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Episode 14: Reem

Chef Reem Assil owns Reem’s California and Dyafa, two popular middle eastern eateries in Oakland. But growing up, she had a knack for filmmaking, and at 12 years old she premiered her first (and only) film on her local public access station.

AirTalk: Talking Housing With Governor Newsom

On Thursday's show:

  • Interview With Governor Newsom On Fixing California’s Housing Problem
  • Is The Hypocrisy Of Liberalism To Blame For Our Housing Crisis?
  • Climate Change Could Make LA’s June Gloom May Disappear – And It’s Not A Good Thing

Take Two: The Results Of A Year-long State Audit Of LA County DCFS

On Wednesday's show: 

  • Hydropower Joshua Tree.
  • Project Portal Will Test Hydrogen Trucks.
  • The list of projects boycotting Georgia gets longer.
  • The results of a year-long state audit of LA County's Department of Children and Family Services.
  • Atwater Village Flood Risk.
  • Some History on the Martini.
  • Beyond Meat Taste Test.