Austin Cross

Producer, Take Two

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Austin Cross is a Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Austin came to KPCC from CBS Radio where he worked for both KNX and KFWB, booking and producing news segments and programs on myriad topics, from finance and technology to culture and issues of race.

Austin is a Southern Californian and graduated from Azusa Pacific University. In addition to producing, he has guest hosted on KFWB.

Stories by Austin Cross

With Paul Manafort gone, Donald Trump might have to 'write-off' California

But it's not too late to save the down ticket races, says Republican analyst Arnold Steinberg.

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For the non-sports-minded, choosing what to watch and who to root for can be a bit ambiguous, and frequently reflects a person's values.

Anti-discrimination bill a friction point for faith-based colleges, LGBTQ alum

To administrators at evangelical college Azusa Pacific, it's a question of religious autonomy. For a lesbian alum, it's about ending persecution.

Fact-checking presidential candidates who 'struggle to be truthful'

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both stretched the truth this election cycle, but even if you can prove it, how do you get voters to listen?

Lies, damned lies, and horserace polling: Why some surveys are misleading

What do all those numbers really tell us? Sometimes it's a whole lot of nothing.

Netflix and nil: Millennials just aren't as frisky as rumored

There are more ways for millennials to connect than ever, but a new study finds that when they do, fewer are going all the way.

SoCal artist uses Pee-Chee style to depict police use of force

"It's so much content to work with; it's incredible," artist Patrick Martinez says. "I can just keep on doing these things."

Young GOP: One is for Donald Trump. The other isn't. Can she be convinced?

Claire Chiara and Mary Perez are two passionate young Republicans. Claire was a Trump delegate; Mary is a member of #Never Trump. They sat down with Take Two.

Hillary Clinton's breakthrough moment was a long time coming

A look at the policies and people who paved Clinton's path to the Democratic nomination.

Uninformed? Don't vote, ethicist suggests

If you do vote, however, don't be afraid to vote for the lesser of two evils, says economic and political ethicist Jason Brennan.

Super spouses: Examining the evolution of presidential plus-ones

Candidate spouses and the role they play on the campaign trail has evolved in recent decades: each must find a balance between personal and political.

Is California Clinton's poster child for the Democratic Party?

California holds a prestigious designation at this week's convention: as a prime example of effective Democratic policies.

Dudamel on LA Phil concerts: 'This is a place of inclusion'

Gustavo Dudamel is a product of El Sistema, Venezuela's state-run music education program. He now hopes to inspire a new generation of classical music lovers.