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I bring you onto the scene of the stories Angelenos are talking about today and help you understand how they’ll affect you.

Stories by Emily Elena Dugdale

There's a lot of bad stuff in that brown ocean water

LA County Department of Public Health has issued a beach water use advisory for all the county’s beaches. That’s because of rain run-off full of contaminants from the Woolsey Fire burn areas making its way to the ocean.

Town Hall to address gun violence draws hundreds

In the aftermath of the Borderline shooting, Congressman Adam Schiff and State Senator Anthony Portantino hosted a town hall on Monday evening in Burbank to address gun violence. 

LAFD pilots rescue three people and two dogs from burning hilltop

Pilots Joel Smith and David Nordquist were running low on fuel and didn’t have the manpower to hoist the people below to safety. So they made a risky choice and landed their helicopter through the thick smoke on to a narrow strip of burning ridgeline.

With Rain Forecast, Residents In Woolsey Fire Burn Zone Prep For Possible Mudslides

With fire containment levels at more than 90 percent, many evacuees are finally headed home.

Thousands come out for annual E.J Jackson Turkey Dinner Giveaway in South L.A.

The 36th annual turkey dinner giveaway felt like a street party, with hundreds of people dancing in line as volunteers handed out boxes full of frozen turkey and fixings. 

What Happens To The Maids And Gardeners Of Malibu When The Houses Are Gone

The affluent community of Malibu relies on a legion of day laborers, housekeepers and gardeners who have been hit hard in the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire. For some workers, missing a week's pay is a critical situation, but evacuation orders kept them away for that long.

With rain forecast, residents in Woolsey Fire burn zone prep for possible mudslides

The L.A. County Fire Department also put together a guide on how to prepare yourself and your home in the event of flooding.

Malibu residents vent their frustration at fire officials

Malibu residents vented their frustrations at a town hall Tuesday night in Santa Monica. Their biggest concern: when they'd be able to return to their houses.

How 'white blobs' invaded California's waters

Those white blobs are the introduced Japanese oyster. Data from Fish and Wildlife shows that as many as 114 species have been found off of SoCal's shores in recent years.

The science of space mold: Can fungi harm humans in space?

Fungi are everywhere. Most don’t harm us — but scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab want to find out if in space, things might change.