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Episode 10: Ahamed

Ahamed Weinberg is a comedian with a series on Comedy Central. Once he hit school age, he started realizing that his parents’ values weren’t the same as his peers’. As a result, deciding his own beliefs proved, well, complicated.

AirTalk: Potential Dam Failure Threatens many OC cities

On Friday's show:

  • Army Corps Of Engineers Issues Alarming Report On Safety Of Prado Dam
  • The End Of The End? Trump Pulls High-Speed Rail Funding
  • D.O.A: The Bill That Was Supposed to Solve CA’s Housing Shortage Is No More… At Least For Now

Take Two: California High-Speed Rail Funding Killed

On Friday's show: 

  • As part of our weekly political roundup, we look at what happens now that the Trump administration has pulled funding for California's high-speed rail project.
  • Why the Aliso Canyon leak took so long to fix.
  • CA legislature considers extending statute of limitations for domestic violence charges.
  • Preserve Orange County hosts Joseph Eichler home tour.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Rethink segment launch.
  • Cuban Music in L.A.
  • Best things to do in SoCal.