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Hettie Lynne Hurtes is KPCC's Midday News Anchor. Hettie has been a broadcast journalist for more than 25 years in Los Angeles. Most of her previous on air experience has been in commercial radio, primarily at KFWB.

Hurtes began her career at KSDO as San Diego's first female radio anchor, and was brought up to Los Angeles by KFWB where she worked as a reporter/anchor on and off through 2006 when she moved to public radio and KPCC. During her earlier years in broadcasting. Hettie was morning drive anchor and news director at KRTH 101, evening news anchor at Channel 13, freelance reporter for CNN in Los Angeles and national film critic at the former RKO Radio Network.

Hettie has written for a number of newspapers and magazines including Orange County Magazine, Downtown L.A. News, Beverly Hills Business and BackStage West. She's authored two books: "The Backstage Guide to Casting Directors" and "Agents on Actors." Her acting experience has extended to film and television ("Terminator" and "Throw Mama from the Train", to name just two). She's currently casting director/actor for Drama West Productions at the Edendale Library in Echo Park – the only ongoing theatre troupe at an L.A. Public Library.

Hettie is married to Randy Roberts and has two children and a cat named Cheddar.

Stories by Hettie Lynne Hurtes

What's in a Name?

Folks seems to be looking at popular vampire books and the first family for baby names these days: Cullen is on the rise for boys and Malia for girls. But Miley and Jonas are down, proving that acclaim can be fleeting.

Cash for Caulkers

The House has passed legislation allowing homeowners who install energy-saving appliances and products to earn thousands in rebates. Democrats who promoted the "Home Star" bill said it would have the triple benefit of reinvigorating the slumping construction industry, saving homeowners billions in energy costs and improving the environment.

A Report of a Beauty Salon Operating in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Sylmar

Two LA County hospital workers have been placed on paid leave after allegations they gavemanicures in a newborn intensive care ward. The county and the hospital are investigating complaints employees set up a makeshift beauty salon on top of medical equipment in the neonatal intensive care unit at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.

Moratorium on Rent Hikes

Good news for some renters in LA. A City Council committee has backed a four-month moratorium on rent increases that would affect some 630,000 apartments.

The Downtown LA Men's Central Jail Gets Bad Report Card from ACLU

"Men's Central Jail is a modern-day medieval dungeon, a dank, windowless place where prisoners live in fear of retaliation and abuse apparently goes unchecked." That from a new report from the ACLU.

L.A. Dog Owners Beware of Possible New Fines

L.A. City officials, scrambling to boost revenues, have voted to instruct the Department of Animal Services, City Attorney's Office and budget and legislative analysts to work together to craft an "administrative citation program," cracking down and issuing tickets to owners of barking dogs, dogs not on leashes and ones not properly being cared for.

New Adult Game Show on GSN Starring....Puppets!

And from our "What Next?" file: Puppets will be part of late-night on the Game Show Network next month. It's called ``Late Night Liars,'' and these are most definitely not the kind of puppets you'll want your little ones to watch.

Metro Wants to Hear What You Have to Say Regarding the Subway to the Sea

Plans to dig a subway underneath homes and condos between Century City and Westwood will be discussed at a Metro public meeting later this month. Construction experts will be on hand to explain how homes, businesses, and other structures will be protected as a pair of giant construction drills dig out twin bores, at least 20 feet beneath the surface, for the Westside subway extension.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Changes His Mind on Oil Drilling

Gov. Schwarzenegger is withdrawing his support of a plan to expand oil drilling off the coast, citing the environmental tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. Schwarzenegger said TV images of the spill in the Gulf have changed his mind about the safety of ocean-based oil platforms.

Tipsy? Call a Cab Free!

Now, with the touch of a button, you can call a cab — free. A new cell phone app "Taxi Magic" could help keep drunk drivers off the streets. It's available in L.A and Orange counties for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm smartphones.

A German Man Unofficially Marries His Cat

This may sound like something out of the tabloids, but apparently it's true. 39-year old Uwe Mitzscherlich said he wanted to tie the knot before his asthmatic cat Cecilia died. The cat and groom have lived together for 10 years.

Schwarzenegger Loses Fight Over Prison Health Care

The Schwarzenegger administration has lost a legal fight to end oversight of the state's prison health care system. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled that a federal judge can continue with a court-appointed receiver to improve inmate medical care.

Oprah Comes to LA to Campaign Against Driving and Texting

Oprah Winfrey wants America's drivers to declare their cars ``No Phone Zones.'' She dedicated today's show to urging people to sign pledges not to chat or text from behind the wheel.

Hettie Hosts South-East European Film Festival

The South-East European Film Festival (SEE Fest) opens tonight at the Goethe Institute in the Wilshire District. It's the only festival in the US to showcase films from the Balkans and neighboring countries.

Should We Be Trying to Contact ET?

Stephen Hawking may think it's too risky to try to talk to space aliens. But NASA and others have been trying to communicate with other worlds for years. Hawking's comment earlier this week that it would be dangerous to contact space aliens reopened a long-running debate.