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Take Two: the Human Voter Guide is back to answer your questions about the ballot

On Monday's show: 
  • The latest on the fate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  • The Human Voter Guide is back to help answer your questions about the ballot
  • The Trump administration proposes changes to deny green cards to immigrants who use public benefits 
  • How to judge a judge running for LA Superior Court
  • Why we build homes in areas prone to wildfires
  • New laws to change the emergency alert system in California 
  • On the Lot: Bill Cosby is sentenced and the Oscars may be streamed one day
  • Long Beach gets a million dollar transit grant 
  • Ladyist: LGBT patients and their health

AirTalk: The Kavanaughs' Fox interview

Highlights from Tuesday's show

  • The political dimension of Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh's Fox News interview
  • The ever-shrinking legroom problem on planes -- and what Congress wants to do about it
  • Rounding up the bills Governor Brown has signed and vetoed, plus what’s left on his desk