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Los Angeles is the most diverse and interesting food city in the United States. It’s a place where street tacos are as revered as any 12-course omakase dinner — and rightly so. My job is to connect hungry Angelenos — through food — to the culture, history, people, and neighborhoods that make up our city.

Stories by Elina Shatkin

Hollywood Palladium is going to be LA's next cultural monument

One of Hollywood's most famous indoor concert venues was approved to become an official Los Angeles landmark.

Union Station is the star in a new film noir screening series

Movies that feature the iconic train station onscreen will be screened at Union Station itself. Bring on the fedoras and femme fatales.

Rare mammoth fossil returns to mainland

Until this week, one of the rarest and most remarkable mammoth skulls ever seen by modern humans had been buried in the soil of Santa Rosa Island for 13,000 years.

Will feline fanatics flock to West Hollywood's new cat cafe?

Would you pay for the privilege of cuddling cats while quaffing cappuccinos? The new Crumbs & Whiskers is counting on it.

Police Academy cafe to reopen this fall — probably

Split pea soup and burgers will be back on the menu at the LAPD Academy, probably by the end of the year.

9 cheeseburgers in paradise (aka LA) for National Cheeseburger Day

Need a place to celebrate? Here are a few great Southern California cheeseburgers, from simple to fancy.

How to get to and park at the LA Coliseum for the Rams

We've got the details for Rams fans — everything from parking to public transportation and what to expect once you get there Sunday.

Mammoth skull could reveal clues to California history

This week's excavation of a rare and exceptionally preserved mammoth fossil could be a game-changer in helping us understand the prehistoric California.

Juan Gabriel memorial mass slated for Monterey Park

Everyone is welcome to attend the service Tuesday evening. It will include a candlelight presentation and tributes by both an all-female mariachi band and a Juan Gabriel impersonator.

5 places not to go on Labor Day

The three-day Labor Day weekend is filled with activities. Picnics, fairs, concerts, friends. But let's say your main goal is to avoid crowds not join them.

What if they threw a fake comedy festival and everybody came?

If you want to catch a set in Haley Joel Osment's backyard or at the Chuckle Dumpster in Van Nuys, check out this comedy festival. Or don't. After all, it isn't real.

Labor Day 2016: Travel tips, what to do in LA and more

If you're lucky enough to get to rest from your labor a little more with a long weekend, we've got everything you need to know about traveling, staying in town and much more.

8 things we learned from Metro's innovation chief

Joshua Schank is the Chief Innovation Officer for Metro's Office of Extraordinary Innovation. That's a lot of innovating for one human. What does he actually do?

700 women pose for a massive group photo

"Any time you get 700 people together, it's a political moment," says artist Kim Schoenstadt.

Car-train collision in Pasadena leads to delays on Gold Line

A Gold Line train struck a car in Pasadena Wednesday morning. The accident has been cleared, but commuters were warned to expect delays.