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The host of Take Two, A Martínez is an L.A. native who grew up in Koreatown, attended Daniel Murphy High School, and played baseball at L.A. City College before getting a journalism degree at Cal State Northridge.

A is well known to sports-talk radio listeners in Los Angeles as host of 710 KSPN’s "In the Zone." He’s done pre and post game shows for most of L.A.’s major professional and college sports teams, and is especially known as the long-time host of "Dodger Talk" and "Laker Line."

Stories by A Martínez

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"They don't say anything or do anything, not because they agree with the behavior, but because of all kinds of dynamics within male peer cultures."

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Burbank's Blizzard Arena gives e-sports a bigger stage

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State of Affairs: Feinstein's bump stock bill, CA goes full sanctuary

Senator Dianne Feinstein took some of the first political action just days after a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas — and Republicans are paying attention.

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UC pres: 'The First Amendment doesn't have an exception for obnoxious speech'

UC President Janet Napolitano talks freedom of speech and how the system is navigating a politically contentious time on college campuses.

OC undersheriff after Las Vegas shooting: Orange County 'is a target-rich environment'

A number of Southern Californians were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night, including local law enforcement officers. 

SOA: CA's pres. primary, SCOTUS considers unions

Governor Brown signed a bill Wednesday, moving California's presidential primary from June to March — but don't celebrate yet.