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The Big One: Episode 6 is out

We take for granted every day that the buildings we work in are safe. But how do you know? What are they made out of? When were they built? Have they ever been retrofitted? In episode 6, we investigate two office buildings in downtown L.A.

AirTalk: Bernie's in! Sanders declares run for 2020

On Monday's show:

  • Week in politics: Analysis of legal challenges to Trump’s national emergency, what Bernie Sanders 2020 run means for an already crowded Dem field and more 
  • The S word: How and why the term “socialism” has resurfaced in mainstream political rhetoric
  • Worker solidarity: can it change the way gig economy apps do business?

Take Two: Low probability, high consequence disasters

 On Tuesday's show: 

  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will consider a motion to “phase out” the use of pepper spray in its juvenile detention facilities.
  • Plus, the latest Juvenile Justice system review.
  • Why do Democrats often choose the 9th Circuit when going against the president?
  • NELA Murals.
  • Mega Storms and infrastructure are an equation for low probability, high consequence disasters.
  • How to stay safe on L.A. region's hiking trails.