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Annie Gilbertson is an investigative reporter and host of KPCC’s podcast “Repeat.” She covers the justice system and has committed more than two years to in-depth reporting on police shootings.

Annie co-created “Repeat,” which traces a string of deputy shootings in South Los Angeles and asks how officers with multiple shootings are held accountable. The podcast reached more than 1 million downloads and sparked an inspector general investigation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the largest sheriff’s department in the nation. After her reporting on officer shootings for KPCC’s investigative series Officer Involved, the department tightened its use of force policy.

Annie joined KPCC in 2013 as an education reporter covering Los Angeles Unified, the nation’s second-largest school district. Annie was a national finalist for a 2014 Investigative Reporters and Editors award for her year-long investigation into L.A. Unified’s problem-plagued effort to equip every student with an iPad. Her reports contributed to the cancellation of the contract, the resignation of the superintendent and the launch of an FBI investigation.

Annie is a Southern California native; she grew up in Huntington Beach.

Stories by Annie Gilbertson

Sgt. Killed By Friendly Fire At Borderline Shooting

The bullet that killed Ventura County sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus was fired by a California Highway Patrol officer who responded with him.

Dispatch tape and witness accounts lay out a chaotic scene and response to Borderline mass shooting"

The initial response to the Borderline was textbook example of quickly confronting a dangerous gunman. But at just a few minutes in, the hurried confrontation ground to a halt.

People thought she would end up poor or locked up. She proved them wrong.

Lilana Flores had the bad luck of being born into poverty and violence. As a young person in the hands of L.A. County's beleaguered foster care and probation agencies, she sensed people expected little of her.

People thought she would end up on the streets or locked up. She proved them wrong.

Smuggled from El Salvador as a child, Liliana "Patty" Flores survived abuse, foster care, gangs, drugs and lockup before deciding to turn her life around.

Secret police shooting, use of force records could be released with bill

Secret police shooting and use of force records could be released to the public if Gov. Brown signs a bill on his desk. California has long been among the most secretive states in the nation when it comes to officer conduct.

LAPD releases video of 'no-win' shootout at Silver Lake Trader Joe's, says police bullet killed woman

"These are no-win situations," the chief told reporters. "This is a heartbreaking reminder of the split-second decisions that officers must make every day."

LA Sheriff probes claim of false statements, excessive force in deputy shooting

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will investigate a convicted burglar's claims of "false statements, conflicting statements and excessive force" in his April 2011 shooting by a deputy.

This man spent years under suspicion after the Golden State Killer raped and murdered his wife

Investigators suspected David Witthuhn in the bludgeoning death of his wife, Manuela, in 1981. His second wife says the shadow of that destroyed him.

What a change to rent control restrictions could mean for you

LA's mayor is among those supporting an initiative to lift state limitations on rent control. Will it stem sky-high housing costs — or discourage future building?

LA Sheriff's watchdog is reviewing deputy shooting investigations after KPCC reports

The Sheriff's inspector general has ordered a review of a shooting investigation and other issues raised by KPCC's podcast "Repeat," which looked at deputies with multiple shootings.

Episode 7: "The Update"

The inspector general of Los Angeles County tells his people to listen to the podcast and look into the questions raised. Sheriff Jim McDonnell is up for re-election, and Deputy Mike Coberg is supporting his opponent. Tennell Billups is transferred to another prison.

Episode 6: The Light

There are some who believe the public is not equipped to understand police behavior. But are these secretive laws protecting officers and their public employers from scrutiny?

Episode 5: "Shit Magnets"

Why do some officers shoot more often than others? Retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Forlano fired his gun in seven incidents, grisly experiences he says stems from working busy patrol areas and regularly encountering armed suspects.

Episode 4: The Investigation

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigates its own officers’ shootings — a common practice in California. Officials are adamant that their investigations into police shootings are impartial, highly supervised and beyond reproach.

Episode 3: Witnesses in Uniform

All four of the men Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza shot at were accused of a crime. Tennell Billups believes law enforcement purposefully sought trumped up charges, making Billups look dangerous and Inzunza appear as though he had to shoot. Did the evidence back the men’s claims?