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Episode 2 of KPCC's newest podcast is out

The Big One just hit. You're racing to get to your family, about a 15-mile walk home. On your way, you encounter injured people, burning buildings, and a city that looks less and less like the one you’ve always known. Continue your survival journey today in episode 2: “Your Walk Home.”

AirTalk: Why are Americans drinking less alcohol?

On Friday's show:

  • An interview with California education superintendent Tony Thurmond
  • Why are Americans drinking less alcohol?
  • As Democrats launch presidential bids, what does it take to make a campaign machine?
  • On FilmWeek: ‘Glass,’ ‘The Standoff at Sparrow Creek,’ ‘La Religieuse’ and more






Take Two: How much of this week's rains were captured?

 On Friday's show: 

  • The state of politics in California in midst of the LAUSD strike and government shutdown.
  • Can we adapt our power grid fast enough to sustain renewable energy?
  • We got all this rain this last week, but how much of it is L.A. County able to catch and keep for future use? 
  • Teachers' Strike Update.
  • The government shutdown and the homeless.
  • Plus, the government shutdown & restaurants
  • All the best things to do this long weekend.
  • Take Two is moving to a new time!