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Take Two: LAUSD teachers strike or not to strike?

On Monday's show:

  • To strike or not to strike? That continues to be the question for LAUSD teachers. 
  • Profiling Congressional District 25.
  • Earthquake fault links.
  • Cities up and down California are rethinking their physical infrastructure for the effects of climate change, but what about a city's social infrastructure?
  • We hear from State Assemblyman Tony Thurmond, a former social worker and school board member.
  • Following the disappearance of a journalist, Hollywood looks to cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

AirTalk: Debating Prop 10, the so-called ‘Affordable Housing Act’

On Friday's show: 

  • Home ownership has become a luxury in California – but could the tides be shifting?
  • Study says most people with European ancestry can be identified via genealogy databases –  what are the implications for law enforcement and privacy?
  • AirTalk debates 2018 ballot initiatives: Prop 10, the so-called ‘Affordable Housing Act’
  • FilmWeek: ‘First Man,’ ‘Bad Times at the El Royale,’ ‘The Oath’ and more; plus, we talk favorite space movies, and why a real-life rocket scientist says ‘First Man’ tops her list