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Rift divides top air quality regulators

The chair of the AQMD's governing board complains they hire and pay members of a hearing board but has now power to remove them. He suggests stripping their pay.

The hearing board acts as a judge in important air pollution cases, and their decisions are supposed to be independent of the AQMD's governing board. However, the two newest members have close ties to the chairman, who claims the veteran members of the board are too close to the industry whose emissions they are supposed to regulate.

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Bang zoom! SpaceX taking private passengers to the moon

SpaceX plans to fly two non-astronauts beyond the moon and back again. The company said it had received a "significant deposit." A few hurdles need to be cleared first, including passenger health and fitness tests and the company hitting some key benchmarks in the near future.


2,200 beds needed at LA homeless shelters

Officials have stepped up their interest in closing a major gap in homeless services. L.A. is already considering converting a 170-bed winter shelter in Sylmar to a year-round shelter. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will take up a proposal to study rapidly expanding shelters countywide.

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Pediatricians' group: Talk to youth about pot's dangers

Eight states, including California, have legalized recreational pot, and the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging members to talk to young people and their parents about the drug's potential for harm. A new report states effects ranging from cognitive and psychological issues to lung problems. 

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The future toll of toxic stress on fetuses

Experts say fetuses know when their mothers experience toxic stress  — chronic depression or anxiety stemming from threats of violence, food or housing insecurity, past abuse, acrimonious relationships and other factors — and they can develop a greater risk for mental disorders later in life.


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Joseph Wapner, judge on 'The People's Court,' dead at 97

Wapner decided real small-claims cases on the show from 1981 to 1993. He'd previously spent more than 20 years on the bench in L.A., first in Municipal Court and then in Superior Court. At one time he was presiding judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, the largest court in the U.S.

March 7 election guide: Make your Voter Game Plan here

Voting is tough. Sure, you listen to KPCC. You watch political talk shows. You read the Internet. But you're still not completely sure how you'll vote on all those ballot measures. That's why you need a Voter Game Plan. Start here to check your registration, do your research and fill out a sample ballot.

SoCal, What's Good?

West Hollywood Park Tennis Courts

What it is:
Your serve will never be as killer as Serena's. But, you can still play a remarkable tennis match — for free! — in West Hollywood. The roof of the six-story parking garage next to the WeHo Library features three tennis courts that are open to everyone from rookies to Williams-sister wannabes.
Why it's cool:
The panoramic view of the surrounding Beverly and Hollywood hills is breathtaking.
You should know:
When you arrive at the garage, hand over your driver's license to a security guard on the first floor. They'll pass you a keycard that will give you access to this tennis paradise. (And they validate parking!)