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Public Safety Correspondent

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Southern California has a long and troubled history when it comes to policing. I explore a continuing disconnect between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, look at when reforms have worked and where and why tensions remain. I'm always examining whether justice is being served.

Stories by Frank Stoltze

Oversight commission asks LA Sheriff to halt drone program, but he refuses

After the civilian panel's 5-4 vote, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said the department's lone unarmed drone "is too important as a public safety tool to ground the program."

Activists mount new effort to block downtown LA mental health jail

The proposed facility would replace Men's Central Jail. Activists say jail is not the appropriate place to treat people with mental health problems.

LA jails face 'significant challenges' improving mental health care

The court-appointed monitor says in his bi-annual report that the Sheriff's Department may have underestimated how long it will take to substantially improve care.

​Video shows Huntington Beach officer fatally shooting a man

The officer was speaking with the man outside the store when a confrontation broke out.

Court overturns $4M jury award to LAPD officers

The court said the officers failed to prove Chief Charlie Beck discriminated against them because they were Latino and the man one of them shot was black.

Sheriff's deputy allegedly raped female inmates

Giancarlo Scotti, 31, is accused of sexually assaulting the women in the early morning hours after getting the women alone somewhere inside the lockup.

5 ways being a 'sanctuary state' wouldn't change much

Touted as "landmark" legislation, the bill falls short of what its author, State Sen. Kevin de Leon, and immigrant rights advocates had hoped for.

LAPD cadet scandal rooted in poor supervision, report says

The L.A. Police Commission's inspector general found lax oversight of crucial equipment, including shotguns, tasers and the keys to squad cars.

LA Sheriff on body cam video: 'I'm a fan of transparency'

Sheriff Jim McDonnell says it would benefit the public and his deputies to release videos - unless they involve an ongoing investigation or a violation of privacy.

LA sheriff's body cam plan would permit release of some video

L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants the Board of Supervisors to approve a $55 million-a-year plan to equip nearly 6,000 deputies with body cameras.

The public will get to see police license plate data

The California Supreme Court said the massive amounts of data collected by license plate reader programs cannot be kept secret by police.

Family blames Whittier police for mentally ill man's death

Jonathan Salcido's family is filing a legal claim, alleging officers "brutally killed" him after his mother sought help getting him to a psychiatric hospital.

LAPD says no to more military hardware from Trump administration

The Trump administration Monday lifted President Obama's restrictions on which military surplus police and sheriffs can receive. The L.A. Sheriff is mulling his options.

Is California on the verge of bail reform?

With Gov. Brown throwing his weight behind "cost-effective and fair" reform, advocates hope to change a system that they say discriminates against poorer defendants.

Civilian panel says LA Sheriff needs more mental health teams

The report says Sheriff Jim McDonnell's department needs to dramatically increase the number of special teams that deal with people with mental illness.