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AirTalk: On LAUSD's First Day Back, Parents Explain How They Chose Their Child's School

On Tuesday's show: 

  • LAUSD parents share the deciding factors behind their choice of the school where they send their kid or kids
  • A deep dive into "The 1619 Project," a new reporting series from the New York Times exploring the history and legacy of slavery in America on the 400th anniversary of the first slaves arrival in the U.S.
  • AirTalk listeners share the local ethnic markets in their neighborhoods that they love to frequent
  • And on Wednesday's show: LAPD Chief Michel Moore joins Larry for his monthly check-in, where he'll talk about California's new use of force law, why he joined a number of police chiefs nationwide asking Congress for an assault weapons ban and more



Take Two: The latest On The 101's Planned Wildlife Corridor

On Tuesday's show: 

  • The planned wildlife corridor over the 101 freeway.
  • An update on Sheriff Villanueva.
  • Climate Change & Wine.
  • How Los Angeles officials have allowed Waze, essentially play SimCity with actual cities. 
  • Adam Ruins Everything.
  • WeHo neighborhood changes.
  • Great Park Balloon in Irvine.