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Veterans/Criminal Justice Reporter

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I am working on a one-year collaboration with the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica on a series of investigative stories focusing on institutional racism in the Antelope Valley. I will be unpacking the issue through a variety of lenses, including housing, education, and law enforcement. (Please contact me if you are an Antelope Valley resident and want to talk).

I joined KPCC/LAist in 2018 as our general assignment reporter, and a year later, I became our criminal justice and veterans reporter.

Previously I co-reported and produced the Offshore podcast from Honolulu Civil Beat. I spent most of my early career reporting for local news outlets in the Bay Area. I'm also a proud alum of KPCC's internship program, and received a masters in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

I was born in Colombia and grew up in the Evergreen State. You'll find me hiking around L.A. on the weekends. Hablo español.

Stories by Emily Elena Dugdale

King tide provides glimpse into future of rising sea level

From the sky, it's clear that much of Southern California is at or just above sea level and protections like sea walls are eroding.

Teachers on the LAUSD picket line going without pay, cutting back on spending

LAUSD picketers aren’t showing signs of slowing down. But teachers also won’t get paid while they’re out marching. We spoke to teachers at Taft High School in Woodland Hills about how they’ll make ends meet.

Spanish-Speaking Parents May Be At A Disadvantage During LAUSD Strike

Thousands of LAUSD teachers are on strike. The district is over 70 percent Latino or Hispanic and serves many non-English-speaking families. How are they getting information about the strike? 

Here's what one parent of a disabled LAUSD student says about the potential strike

LAUSD serves about 60,000 special education students and some parents of these students are worried about what will happen to their care if teachers strike.

Federal prison workers stressed, taking on second jobs as they work without pay

One of the groups who won’t be getting a paycheck this week are federal prison workers. At a federal prison in Victorville, corrections officers say moral is low.

Going To The Rose Parade? Here's How These Folks Built A Float The Old School Way

The Rose Parade is just a few days away - and despite more corporate entries in recent years, there’s still a handful of floats built by community groups. Six, in fact.

Here's what Southern Californians are posting with #shutdownstories

We’re coming on Day 5 of the government shutdown - and people are sharing their stories on Twitter with the hashtag #shutdownstories. We reached out to a few in Southern California and heard some unexpected consequences to the shutdown.

LAUSD parents have mixed reactions to strike news

LAUSD teachers might strike after winter break, but what does that mean for parents? Many LAUSD schools serve predominantly Latino and working class families who rely on schools to care for their children while they’re out earning a living.

Anaheim Opens 200 Bed Homeless Shelter In Time For The Holidays

It’s been almost a year since the Santa Ana riverbed homeless encampments in Orange County were cleared out. There’s been a lot of legal wrangling since then. But on Thursday, Anaheim is opening a temporary 200 bed homeless shelter near Angel’s stadium to get people indoors before the holidays - and the bad weather.

Students Are Outraged Over A Racist Test Question At Cal State Long Beach

A test question on a final at Cal State Long Beach outraged students this week. Students were asked to pick the racial group of gangs least likely to do graffiti. 

City Council approves $100 million dollar tax break for LA Convention Center expansion

You may have heard about the plan to expand the aging LA convention center. The LA City Council voted Wednesday to give the developers a massive $100 million dollar tax break. 

Cal State Northridge stays open after mass shooting threats

Campus officials say the threats might not be credible and they are working with the Los Angeles Police Department to investigate.

Expect delays during Kaiser's 5-day strike

It’ll be harder to get an appointment with a therapist or social worker at Kaiser Permanente next week. Four thousand Kaiser mental health clinicians start a five-day strike on Monday. 

Commission rules First Baptist Church of Venice will not become a monument

The vote by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission to reject the monument was disappointing to the small group of supporters in the audience.

Homeless outreach teams warn riverbed encampments of flood danger

Homeless people living in dry riverbeds can be particularly vulnerable if the rains are heavy. Since many people don’t have a phone or radio, the team of outreach workers from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and the LA County Sheriff's department need to spread the warning on-foot.