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Public Safety Correspondent

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Southern California has a long and troubled history when it comes to policing. I explore a continuing disconnect between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, look at when reforms have worked and where and why tensions remain. I'm always examining whether justice is being served.

Stories by Frank Stoltze

Obama: 'No excuse' for Baltimore violence

President calls deaths of several black men by police in Baltimore and other cities "a slow rolling crisis" that should prompt "soul searching" in America.

LAPD chief: Cops should view body cam video after shooting

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck would allow officers to review video before being interviewed by investigators after a shooting. The policy is silent on when the public should see video.

Family files $10M claim against city over police shooting

An LAPD officer fatally shot an unarmed man after a pursuit that ended in Burbank. The city of L.A. has 45 days to settle the claim before the family can file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

First Person: Philip Cho's journey from jail to mental health activism

A paranoid schizophrenic, Cho says his time spent in L.A. County's Twin Towers jail prompted him to become an activist on behalf of people with mental health problems.

San Bernardino to pay $650K in videotaped beating

In an extraordinarily fast response, the county said it had reached a settlement with Francis Jared Pusok, whose beating by deputies after he attempted to flee on horseback was caught on video.

Public safety, cleanups in proposed LA city budget

Increased property and hotel taxes are buoying the city budget. Mayor Garcetti wants to spend it on police, special cleanups, tree-trimming and sidewalk repairs.

LA may not be riding a crime wave, criminologists say

Crime is on the rise, but for how long and why? Criminologists say it's too early to say and are unconvinced by arguments that realignment is pushing crime rates up.

Critics: expansion of LAPD elite Metro teams raises concerns

Some community activists and police critics said Wednesday Mayor Garcetti's plan to assign teams to target crime in unfamiliar neighborhoods could hurt community policing efforts.

County budget focuses on improving jails, child welfare

L.A. County's proposed budget rose to $26.9 billion this year. Most of the slight increase will go to jails, public health, and foster care.

Man describes harrowing experience at hands of San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies

Francis Jared Pusok spoke with KNBC about being beaten by deputies. A county supervisor worries what the county may have to pay as a result of the incident.

FBI launches investigation into beating by SB Sheriff deputies

The FBI has launched an investigation into whether San Bernardino Sheriff's deputies violated the civil rights of a man who was beaten Thursday after he led deputies on a pursuit on a horse.

LAPD body cams: Cloud storage raises concern

The LAPD plans to store thousands of hours of video collected from officers' body cameras in the cloud.

County recommends $5.3M to family of man killed by LA deputies

Jose de La Trinidad was unarmed and had his hands in the air, according to a lawsuit by his family, when sheriff's deputies opened fire in 2012.

Slava Voynov domestic violence case: his wife may be forced to testify

In California, prosecutors can subpoena domestic violence victims who may be unwilling to testify against their abuser.

Bypassing usual rules, Taser won LAPD's body cam business

Taser provided the LAPD with its first batch of body cameras in a deal that short-circuited city bidding rules. Now, Taser's in position to win even more LAPD business.