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Hettie Lynne Hurtes is KPCC's Midday News Anchor. Hettie has been a broadcast journalist for more than 25 years in Los Angeles. Most of her previous on air experience has been in commercial radio, primarily at KFWB.

Hurtes began her career at KSDO as San Diego's first female radio anchor, and was brought up to Los Angeles by KFWB where she worked as a reporter/anchor on and off through 2006 when she moved to public radio and KPCC. During her earlier years in broadcasting. Hettie was morning drive anchor and news director at KRTH 101, evening news anchor at Channel 13, freelance reporter for CNN in Los Angeles and national film critic at the former RKO Radio Network.

Hettie has written for a number of newspapers and magazines including Orange County Magazine, Downtown L.A. News, Beverly Hills Business and BackStage West. She's authored two books: "The Backstage Guide to Casting Directors" and "Agents on Actors." Her acting experience has extended to film and television ("Terminator" and "Throw Mama from the Train", to name just two). She's currently casting director/actor for Drama West Productions at the Edendale Library in Echo Park – the only ongoing theatre troupe at an L.A. Public Library.

Hettie is married to Randy Roberts and has two children and a cat named Cheddar.

Stories by Hettie Lynne Hurtes

In God We Trust Added to City Seal

"In God We Trust"' is being added to a southland city seal. The Ontario City Council voted unanimously to put those words in a semicircle above the city logo in council chambers. Councilman Alan Wapner, who crafted the motion, says he wasn't surprised, adding, "I knew they support God.

An Offer You Can't Refuse?

Starting next week, 15 bars and nightclubs along the Sunset Strip will hold a mass happy hour every Wednesday evening to draw customers to the area. The eateries and nightspots along the 1.

Head of New Life Church Announces a New Beginning

Ted Haggard, the former megachurch pastor who fell from grace amid a sex scandal, is announcing the next step in his career at his Colorado Springs home, three weeks after he said he filed incorporation papers for a new church.

James Cameron to the Rescue

James Cameron, the director of "Avatar" and "Titanic," joined scientists and other experts at a meeting with U.S. officials in Washington yesterday to come up with possible fixes for the oil leak in the Gulf, which so far has resisted oil company BP's attempts to plug it.

Proposal to Extend Penalties to Airlines

The Obama administration wants to raise the amount airlines have to compensate passengers bumped from full flights to as much as $1,300. They pay up to $800 now. The Transportation Department unveiled the proposals today.

Kudos for Orange Coast College's Athletics Program

The athletics program at Orange Coast College was picked as the top community college athletics program in California by its peers this year. The California Community College Athletic Association and National Alliance of Two-Year College Athletic Administrators bestowed the honor on the school, which fields 20 athletic teams and has 51 percent of its student athletes on the academic honor roll.

92-Year-Old LA PR Agent to Enter Nine Track and Field Events

A 92-year-old public relations agent from LA is getting ready to compete in nine track and field events in one day, and naturally enough issued a press release today to announce it.

Al and Tipper Gore Separate

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marriage. According to an e-mail circulated among the couple's friends and obtained by The Associated Press today, the Gores said it was ``a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration.

Bruce Beresford-Redman Charged with Murder

A state attorney general in Mexico has filed murder charges against TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman for allegedly killing his wife in Cancun. The prosecutor's office told CBS News it would use diplomatic efforts, international police treaties and other channels to have him arrested and extradited back to Mexico.

Remembering Dennis Hopper

As you probably heard, actor/director/artist Dennis Hopper died Saturday of prostate cancer at the age of 74. He had recently been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March, his last public appearance.

State Senate Okays Bill To Help Curtail Spread of AIDS

The state Senate today approved a bill authored by Democratic Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco that would allow pharmacies throughout California to sell up to 30 sterile syringes to an adult without a prescription.

Majority of California Voters Against Oil Drilling

A new poll shows nearly half of California registered voters are against new oil drilling off the coast.

First Case of West Nile This Year

The first case of West Nile virus in a dead bird this year was found in Garden Grove on May 18. The crow was discovered in a field by an Orange County Animal Control Operator and tested positive for the virus.

New Sunscreen Labels Coming to a Lotion Near You

A clearer, more meaningful standard for sunscreen labels is coming soon to a lotion near you, but not in time for the summer beach season that kicks off this Memorial Day weekend. The Food and Drug Administration is working to finish new labeling rules that have been years in the making, but not before October.

Widespread LA County Employee Fraud

An L.A. County audit has found at least 101 cases of fraud by public employees during the second half of 2009. In one case ... three high-ranking county firefighters spent the day playing golf but put in for a full day of work.