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Elina Shatkin is a Digital Producer for KPCC. She leads food coverage for LAist.

Prior to joining the station, Elina was the arts and culture editor at Los Angeles magazine, a restaurant critic for L.A. Weekly and a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times.

Her work has appeared in such publications as California Sunday, The Believer, Bitch, HiLobrow and on the radio at KPCC and KCRW.

She is a fan of dogs, bicycles, dark chocolate and bad Russian accents.

Stories by Elina Shatkin

The month Prince reigned over LA

In 2011, the Purple One came to Los Angeles to play a few concerts — and by a few we mean a masterful 21-night residency at multiple venues.

The grunion should be running this weekend

It's high season for SoCal's annual grunion run and, if you find the right beach, this weekend may be your best chance to see the small, silvery fish.

Get your Haitian chicken ASAP because TiGeorges' is closing

After almost shuttering multiple times over its nearly 15 years, L.A.'s most famous Haitian restaurant, where chicken was grilled over an open flame in the dining room, is really closing.

Parole board approves Manson follower Leslie Van Houten's release

After more than four decades in prison, former Manson family murderer Leslie Van Houten's request for parole has been approved by a state board. Now, Gov. Brown must sign off.

Vigil set for 85-year-old beaten to death in downtown LA

A vigil was scheduled Wednesday night for the downtown Los Angeles community to gather and remember Dong Yul Lee near the spot where he was killed on April 2.

Broad Museum gets a slick new app

All the cool museums are creating mobile apps of their own. What's so special about this one from the Broad — aside from a tour narrated by LeVar Burton?

Calm down, Roscoe's isn't closing because it's in bankruptcy

In fact, the recent Chapter 11 filing may be a strategic move to avoid paying millions for a discrimination suit.

RIP Mel Haber, a prince of old Palm Springs, owner of Melvyn's, 80

Lung cancer claims Palm Springs legend Mel Haber, owner of the 90-year-old Ingleside Inn and Melvyn's restaurant, and a Sinatra friend.

It's National Napping Day, you have permission to yawn

Long considered a lazy person's pastime, napping has become scientifically acceptable, even hip. Here's everything you need to know to hack your nap.

42 historic photos tell the story of El Niño in SoCal

From the epic rainfall of 1938 to the monster storms that hit in 1997, we take a look back at the strongest El Niños of the last 80 years.

LA's most famous Haitian writes his memoir

TiGeorges Laguerre has run his eponymous chicken restaurant since 2002. His memoir traces his journey from the beaches of Port-de-Paix to the streets of L.A.

100 years ago, Southern California's 'storm of the century'

One hundred years ago, powerful rains dubbed the "storm of the century" hit Southern California, killing dozens of people and stopping trains for 32 days. See the vintage photos here.

Fans seek to preserve sci-fi legend Forrest Ackerman's home

For 57 years, Ackerman collected thousands of pieces of movie memorabilia while inspiring filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg. Fans want to turn his home into a landmark.

CHP boosting checkpoints, patrols during holiday weekend

Officers will be on the lookout for just about everything, from people driving under the influence, to speeding, to major collision factors like unsafe lane changes and erratic driving.

How to surf El Niño: Tips from a professional

Big wave surfer Alex Gray has a few ideas about what it takes to ride the kind of waves that the King Tides and El Niño often bring.