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AirTalk: Trump cancels North Korea summit, so what's next?

Highlights from Thursday's show:

  • President Trump calls off summit with Kim Jong Un
  • A group of CA mayors is asking the Brown administration for $1.5 billion to fight homelessness
  • After SF, LA wants to regulate those electric scooters you see scattered everywhere and more
  • And on Friday's show: FilmWeek with KPCC critics and more

Take Two: Can less parking lead to less traffic in LA?

On Thursday's show:

  • Will CA democrats take a page out of Georgia's campaign strategy book?
  • How do we sustain interest among voters, especially in midterm years when turnout plummets?
  • The Mexican Mafia's control over criminal activity in LA jails.
  • Southern California's hidden volcano danger.
  • But what if fewer off-street lots could actually improve our city?
  • USC's Academic Senate calls on President Nikias to resign