David Wagner

Business and Economy Reporter

David Wagner covers business and the economy for KPCC. Before coming to KPCC, he was the science and technology reporter for KPBS in San Diego. There, he reported on fields like genomics and climate science. He also investigated stem cell treatment businesses in San Diego and Tijuana. His stories have been aired nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, the PBS NewsHour and Marketplace.

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Stories by David Wagner

California’s high housing costs and its impact on employment

Plenty of workers still move West each year for a new job in California.

Is California’s expensive housing scaring away job seekers?

California employers and job recruiters find it tough to lure out-of-state workers at a time when unemployment rates are falling and housing prices are rising.

Santa Monica decides against a hard cap on electric scooters

Electric scooters have quickly become a popular way to get around in Santa Monica. The city was the first to get scooters from Silicon Beach startup Bird. And now, Santa Monica has decided to take a light touch on regulating them.

Why did Villaraigosa get shut out of the Governor's race?

The former LA mayor was fighting to become California's first elected Latino governor, but he didn't bring out a huge wave of Latino voters.

Bernie Sanders supports higher wages for Disneyland workers

Bernie Sanders is making higher wages the focus of his trip to Southern California on Saturday, meeting with Disneyland workers and LA ports truck drivers.da

Bernie Sanders to meet SoCal workers demanding higher wages

Sanders is scheduled to speak with Disney workers in Anaheim calling for $18 per hour and with truck drivers who say they're facing wage theft at L.A. ports.

Homelessness is down in LA for the first time in four years

But the annual homeless count showed the number of people experiencing for the first time actually going up compared to last year.

LA is cracking down on illegal pot shops

Legal pot stops complain about unfair competition from unlicensed pot shops; now the city attorney and LAPD are prosecuting 36 illegal stores in a widespread crackdown.

LA County to pay nearly $12 million to family of cyclist struck and killed by deputy

Entertainment lawyer Milton Everett Olin, Jr.. 65 of Woodland Hills, was killed while out for a Sunday afternoon bike ride in Calabasas.

Video released of fatal LAPD shooting in Boyle Heights

Body cam footage of a Los Angeles police officer shooting and killing 14-year-old Jesse Romero two years ago is being seen by the public for the first time.

California bill could ban enforced arbitration agreements

This week, the Supreme Court decided employers can prevent workers from bringing class action lawsuits against them. That is, if the workers signed an arbitration agreement. But in California, a new bill moving through the state legislature could ban employers from asking employers to sign arbitration agreements in the first place.

Foreign trade tensions could put tens of thousands of SoCal jobs at risk

Nearly 430,000 Southern California workers earn a paycheck from one of the region's 10,378 foreign-owned companies.

California pot revenue has been disappointing. Is lowering taxes the solution?

Licensed pot shop owners blame high taxes for lower-than-expected state cannabis revenues. "We just can't compete with these illegal dispensaries," says one local owner.

There's a new plan to expand the LA Convention Center (no NFL team required)

For years, the city tied expansion plans to the goal of bringing an NFL team to LA. But a new $1.2 billion proposal doesn't hinge on building a downtown stadium.

LA is losing people to other states while the Bay Area brings them in

From 2006 to 2016, over a million more people left California than came in from other states. They were more likely to leave areas with low-wage job growth.