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I bring you onto the scene of the stories Angelenos are talking about today and help you understand how they’ll affect you.

Stories by Emily Elena Dugdale

L.A. celebrates 50 years of the modern Emergency Management System

You might not like sirens, but they’re pretty crucial. It’s been 50 years since the beginning of the modern Emergency Management System. L.A. was an early pioneer, and they celebrated that on Thursday at the LA County Fire Museum.

Local mountain lions could become extinct in 50 years. Here's how that could change.

 Scientists have some bad news -  there’s a one in four chance mountain lions living in the Santa Monica and Santa Ana mountains could be extinct in 50 years.

Hey LA, The Worst Time To Drive In The Rain Is Probably Not When You Think

When it's raining, LA's roads are slick. So naturally there'd be more accidents when the roads are full, right? Wrong. Researchers from USC's data journalism project Crosstown recently crunched traffic and weather data and found some weird patterns.

LA County is putting even more restrictions on smoking

Smoking will be banned within 25 feet of restaurants and bars in unincorporated areas of the county. That includes e-cigarettes and cannabis.

The most dangerous time to drive when it's raining isn't when you think

Researchers combed through three years of traffic and weather data to find out.

Santa Anita reopens after closing due to dozens of horse deaths

Horses are back on the track at Santa Anita Park. Officials closed it down this week to study it after nineteen horses died in just two months.

Experts inspect Santa Anita Track after 21 horse deaths

Experts are out today at Santa Anita Park this week to examine the one-mile track that has been the scene of 21 horse deaths in just ten weeks. 

Former USC student says cheating scandal is 'infuriating'

 The college admissions scandal continues to reverberate around local schools like USC. Students who didn’t have a lot of resources growing up but managed to get into the school are feeling particularly burned.

Long Beach Might Build An Aerial Tramway To Take You Across The Waterfront

As Long Beach prepares to play a part of the 2028 Olympics, the city is looking seriously at a plan that’s been around for some time to move people around their waterfront tourist attractions.

Supervisors Push to Allow Pets in All County-Funded Housing

County Supervisors Hilda Solis and Kathryn Barger say low-income people are often forced to choose between having a pet or paying more for housing.

Former Arroyo High School Student Wins $5 Million in Sex Abuse Verdict Against Teacher

A Los Angeles jury has awarded $5 million in damages to a former student at Arroyo High School who was sexually abused by a teacher.

Paleontologists uncover fossils near Beverly Hills

A team of paleontologists working with the Metro Purple Line Extension project have uncovered hundreds of fossils near Beverly Hills.

Inglewood passes rent control measure and temporarily bans evictions

During the meeting, Inglewood residents lined the council chambers to share their own stories of rising rent and displacement.

You're probably driving over Ice Age fossils right now

A team of paleontologists working with the Metro Purple Line Extension project have uncovered hundreds of fossils near Beverly Hills. It's not the first time the project has turned up ancient creatures.

Plastic Straws Will Soon Disappear From Your Favorite LA Restaurants

If plastic straws are important to you, you better start hoarding them. After an LA City Council vote on Friday, soon ALL restaurants in the city - yep, that includes food trucks - will only provide disposable straws upon request.