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The host of Take Two, A Martínez is an L.A. native who grew up in Koreatown, attended Daniel Murphy High School, and played baseball at L.A. City College before getting a journalism degree at Cal State Northridge.

A is well known to sports-talk radio listeners in Los Angeles as host of 710 KSPN’s "In the Zone." He’s done pre and post game shows for most of L.A.’s major professional and college sports teams, and is especially known as the long-time host of "Dodger Talk" and "Laker Line."

Stories by A Martínez

Whites more aware of racism in America, new data reveals

Researchers have found that more people recognize racism as a major problem in America today than did eight years ago. Why? The media.

USC is starting its game publishing label

USC design program is already regarded as one of the best in the country. Now it's launching a game publishing platform in the Spring.

Super Bowl 'opening day': a primetime media circus.

Super Bowl opening day will now be known as "Opening Day". It will also be broadcast in primetime tonight live on the NFL Network.

VA's #1 priority: Ending veteran homelessness

From making housing vouchers more robust to revamping the West L.A. VA campus, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald has plenty to do in 2016.

A look inside the vast, violent network of Latin America's drug lords

The story of drug gangs in the Americas is one that stretches from the favelas of Brazil to the remote mountains of Mexico to U.S. towns and cities.

Behold the awesome power of political endorsements

Whether it's a wink, a nod, or a public statement of support, some endorsements can boost a candidate's chances of success more than any debate.

CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla's plan to get more people to the polls

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is the author of a bill that -- if passed -- could streamline the voting process in the state by 2018.

Open enrollment for health insurance ends soon

It's time to crunch the numbers and see if you'll actually save money if you decide to not get health insurance for another year.

Examining Egypt five years after the Arab Spring

The revolution didn't end with the fall of longtime president Hosni Mubarak. Some Egyptians say little has changed.

The debate over phone and data encryption

Among the many after-effects of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, a new turn in the debate of data encryption on phones.

Hillary Clinton’s Latino pollster on why millennials aren’t voting

Latinos are the fastest-growing group in the country. They’re also more unlikely to vote than almost any other part of the electorate.

Straitlaced media giant buys satirical website because millennials

Univision just bought a major stake in The Onion. Univision execs say comedy is the “common currency” among millennials. Here’s how the partnership might look.

#OscarSoWhite: Beyond Hollywood's institutional racism

The #OscarsSoWhite might have called for an Oscar boycott this year, but some platforms are trying to recognize filmmakers and actors of color beyond the Oscars.

Despite controversies, football interest stronger than ever

Gregg Easterbrook tackles football's long-term viability in his new book called "The Game's Not Over: In Defense of Football".

Stars say they will boycott the Oscars after another year of white nominees

Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee announced Monday that they will boycott the award ceremony this year. Could this spell trouble for the Oscars?