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The Big One: Episode 7 is out

If California is an infamously seismic region, why hasn’t more been fixed? In this episode, we look at some of the lessons learned from other major quakes, and explore what L.A. has and hasn’t done to protect you.

Take Two: Los Angeles wastewater recycling

 On Thursday's show: 

  • Los Angeles Water Recycling Plan.
  • Anaheim Angels Stadium.
  • Solar Bill of Rights.
  • Clean Power Alliance.
  • Lowrider Culture in Japan.
  • Your Earthquake Questions Answered.
  • Who Cleans Hollywood's Walk of Fame Stars?
Arts & Entertainment

The Frame: The return of 'Ragtime'

On Thursday's show:

  • Pasadena Playhouse artistic director Danny Feldman and actor Clifton Duncan on their production of "Ragtime"
  • Variety reporter Gene Maddaus on the latest in the Jussie Smollett case
  • Kyle Buchanan, NYT Carpetbagger columnist, on what to expect of the Oscar telecast