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Alex Cohen is the local host of "Morning Edition", NPR's most popular show. Prior to that, she was co-host of KPCC's "Take Two" and "All Things Considered."

Before joining Southern California Public Radio, Alex was a host and reporter for NPR's "Day to Day." She's also served as a host and reporter for NPR's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" as well as American Public Media's "Marketplace" and "Weekend America." Prior to that, she was the L.A. Bureau Chief for KQED FM in San Francisco. She has won several journalism awards including the LA Press Club’s Best Radio Anchor prize.

As her roller derby alter-ego, Axles of Evil, Cohen made a cameo appearance and served as the trainer and choreographer for the Drew Barrymore derby film "Whip It." She is also the co-author of the book "Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby."

Stories by Alex Cohen

What 2016 means for the future of women in politics

On Election Day, the number of female governors in the U.S. dropped from six to five. The number of women in Congress stayed flat. Where do we go from here?

Healing America: Faith leaders reflect on unity after the election

The presidential race uncovered deep divisions in the nation. A look at how SoCal's faith communities plan to repair the rift.

'The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller' turns the documentary formula on its head

"The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller" is a creation of filmmaker Sam Greene, with real-time narration and a live score by indie rock band Yo La Tengo.

Joel Edgerton on playing Richard Loving, the reluctant activist

"Loving" follows the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, whose groundbreaking case made its way to the Supreme Court.

How trans politics changed who 'Hedwig's' audience is

The show's star, Darren Criss, says America is able to embrace the show differently due to growing awareness of gender identity.

'Trolls' explores happiness and a new kind of princess

"We wanted to break the princess mold, the stereotype of the princess out there...and it's great because I think hopefully girls will aspire to use their brains like Poppy does..."

Combatting racial bias in the sharing economy

Discrimination in the global marketplace is nothing new: the ability to measure how often it happens and call out offenders is.

ACLU sues to make ballot selfies legal in time for Election Day

Because of a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, ballot selfies will be legal in CA starting January 1. The ACLU is suing to move the date up, arguing that the ban violates the right to free speech.

'The Distance Between Us' introduces kids to the immigrant experience

'The Distance Between Us' chronicles Reyna Grande's experience being left behind in an impoverished Mexican town, while her parents went in search of work across the border.

'Eagle Huntress' director Otto Bell on the documentary that pretty much wrote itself

On day one of filming, 13-year-old Aishol-pan took a new eagle from its mother's nest on a Kazakh mountainside. Bell was hooked.

Jack Skellington headlines Hollywood Bowl

Get your tickets now, because Danny Elfman says this special performance of "The Nightmare before Christmas" won’t be an annual thing.

Hemingway's rocky relationship with Hollywood

It's pretty common for writers of all stripes to see their books, novels, even magazine articles adapted into movies.

Pentagon ordered to stop taking back National Guard signing bonuses

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Wednesday ordered the Pentagon to stop its efforts to collect repayment from members of the California National Guard who had received enlistment bonuses for signing during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Big wave feminism: Women will compete in Mavericks surf contest

Women have been breaking through all kinds of glass ceilings this year. This one is in the ocean.

​ People called me 'monkey': Journalists covering the campaign face insults, threats

Political correspondents share the pros and cons of reporting on one of the most contentious presidential races in recent memory.