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Exposure to the arts can open doors to a creative life, but not everyone has the same opportunities to be creative -- even though California state law requires access to arts education. I explore what’s being done to address the disparity and who does and doesn't get to learn about and make art.

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Beach fire pits are popular -- and they can also be dangerous

A 10-year-old girl suffered major burns after falling into a fire pit at the beach over the weekend.  KPCC's Carla Javier went to Newport Beach to find out how common injuries like that are.

Did you take an ethnic studies class? We asked. You answered

As the battle over implementation of ethnic studies wages on, KPCC is hosting an In Person conversations about the role of the arts in the field's future.

How PST: LA/LA brought dollars to SoCal and Millenials to museums

The initiative brought 2.8 million visitors to local museums and $430.8 million to the local economy, according to a new report. It also attracted new audiences.

Faced with cancer, these young people picked up a camera

The youth hope the images of families, pets, and hobbies help people look "Behind the Diagnosis." They're also selling the prints to raise money for research grants.

LAUSD students and celebrity alumni partnered to raise money for the arts

The district budgeted $31.52 million for the arts this year, but arts education administrators say even that isn't enough. So, they're hosting a concert.

A new bill could increase access to arts ed, but some fear it won’t guarantee quality

While many arts ed advocates want to take advantage of the state budget surplus, others are concerned about the bill’s language surrounding who would teach the arts.

Report on California arts education: encouraging, but needs work

"It's showing some forward progress," explained Pat Wayne, program director at Create CA. "Not of course what we'd hope it would be, but we're going in the right direction."

'Not one more': SoCal students walk out to protest gun violence

Organizers have called for demonstrations to last 17 minutes to honor the 17 killed last month. Students are taking up the call in nearly 3,000 protests nationwide.

Why Yo-Yo Ma visited this Corona middle school

The world-renowned cellist visited the school as part a program to celebrate "undiscovered, unexpected, or everyday communities" with a strong commitment to the arts.

Middle school students mark anniversary of LA walkouts with art, reflection

"We're learning about the walkouts ..." one student said. "That's why we're here in school, being treated fairly and we know about our cultures today."

LA's Locke High is improving — but is it still 'failing'?

The latest plan to turn the school around is now in its 10th year and, despite obvious improvements, skeptics say it still fails too many kids.

The next 'Hamilton'? High school students write musicals about history

With the help of teaching artists, the eleventh graders wrote 10 minute musicals about everything from the Roaring Twenties to the Civil Rights Movement.

Formerly incarcerated dads create play about justice system

"You have two ... convicted convicts, and you have two guys acting," a participant said. "At the end, I want you to look at all four of us like we're the same."

Montecito mudslides: With 101 closed, this group is pairing pilots with passengers

Thomas Fire Help has been carrying critical workers, like those in medicine, to their jobs. "We didn't sit around and say 'We're going to start an airline,'" said one volunteer. But that's sort of what happened.

Montecito prepares for next storm while cleaning up the last one

Clearing debris basins is a priority because, if there's another heavy winter storm, officials and experts think another mudslide could happen.