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Donut Farm

What it is:
Few phrases are more SoCal than "organic vegan donut." But if you're skeptical, let Donut Farm make you a believer. Tucked away in an unassuming Echo Park plaza, the low-key spot has a small fan base that swears by Donut Farm's banana fritters, Candycap donuts (made from mushrooms!) and vegan latte bar.
Why it's cool:
Vegans and omnivores alike stop by for uncommon flavors like roasted red chili, matcha and a Donut Farm original dubbed "WTF" (whiskey, tangerine and fig).
You should know:
Pay careful attention to your GPS as you're heading down Sunset: the Donut Farm storefront is small and can be easy to miss. But, there's free parking once you arrive.