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Education Correspondent

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I focus stories on college students who are at a crossroads, particularly those on the first rung into higher education. Many of those students are trying to overcome academic and other challenges because they believe college will be the path to a better life. How do the people around them -- in their personal lives and at the institutions they attend -- help or hinder their success?

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Legislature passes bill reducing student testing this year

Setting up a fight with the federal government, lawmakers voted to implement limited field test this year as state transitions to new learning standards

Inglewood Unified says more employees under investigation

The new head of the Inglewood Unified School District says at least five employees are under investigation for wrongdoing, including "payroll irregularities."

County wants to boost school budgets by raising attendance

Schools lose money when students are habitually absent. L.A. County officials are shining the spotlight on several school districts' successful anti-truancy efforts.

Uncertainty grows over California standardized testing

California public schools educators are grappling with a big question: will schools have to administer state standardized tests or not?

College admission agreement to help thousands of students

Cal State Fullerton, Saddleback College, and Irvine Valley College to streamline admissions for nearly automatic admission for community college students.

Teens turn adult put-downs into silkscreen art

Youth rarely forget hurtful words uttered by adults they admire and respect. An art exhibit tackles the subject through screen prints by teens.

Charter school leader running for state education chief

Former Green Dot Charter Schools president Marshall Tuck has announced he'll run for the highest education post in California: Superintendent of Public Instruction.

LA Mayor to appoint reformer as new education deputy

Mayor Garcetti has picked an education deputy. In an odd arrangement, Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana was hired by the school district to work for Garcetti.

State high court: School employees can give insulin

California’s Supreme Court ruled Monday that nurses aren't the only school employees allowed to administer insulin to diabetic kids at public schools.

LA Unified school year starts with classroom changes

Thanks to an influx of state funds, students will return to schools with staffs largely intact. And gone is the protracted preparation for standardized tests.

End of an era: last year of California's STAR test

Students from second to eleventh grades take the STAR, multiple choice tests. Teachers say it promotes rote memorization. New test and learning standards are coming.

Are summer SAT prep classes worth the investment?

An SAT test prep center in L.A.’s Koreatown runs a popular SAT summer boot camp for kids determined to get into their dream school. But is it worth the money?

LA Unified begins training teachers on iPads

Over the next week, L.A. Unified will give 1,500 teachers a few days of training on using new iPad applications in the classroom.

1 dead, 11 hurt, suspect ID'd after car drives into crowd in Venice (update)

An L.A. Councilman is proposing more barriers at the points-of-entry on the Venice boardwalk after a man drove his vehicle into the area Saturday, killing one person.

LA's 'Days of Dialogue' tackles Trayvon Martin killing

The discussions included LAPD officers, the US Attorney for California's Central District, LA County’s Sheriff, an LA County Supervisor, senior citizens, and others.