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Public Safety Correspondent

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Southern California has a long and troubled history when it comes to policing. I explore a continuing disconnect between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, look at when reforms have worked and where and why tensions remain. I'm always examining whether justice is being served.

Stories by Frank Stoltze

LA considers $31 million for police body cameras

The five-year contract with Taser International will place a body camera on every LAPD officer — and outfit each officer in the city with a stun gun.

Deal set to bring more oversight of LA Sheriff’s Department

After complaining he lacked adequate access, the Los Angeles County inspector general would now be able to look at a range of confidential files.

First responders recount scene of San Bernardino mass shooting

Police officers who were among the first to arrive to the Inland Regional Center described a "surreal" scene. "It was terrible," one said.

Death penalty showdown expected in 2016

Two death penalty measures may end up on what's expected to be a crowded ballot next November. Voters last took up capital punishment in 2012.

Lawsuit seeks more help for mentally ill jail inmates

Civil rights lawyers representing mentally ill former inmates say many of them end up homeless and back in jail within weeks or months.

3 arrested in murder of Downey police officer

Officer Ricardo Galvez was fatally shot at about 11 p.m. Wednesday in an apparent "botched robbery." Three suspects, including one juvenile, are in custody.

Paris attacks: 120 thought dead in 6 incidents

Five attackers may have been killed and more than 120 victims may have died in six deadly incidents in Paris, according to the city's prosecutor.

LAPD union says 'Preservation of Life' award will endanger cops

Police union leaders warn Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck's effort to encourage less use of force could lead to officer deaths.

Officer Involved: ‘I see heroes’

Most officers will go their entire career without shooting at anyone. Among the shootings that took place during the five years KPCC reviewed, many involved life-saving acts of bravery.

Officer Involved: The black box of police shooting investigations

Law enforcement agencies aren't required to report data on police shootings, and few do.

Officer Involved: Unarmed and dangerous?

One in four people shot by officers in L.A. County between 2010 and 2015 was unarmed, and only one LAPD officer during that time was fired for violating policy.

Officer Involved: Black people shot at disproportionate rate

Police in Los Angeles County fatally shoot black people at triple their proportion in the population, an analysis by KPCC has found.

LAPD officers shoot, kill suspect after rear window shattered

The officers exited the vehicle and shot a suspect, who died at the scene. Police have yet to determine what broke the window, and no firearm was recovered.

LAPD to issue Tasers to all officers

The move comes amid a national outcry over police shootings, and officials hope equipping officers with the weapons will reduce the probability of lethal force.

Prison spending rises, even as inmate population plummets

A new study by the Public Policy Institute of California found that even as the state's prison population has dropped dramatically, spending on corrections went up.