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Education Correspondent

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I focus stories on college students who are at a crossroads, particularly those on the first rung into higher education. Many of those students are trying to overcome academic and other challenges because they believe college will be the path to a better life. How do the people around them -- in their personal lives and at the institutions they attend -- help or hinder their success?

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Elections watchdog investigating Inglewood school spending

The Fair Political Practices Commission has opened an investigation into whether about $5,000 of Inglewood Unified school funds was misused in a 2009 election.

Michael Brown: Hundreds gather in LA to protest teen's killing

About 500 people gathered in Los Angeles's Leimert Park to protest the killing of teen Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Judge rules in favor of English language learners

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that California education officials are violating the constitutional rights of English learner students who are not getting specialized instruction in public schools.

Some high schools build 'bridge' for 9th graders

Stealing a page from college “bridge” programs, some Southern California high schools are offering similar programs for incoming 9th graders.

California ordered to give services to all English learners

LA judge says California - not school districts - are on the hook for making sure no English learner students fall through the cracks.

Friday deadline for Calif school district spending plans

Funding increases for California public schools come with strings attached: officials must meet with stakeholders and write a plan outlining how they'll use money.

Under fire, Pasadena City College president steps down

Pasadena City College President Mark Rocha cancelled winter session in 2010 and that unleashed a wave of complaints from faculty and students.

DOJ supports ACLU lawsuit on Calif. English learners

The lawsuit claims state officials knew school districts were failing to provide services for tens of thousands yet failed to act.

Summer school will get you ahead, but it'll cost you

Public schools in Arcadia, Manhattan Beach, and Palos Verdes run fee-based summer school through foundations. Students say they need the credits to get into college.

California elections watchdog reviewing Inglewood allegations

California's Fair Political Practices Commission said Wednesday a KPCC investigation of misuse of public funds at Inglewood schools has raised red flags.

Inglewood school funds were used to attack school board candidate

Public funds meant to educate Inglewood students were instead used to benefit a board member’s re-election campaign in 2009, court testimony and interviews show.

Controversial bill would expand California teacher tenure

Bill seeks to give tenure to California teachers in very small school districts, county offices of education, and vocational programs. But one lawmaker said it goes against a recent L.A. court decision.

Teacher tenure ruling shows strength of union adversaries

The Vergara v. California court decision inserts a new player, Students Matter, into the mix of groups seeking to influence education policy in Sacramento.

Vergara trial: Calif. judge says state teacher protections unconstitutional (updated)

The ruling finds that California teacher tenure, firing and discipline procedures are unconstitutional because they violate children’s right to an adequate education.

As disabled students on campus rise, so does help with tests

A growing number of students with autism and mental health problems are enrolling in college. Universities are having to adapt, especially during final exams.