Austin Cross

Producer, Take Two

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Austin Cross is a Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Austin came to KPCC from CBS Radio where he worked for both KNX and KFWB, booking and producing news segments and programs on myriad topics, from finance and technology to culture and issues of race.

Austin is a Southern Californian and graduated from Azusa Pacific University. In addition to producing, he has guest hosted on KFWB.

Stories by Austin Cross

Hate crime charges await accused Charleston shooter

Dylan Roof was indicted on federal charges yesterday.

50 years on, many Vietnam vets still struggle with PTSD

A new study crunches the numbers.

What the news gets wrong about Trump

The challenges of covering celebrity candidates.

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Soon, SETI could be scanning the skies in style.

New study reveals why mosquitoes suck

Scientists at Caltech have discovered how the little blood-guzzlers track their victims.

For Aurora shooting survivor, conviction brings little comfort

Weaver was in the 5th row of the theater on the night of the shooting. He shared his story with Take Two.

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In the battle for the Internet, Ellen Pao says the trolls are winning.

Why you may use a ‘scorecard’ to choose your next surgeon

A new site tracks postoperative complications.

Stuck in the middle: Life in the 'sandwich' generation

Despite its amusing moniker, being a ‘sandwiched’ parent isn't all that fun.

New push to regulate teen residential treatment centers

Take Two spoke to the people on both sides of the debate.

When Internet algorithms discriminate

Because browsing habits are tracked so regularly, computers, over time, begin to gain a greater understanding of the person at the keyboard.

Could Trump blow it for the GOP with Latino voters?

Businessman. Politician. Vote-killer?

Should we be worried about network meltdowns?

What happens when the computers we depend on … betray us?

Understanding America’s heroin problem

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals some grave details about the prevalence of addiction in America.

LA Times 'black Twitter' reporter on the emergence of a community

The Times' new hire talks about his job working with online communities to tell the stories the media often misses.