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Education Correspondent

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I focus stories on college students who are at a crossroads, particularly those on the first rung into higher education. Many of those students are trying to overcome academic and other challenges because they believe college will be the path to a better life. How do the people around them -- in their personal lives and at the institutions they attend -- help or hinder their success?

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Calif teacher job protections at stake in bellwether trial

After two months, the closely watched Vergara vs. California trial, which challenges teacher seniority and job protections, wraps up with closing arguments.

Students say Cal State broke tuition freeze promise

Trying to recover from deep funding cuts during the recent recession, some Cal State campuses implemented "success fees" to bolster instructional programs.

Report: Higher education office needed in governor’s cabinet

A Sacramento think tank says the state's three higher education branches need one statewide office to drive California's college agenda.

Students to protest CSU 'success fees' at trustees meeting

CSU student "success fees" as high as $630 are being charged on top of tuition and other fees. Opponents say it's a way to get around the current tuition freeze.

New computer test to debut in California schools this week

California school officials say they're ready for new standardized tests. Your kids won't have to sweat these: schools, students won't be graded.

Teacher dismissal system works, scholar says in LA trial

The Vergara v. California trial seeks to strike down state teacher job protections including tenure after 18 months and seniority-based layoffs.

California standardized tests postponed

The consortium that's running the new Common Core testing in California and other states is postponing testing for a week to make sure computer systems work.

Can your online game-playing skills get you into college?

A team of USC researchers seeks to make the college application process easier for teenagers to learn by making a game out of it.

Compton teachers back after sick out amid labor negotiations

Union officials deny organizing the sick out, which disrupted Dominguez High Tuesday. After fearing more work stoppages, officials report no labor action Wednesday.

Ethiopians win LA Marathon, heat biggest challenge

Temperatures reaching 88 degrees was the greatest obstacles to tens of thousands of runners at the L.A. Marathon on Sunday. About 1,000 sought medical attention.

At least 25 injured after stage collapses at Servite High

About 25 students were injured Saturday night after the stage collapsed beneath them at a rally at Servite High School in Anaheim.

At Democratic convention: Protesters, talk of growing party

The California Democratic Party's annual convention in L.A. is tackling how to grow the party in the face of declining affiliation. Some protesters brought their own concerns.

Feds green-light California testing plan, ending stand off

California and federal education officials were in a standoff for months over the state's reduced testing this year - and plan to keep scores secret.

Lawmaker wants to stop 'excessive' school administrator pay

The $663,000 yearly compensation for the superintendent of the Centinela Valley high school district is under scrutiny. School officials say they were transparent.

Eli Broad appoints head of philanthropic education efforts

The wealthy philanthropist, who has donated $800 million for education reform efforts, chose Washington veteran Bruce Reed to lead his foundation.