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The host of Take Two, A Martínez is an L.A. native who grew up in Koreatown, attended Daniel Murphy High School, and played baseball at L.A. City College before getting a journalism degree at Cal State Northridge.

A is well known to sports-talk radio listeners in Los Angeles as host of 710 KSPN’s "In the Zone." He’s done pre and post game shows for most of L.A.’s major professional and college sports teams, and is especially known as the long-time host of "Dodger Talk" and "Laker Line."

Stories by A Martínez

The enduring attraction of the Nokia 3310

The iconic Nokia 3310 is fondly referred to as the indestructible phone with a battery that just wouldn't quit. Well, now it's back. Can it be successful?

California GOP hopeful they can bring ‘balance’ to California politics

Despite long odds, some in the party see a glimmer of hope headed into the 2018 midterm election and beyond.

Casey Wasserman on LA's Olympic bid: ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’

Only about seven months left until the host city for the 2024 Games is announced. Casey Wasserman, chair of LA2024, breaks down what's going on with L.A.'s bid.

Oscar nominated live action shorts: ‘Silent Nights’

Our series of interviews with Oscar nominated shorts continues.

America's moral core took down Yiannopoulos

The US has a long history of standing up to views deemed reprehensible by a moral majority. What fueled the bipartisan backlash that took Milo Yiannopoulos down?

A tea party 'playbook' could be helping Trump opponents turn the tables

Activists in San Diego are trying out some familiar tactics to get their voices heard by Republican lawmakers.

LA traffic cost drivers about $2,400 last year, study finds

What's the price of being stuck in traffic? A new study breaks down Los Angeles gridlock by the numbers.

Oscar nominated live action shorts: ‘Timecode’

"...behind that uniform or behind that job maybe there is something special, there is beauty or a nobel prize behind that. Maybe that's the idea behind Timecode."

Trump revives program turning peace officers into immigration deputies

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows ICE to deputize local law enforcement. Here are four things to know.

Oscar nominated live action shorts: ‘Ennemis Intérieurs’

"I was hoping that they would understand on a human level...and maybe change the way they see things and the way they look at those foreigners..."

Inglewood community still searching for answers, one year after officer-involved shooting

Two single parents were shot dead by Inglewood Police on the morning of February 21st, 2016. Here's where things stand one year on.

Oscar nominated live action shorts: 'Sing'

"It would be nice if we could all come together in solidarity with the weaker members of a group and stand up for everyone and fight injustice that way."

The audacity of ‘woke’

Aware. Knowledgeable. Active. Here's a look at the co-opted word that just might be the rallying cry of the next countercultural movement.

Reality check: Polarized politics make it hard for people to admit when they're wrong

Admitting that you've made a mistake means facing reality. But the harsh tone of political discourse has caused some to hide from the truth, one psychologist says.

Oscar nominated Live Action Shorts: ‘La Femme et le TGV’

This week we look at all of the Oscar nominated live action shorts. We kick of with "La Femme et le TGV" a story that explores loneliness and human connections.