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Data Reporter

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Aaron Mendelson works on KPCC's data journalism and interactive projects.

At KPCC, he has used data to shine a light on the avalanche of outside money in local politics, spiking firearms sales, Los Angeles' bicycle infrastructure, and police militarization. He helped build a unique database on officer-involved shootings in Los Angeles County for KPCC's Officer Involved project.

Aaron joined KPCC in 2014 and became a member of the station's investigative team in 2017

He holds a master's degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Prior to joining KPCC, his work had been published and aired by Reuters, Marketplace, KQED and Mother Jones. He got his start in journalism at KFAI in Minneapolis.

Stories by Aaron Mendelson

Bitter Inland Empire election unseats Democrat incumbent

In a hard-fought, expensive race to represent the Inland Empire, incumbent Assemblymember Cheryl Brown fell to challenger Eloise Reyes. Both are Democrats.

Charter school-supported candidates successful in state races

Charter school advocates flooded state legislative races with more than $18 million in campaign spending — and mostly got the results they were seeking.

LA says 'yes' to tax increase for transportation

Los Angeles County voters weighed in Tuesday on a proposal to raise the sales tax to fund billions of dollars in transportation projects.

How many LA voters will show up on Election Day?

If history is any guide, a majority of registered voters will cast a ballot. L.A. County's voter turnout in the last presidential election, in 2012, was 71 percent.

#WhoMailedIt: KPCC breaks down political mailers

KPCC has been collecting political mail this year and a number of themes reappear on mailers for different candidates in different races.

KPCC story on Inland Empire election makes its way into political mailers

The mailers come amid a contentious race for state Assembly in the Inland Empire's 47th District. KPCC did not participate in the mailers or endorse a candidate.

How charter school advocates became top campaign spenders

No organization in the state has spent more outside money in the 2016 election cycle than two pro-charter committees. They've spent $17 million on state contests.

Charts: Money from charter school advocates in 2016 elections

Explore the funding and political spending of groups advocating for charter schools in California.

Inside the high-tech, data-driven world of campaign mail

Campaign mailers are blanketing mailboxes across California. And while they may seem low-tech, the people sending you that mail know exactly what they're doing.

3 similar letters from 3 political wives hit California mailboxes

The three letters share the same letterhead and font, and some of the same wording. One of them comes from Christine Antonovich, whose husband Mike is running for state Senate.

#WhoMailedIt: Fact-checking political mailers

With glossy mailers stacking up in mailboxes across the state, KPCC decided to fact-check a handful of pieces collected through our #WhoMailedIt effort.

In LA supervisor race, a battle between change and experience

Two supervisors candidates, a longtime board insider and a newcomer to county politics, seek to represent District 5, which stretches from Santa Clarita to Covina.

LA County sheriff's sergeant shot, killed; suspect arrested

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Steve Owen was shot and killed on Wednesday, a department spokesperson said at a press conference.

FAQ: What's 'dark money' and other murky campaign finance terms

As the November general election comes ever closer, you're hearing more and more about donor limits, "dark money," and super PACs. So, what do all these terms mean?

Expensive Inland Empire race pits oil against labor

The Inland Empire's 47th Assembly District contest is seeing more outside spending than any other state race, and it's revealing new legislative political fault lines.