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Public Safety Correspondent

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Southern California has a long and troubled history when it comes to policing. I explore a continuing disconnect between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, look at when reforms have worked and where and why tensions remain. I'm always examining whether justice is being served.

Stories by Frank Stoltze

Los Angeles County faces budget deficit, but seeks to avoid layoffs

Los Angeles County’s chief executive said Monday the county faces a $220 million budget shortfall in the coming fiscal year, as lower tax revenues continue to strain local government coffers.

LA City Attorney Trutanich explores run for District Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has formed an exploratory committee in preparation for a likely run for Los Angeles County district attorney next year. It is a major break with the current D.A. Steve Cooley, who has said he would prefer his assistant Jackie Lacey to succeed him.

LAPD eases daytime curfew enforcement on teens

The Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to ease daytime curfew laws amid complaints that officers are indiscriminately handing out tens of thousands of tickets to high school students. Officers will stop most sweeps during the first hour of classes and no longer ticket students on campus.

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa takes aim at teachers' union contract in State of the City

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wednesday said he intends to push for dramatic changes in the contract between the Los Angeles Unified School District and its powerful teachers union this year. Villaraigosa delivered his message in his annual State of the City address.

Los Angeles City Council delays vote on police, fire health care plans

Labor union leaders representing Los Angeles city firefighters and police officers Tuesday beat back an attempt to cut back their health care benefits.

Los Angeles police union challenges vechicle impound policy

The labor union that represents Los Angeles police officers is trying to block the department’s new, more lenient policy for unlicensed drivers stopped at DUI checkpoints. Chief Charlie Beck said the old policy was unfair to illegal immigrants.

Democratic strategist Kam Kuwata found dead

Democratic political consultant Kam Kuwata has died. Los Angeles police say they found his body inside his Venice home Monday morning after friends worried about his whereabouts. Police have not announced a cause of death, but they say they found no evidence of foul play. Kuwata was 57.

Los Angeles Police Chief Beck vows to make Dodger Stadium safe

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has vowed to make Dodger Stadium safe. This follows the severe beating of a Giants fan in the parking lot on opening day last week.

Dodgers hire former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton after opening day beating

The Los Angeles Dodgers Wednesday announced they’ve hired former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton to review and improve security at the stadium. The move follows the severe beating of a Giants fan in the parking lot on opening day.

LA City Council support ban on openly carrying guns

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to support a proposed state law that would prohibit people from openly carrying an unloaded handgun in public.

LAPD officer shot in Sylmar remains in critical but stable condition

Doctors say the LAPD officer shot during a standoff Monday in Sylmar remains in critical but stable condition. They expect him to survive.

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities founder John Young reflects on RBI program

John Young is hardly a household name. But the former professional baseball player’s had a profound effect on thousands of kids in Southern California and beyond. Young’s life is one that started bright, flickered, then burned anew with a passion to help inner-city boys and girls.

California pension problems deepen as Governor Brown proposes reforms

California Governor Jerry Brown Thursday introduced a series of pension reform proposals, as the California State Teachers Retirement System reported a jump in unfunded liabilities.

Family marks anniversary of son who died inside LA County Jail

The family of a man who officials say committed suicide inside Los Angeles County Jail marked the two-year anniversary of his death Wednesday. The American Civil Liberties Union has said the case may be an example of negligence inside an overcrowded and troubled jail.

LAX airport taxi fares increased

Desperate for cash, the Los Angeles City Council Tuesday approved a deal that would increase passenger surcharges from $2.50 to $4 a trip at Los Angeles International Airport.