Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Education Correspondent

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Adolfo reports on K-12 education and higher education for Southern California Public Radio.

He’s been a reporter at SCPR since 2000 and in that time has covered many different types of stories including elections, transportation, fires, and the arts. His most memorable stories are the on-site reports at the 2007 May Day Melee protests at L.A.’s MacArthur Park, a fatal apartment collapse that shed light on L.A.'s dearth of housing inspectors, University of California students coping with hunger, South Gate overcoming political corruption, the 25th anniversary of L.A.’s seminal 1977 punk rock scene, social work interns helping students from military families cope, political dirty tricks funded by public funds in the Inglewood Unified School District, a profile of prominent L.A. poet Wanda Coleman, and a feature about Adolfo’s name appearing on the TV show "The Simpsons".

Adolfo's awards include the 2006 L.A. Press Club’s Radio Journalist of the Year and a regional Edward R. Murrow honor.

2016 is Adolfo’s 20th year in public radio news. He was hired in 1996 by KPBS-FM in San Diego as a producer for the daily news talk show These Days. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and kids.

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

Number of homes burned in Ventura still a big question mark

Since Tuesday, the Thomas fire has tripled in size to 96,000 acres. But officials haven't updated their estimate of structures lost. They've kept it vague: at least 150.

Lawsuit: California literacy policies fail many students

Lawyers for students say California isn't doing enough to ensure that schools have what they need to teach all students basic reading and writing.

College tuition may be source of conflict in next budget

California public universities raised tuition this year, but the governor says he doesn't want another increase — and he's using the budget process to send the message.

More funding for community colleges likely, but with limits

As the California economy improves, community colleges are expected to receive more funding next fiscal year but campuses may find limits.

CA wants to close the higher education gap by creating a statewide-online community college

On Monday, a proposal for an all-online community college was heard in efforts to boost job prospects for about 2 million working class Californians who lack full degrees.

An online community college for working-class Californians

California community colleges are considering creating an online community college to help people who aren't necessarily looking to earn a degree.

Travel ban affects UC Irvine conference

Dozens of Iranian studies scholars have told organizers they won't be able to attend an Irvine conference next year because of Trump's travel ban.

California college transfer program helping thousands

Sacramento created the Associate Degree for Transfer program seven years ago to help fix a broken college transfer process. The numbers show it's working.

CSU Long Beach shuts down water fountains after lead testing

Students tested drinking fountain water at Cal State Long Beach and found lead. A university follow up confirmed the findings and turned them off.

UCLA backs down from free speech confrontation

After a challenge from a Republican student group, UCLA administrators say they won't charge students a fee to host controversial speaker Ben Shapiro.

Attorney general takes sides in LA free speech suit

Jeff Sessions supports a Pierce College student who says he was stopped from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution in Spanish.

CSUN professors 'revolt' over academic changes

Faculty leaders at Cal State Northridge say changes ordered over the summer for all 23 CSU campuses are hasty and may do students more harm than good. The orders eliminated non-credit remedial classes and some general education requirements like intermediate algebra.

LA disabled college students sue campus over access

Without a campus shuttle, are disabled college students blocked from an adequate education? That'll be the central question in a federal trial set for Tuesday.

More foreign students denied university student visas

Cal State Long Beach says the number of visas denied to international students it had accepted was three times greater this year.

Southern California victims of the Las Vegas shooting

The local victims include a Simi Valley school office manager, a Manhattan Beach special education teacher and a Manhattan Beach civilian police employee.