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David Wagner covers business and the economy for KPCC. Before coming to KPCC, he was the science and technology reporter for KPBS in San Diego. There, he reported on fields like genomics and climate science. He also investigated stem cell treatment businesses in San Diego and Tijuana. His stories have been aired nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, the PBS NewsHour and Marketplace.

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Stories by David Wagner

Pasadena stays on track to reach $15 minimum wage by 2020

Despite pushback from some local business owners, Pasadena's City Council voted on Monday to keep the city's minimum wage higher than the state requires.

Two new reports look at minimum wage hikes in Pasadena

California is on track to reach a $15 minimum wage in coming years. Some cities will get there faster than others. Here's what happened when Pasadena raised wages.

Here's What Happened When Pasadena Raised Its Minimum Wage

California is on track to reach a $15 minimum wage in coming years, and some cities are getting there faster than others.

What’s in Newsom’s budget for middle-class Californians?

Health insurance and higher ed could become more affordable for the middle class — but probably not the cost of caring for aging family members.

Here's what's in Gov. Newsom's budget for middle-class Californians

"Unless we get serious about it, this state will continue to lose its middle class, and the dream will be limited to fewer and fewer people."

SoCal food banks plan to feed unpaid federal workers

One church in Ontario is opening a food pantry this weekend for employees at the nearby Ontario International Airport who are now working without pay.

Living in California can give asylum seekers an advantage, if housing costs don't push them out

California’s high cost of living can drive today’s migrants away from the very areas providing the most help.

SoCal shoppers turn out for Black Friday deals

Shoppers who hit the stores bright and early on Black Friday might have been smart to buy now rather than later — and not just because of door-busting deals.

How SoCal businesses are handling a romaine lettuce outbreak

Grocers are pulling romaine lettuce from their shelves. Salad spots are taking it off the menu. And California farmers are destroying crops.

LA County leaders hear from Malibu residents who lost homes

The Board of Supervisors heard from fire officials and residents about the response to the Woolsey Fire on Tuesday. At times, the meeting was tense.

Anaheim voters send mixed message on Disney

While Disney allies appear to have won a firm majority on Anaheim’s city council, voters were split on a living wage measure that seeks to target Disneyland.

Fundraising distinguishes lieutenant governor candidates

State Sen. Ed Hernandez and businesswoman Eleni Kounalakis are both Democrats who agree on many issues. But there's a big gap in their campaign fundraising.

LA weighs new tactics for shutting down illegal pot shops

Ideas include shutting off their water and power, padlocking their doors, stepping up fines for their employees and creating a new building code inspection team.

LA city council members lose 'pocket veto' on new affordable housing in their districts

A new state law puts an end to the requirement that low-income and homeless housing developers obtain a "letter of acknowledgement" from local council members.

Anaheim says ballot measure won't increase wages at Disneyland

The initiative would raise wages to $18 an hour by 2022 for employers receiving subsidies from the city. But Anaheim's city attorney says Disneyland isn't covered.