empire city -- site of firearms massacre in 2015.

Once its AIM was true, but soon AOL's Instant Messenger will be no more


AOL Instant Messenger, with 100 million users at its peak in 2001, was overtaken by mobile text messaging and social media platforms such as Twitter. It will be shut down in December.

Taco Bell designer and ex-president Robert McKay dies at 86


Robert L. McKay, who designed the first Taco Bell restaurant and with founder Glenn Bell turned it from a quirky food stand into a fast-food empire, has died.

International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize


The prize was announced in Oslo, Norway, on Friday morning. The campaign, known as ICAN, seeks an international legal prohibition on nuclear weapons.

New Big Sur bridge to reopen months after landslide


A Big Sur-area bridge that was closed when landslides cut off the Central California wilderness area is scheduled to reopen next week.

Why isn't the Vegas shooting a case of domestic terrorism?


Some Congresspeople said it should be called an act of terror. But they don't make the call.


Puerto Rican officials say death toll increases to 34


"I think that it makes no difference in our situation right now," said one resident. Said another: "Any help is welcomed considering the situation in which we find ourselves in, be it large or small."

​False news of the Vegas attack spread on Google, Facebook


Erroneous posts on both services — one highlighted by Google's "Top Stories" search results, the other circulated by Facebook users — falsely identified the shooter as an apparently uninvolved person.

What is — and isn't — considered domestic terrorism?


Two key questions crop up every time this debate takes place: What was the attacker's motive? What is the criminal charge?