Austin Cross

Producer, Take Two

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Austin Cross is a Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Austin came to KPCC from CBS Radio where he worked for both KNX and KFWB, booking and producing news segments and programs on myriad topics, from finance and technology to culture and issues of race.

Austin is a Southern Californian and graduated from Azusa Pacific University. In addition to producing, he has guest hosted on KFWB.

Stories by Austin Cross

For former Corinthian students, uncertainty looms

Corinthian has closed its remaining campuses in California. KPCC spoke to a student affected by the closing.

Aurora movie theater shooting trial: what to expect

If convicted, accused shooter James Holmes could face the death penalty.

Only true love survives IKEA

When gauging the health of your relationship, IKEA may be the canary in the coal mine.

Google’s Fi could make Verizon and AT&T nervous

Google’s new carrier flips the billing model we’ve come to know.

Missing: America's black men

More than a million black men are absent from society, most of them locked up in prison or killed.

Predicting the future of American English

Self-proclaimed “word connoisseur” James Harbeck uses language history to predict the future.

Man who took video of SC police shooting wants pay

His video has been played on news networks around the world. Now Feidin Santana wants news organizations to pay.

Hillary’s image overhaul

She’s been in the public eye for decades … is it too late to see her in a new light?

LA Times publisher Austin Beutner sees bright future for paper

The media landscape is changing rapidly. L.A. Times publisher Austin Beutner tells Take Two how the paper has managed to stay ahead of the curve.

Coal vs the E.P.A: D.C. Court of Appeals hears arguments

Proposed regulation by the E.P.A has coal proponents heated.

FDA censures Kind: a look at sugar and fat use in the “health” food industry

The FDA wants “health” food producers like Kind to change their claims.

Are LA's race relations as rosy as they seem?

Though a new survey from USC showed a positive outlook on race relations in L.A., prominent scholars say we still have a ways to go.

Race relations in California

The Golden State is doing better than most of the country.

Remembering the Pet Rock

The Pet Rock: 1 percent product, 99 percent marketing, 100 percent nostalgia.

Greywater presents possible solution to California's drought

Recycled water systems could decelerate the drought. So why aren’t more people using them?