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Data Reporter

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Aaron Mendelson works on KPCC's data journalism and interactive projects.

At KPCC, he has used data to shine a light on the avalanche of outside money in local politics, spiking firearms sales, Los Angeles' bicycle infrastructure, and police militarization. He helped build a unique database on officer-involved shootings in Los Angeles County for KPCC's Officer Involved project.

Aaron joined KPCC in 2014 and became a member of the station's investigative team in 2017

He holds a master's degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Prior to joining KPCC, his work had been published and aired by Reuters, Marketplace, KQED and Mother Jones. He got his start in journalism at KFAI in Minneapolis.

Stories by Aaron Mendelson

LA city bus shelters going unbuilt as city seeks to renegotiate contract

A KPCC probe found the city's bus shelter program has collapsed, with hundreds of structures unbuilt and millions in projected revenues yet to be realized.

California gun sales spiking in 2016

Gun sales surged last year after the San Bernardino shooting. Those sky-high sales have carried over into 2016, new data shows.

LAPD failed to report policy on license plate readers

Law enforcement across Southern California employ automated license plate readers. But many have failed to make their policies on the technology public.

Revised water conservation targets are good news for SoCal providers

Districts such as the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the city of Long Beach would have met their new water conservation targets.

Students track the invisible threat of air pollution

Real-life science lessons in Lincoln Heights are leading to student advocates for cleaner air.

How much rain has SoCal received this winter? Not much at all

How much rain has El Niño brought this winter? We crunched rainfall data from 20 rain gauges in greater Southern California to get an answer.

Map: Where child care facilities are next to highways

Living next to heavy traffic can be harmful to children's health. Yet dozens of child care centers in Los Angeles County are located next to heavily-trafficked highways.

Polluted Preschools: 169 LA childcare centers are too close to freeways

A KPCC investigation found 169 childcare centers located too close to highly-trafficked freeways, putting small children's health at risk.

Man paralyzed by LAPD gets $5.7 million one decade later

LAPD officers shot then-gang member Robert Contreras in the back and left him paralyzed. Officers thought he had a gun, but he ended up being unarmed.

No gun found in Florence-Firestone shooting

Cristian Rene Medina, 23, allegedly took a "shooting stance" and pointed his hands at deputies responding to reports of a robbery. No gun has been found.

LAUSD returns controversial rifles — but keeps pistols and shotguns

The school district's police force turned in rifles under public pressure but continues to hold onto pistols, rifles and other military-style weapons.

How much rain has SoCal received this year? Here's one way to keep track

The L.A. area got drenched Sunday, with some areas getting up to three inches of rain. It's an El Niño year. So how does this year's rainfall compare to normal?

How does this year's rainfall stack up?

How much rain has El Niño brought to the Los Angeles area? We crunched rainfall data from 20 rain gauges in greater Southern California to get an answer.

Gun sales spiked in California after San Bernardino shooting

New data shows that Californians rushed to purchase guns last month, especially in the days after the San Bernardino shooting.

Search 2015-2016 kindergarten immunization levels in SoCal

This user-friendly database shows 2015-16 vaccination exemption rates for incoming kindergartners at schools across Southern California.