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Los Angeles is the most diverse and interesting food city in the United States. It’s a place where street tacos are as revered as any 12-course omakase dinner — and rightly so. My job is to connect hungry Angelenos — through food — to the culture, history, people, and neighborhoods that make up our city.

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Hurricane Maria's impact on Puerto Rico — in pictures

A week-and-a-half after the storm hit Puerto Rico, the island remains in shambles as many residents cope without power, clean water or food.

Two people hit by trains this weekend

One person died and another was injured when L.A. trains collided with pedestrians.

Trump replaces travel ban with new restrictions

The president issued new travel regulations that ban or restrict people from certain countries from entering the U.S. for 180 days.

California's official state dinosaur: The Augustynolophus

Meet Augustynolophus morrisi. The dinosaur was last seen in California about 66 million years ago, before an asteroid wiped out most life on Earth.

LAPD officer killed in motorcycle crash

The crash prompted a partial closure of several streets near the scene. John Gasparyan, 34, was part of the LAPD's Valley Traffic Division. He had been on the force for 10 years.

Quake in Mexico kills at least 217, help from LA on the way

Adding poignancy and a touch of the surreal, Tuesday's magnitude-7.1 quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. Just hours earlier, people around Mexico had held earthquake drills to mark the date.

Cassini's last picture — and 13 more stunning pictures from the spacecraft

From Saturn's dense rings to the icy craters of Enceladus, the images Cassini gathered will be studied by scientists for years.

CHP officers shoot man on 5 freeway

Details are still unclear about a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning on the 5 freeway, in the Boyle Heights area.

California National Guard heads to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma

Two Pave Hawk helicopters and 130 airmen have been deployed. Most will help with search and rescue efforts while the rest focus on coordinating military and civilian personnel.

La Tuna Fire grows to 7,000 acres, 30% containment

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for L.A. County Sunday, as the La Tuna Fire grows to more than 7,000 acres in the hills above Burbank, Glendale and Sunland-Tujunga.

Palmer Fire: All evacuation orders lifted, roads reopened

Sparked by fireworks, the Palmer Fire grew to about 3,800 acres and 35 percent containment by late Sunday, according to the Redlands Fire Department.

La Tuna Fire, one of the largest in LA history, burns thousands of acres

The La Tuna Fire continues to burn near Burbank, Glendale and Sun Valley, scorching at least 5,800 acres of brush. The fire was about 10% contained, authorities said late Saturday.

AirTalk asks: What is your favorite Angels Flight experience?

Angels Flight reopened Thursday morning following a four-year closure and a $5 million renovation.

2 new baby monkeys join the LA Zoo family

“They’re little orange balls of vigor. They’re going to start getting really active and they’ll be quite a joy for people to watch.”

After 4 grounded years, Angels Flight reopens

Angels Flight began taking passengers up and down Bunker Hill in 1901 and was a major downtown L.A. tourist attraction for decades.