Austin Cross

Producer, Take Two

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Austin Cross is a Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Austin came to KPCC from CBS Radio where he worked for both KNX and KFWB, booking and producing news segments and programs on myriad topics, from finance and technology to culture and issues of race.

Austin is a Southern Californian and graduated from Azusa Pacific University. In addition to producing, he has guest hosted on KFWB.

Stories by Austin Cross

California’s ‘modified’ primary system is kinda complicated

You might want to double-check your voter registration.

Making California’s communities of color ‘Feel the Bern'

The Golden State could present Bernie Sanders’ biggest challenge yet, as one of the most diverse electorates in the country.

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan meet in Washington

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have been on icy terms for most of the primary season, but now there are signs that relations may be starting to thaw.

The FDA plans to redefine 'healthy.' But it may take a while.

Since the mid-1990s, the FDA has defined “healthy” as a product with limited levels of fat, sodium and cholesterol. But that could all change soon.

It's very clear, drought regs are here to stay

Governor Jerry Brown has issued an executive order that will make some California drought regulations permanent.

#BernieOrBust Democrats will probably vote Clinton come November

Some Sanders supporters say they won't vote for Clinton in the general election. But that could change in the coming months, says one analyst.

Clinton's California director has 'no doubt' the Democratic party can be unified

With the Democratic nomination all but in the bag, the Clinton campaign is confident they will mend fences with Sanders supporters.

Standing firm: Young GOP-er calls Trump a ‘con man,’ won’t vote for him

USC student and Take Two regular, Mary Perez has been against Donald Trump’s candidacy from the start and said that won’t change anytime soon.

Cruz and Kasich concessions could hurt California Republicans in June

California Republicans who were hoping to slow Donald Trump's momentum now have much less incentive to vote in the June primary. Take Two analyzes the impact.

Sloganize this: The art of the presidential rallying cry

Where's the Beef? We Have HOPE that It's Morning Again in America, so Let's Make a Future to Believe In. Make Article Teases Great Again.

Why millennials care about politics

Who's doing the best job of appealing to the millennial voting bloc?

Why millennials are speaking up for social justice

Why is Gen Y one of the most active generations in half-a-century?

The man who makes Obama funny

“He wants to be edgy, not for a comedian, but edgy for a president,” says David Litt, the lead joke writer for the last four White House Correspondents' Dinners.

Presidential candidates have delivered some pretty ‘meh’ speeches this race. Here’s why.

What happened to elegantly crafted speeches? Take Two asked a campaign speechwriter.

Willie Williams’ tumultuous tenure at the helm of the LAPD

Williams took the top job at a turbulent time for the Los Angeles Police Department, but he wasn’t the hero then-Mayor Tom Bradley was hoping for.