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Hettie Lynne Hurtes is KPCC's Midday News Anchor. Hettie has been a broadcast journalist for more than 25 years in Los Angeles. Most of her previous on air experience has been in commercial radio, primarily at KFWB.

Hurtes began her career at KSDO as San Diego's first female radio anchor, and was brought up to Los Angeles by KFWB where she worked as a reporter/anchor on and off through 2006 when she moved to public radio and KPCC. During her earlier years in broadcasting. Hettie was morning drive anchor and news director at KRTH 101, evening news anchor at Channel 13, freelance reporter for CNN in Los Angeles and national film critic at the former RKO Radio Network.

Hettie has written for a number of newspapers and magazines including Orange County Magazine, Downtown L.A. News, Beverly Hills Business and BackStage West. She's authored two books: "The Backstage Guide to Casting Directors" and "Agents on Actors." Her acting experience has extended to film and television ("Terminator" and "Throw Mama from the Train", to name just two). She's currently casting director/actor for Drama West Productions at the Edendale Library in Echo Park – the only ongoing theatre troupe at an L.A. Public Library.

Hettie is married to Randy Roberts and has two children and a cat named Cheddar.

Stories by Hettie Lynne Hurtes

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Plans More Layoffs

Up to 750 city employees could lose their jobs under a plan proposed today by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to close a budget deficit of about $485 million this fiscal year.

Illegal Pot Shops in L.A. May Be About to Go

The LA City Council today approved the final component of a medical marijuana ordinance that will let authorities start closing down hundreds of illegal pot shops, starting in June.

Calling All Volunteers for TreePeople

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, TreePeople is looking for volunteers to help replant the fire-scarred San Gabriel Mountains.

Airline Cancellations Due to Volcanic Eruption

Planes around the world are backed up today as British and European airports were closed due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere that could damage jet engines. Nine flights that were scheduled to either depart LAX bound for London or arrive at the airport from London had to be canceled today.

Hollywood sign supporters get 16-day extension

Boosters trying to save the Hollywood sign by buying the land around it have a little more than two weeks to come up with the money. (Audio: KPCC’s Shirley Jahad is in Hollywood with the latest.)

LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge Announcement Regarding Land Around Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge and the Trust for Public Land are still about $1 1/2 million shy of the $12 1/2 million needed to buy 138 acres surrounding the Hollywood sign, but he and the trust have reportedly been given a 16-day extension to raise the money.

Home Sales AND Prices Up in LA

According to MDA DataQuick: home sales in LA County rose by 13 percent in March, compared to the same month a year ago, while prices increased by 9.7 percent.

Gay Rights Activists Fail in Attempt to Overturn Same Sex Marriage Ban

Gay rights activists say they've failed to get enough signatures to put a repeal of California's same-sexmarriage ban on the November ballot. Restore Equality 2010 says it fell short of the 695,000 signatures needed by today's deadline to put the measure on the ballot.

New Charlie Chaplin Movie

A home movie of Chaplin shot by a young Alistair Cooke in 1933 has had its first U.S. screening. Cooke's daughter found the 11-minute film as she sorted through her father's belongings afterhis death in 2004 and had it restored.

Help for Troubled California Homeowners

A bright note for Californians hurt by the housing crisis that would save many folks thousands of dollars in taxes. The Legislature passed a bill today helping homeowners who received mortgage modifications, lost their homes to foreclosure or sold their houses for less than they owed on their mortgages.

A First for John Wayne Airport

A first for John Wayne Airport - the first international flight in the history of of the Orange County facility is expected to arrive tonight. Air Canada's inaugural trip from Toronto is scheduled to touch down in Orange County at 8:01 this evening.

LA City Council Moves to Take Control of DWP

The LA City Council has moved to take control of the utility whose refusal to hand over $73 millionhas sent the city into a financial tailspin. The council today approved a series of motions that wouldtake control of the Department of Water and Power away from the mayor.

Martina Navratilova Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Tennis great Martina Navratilova says she has been diagnosed with breast cancer but her prognosis is excellent. The nine-time Wimbledon women's singles champion had a lumpectomy in March and will start six weeks of radiation therapy next month.

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Announces Significant Move to Save Money

In hopes of cutting costs, LA Mayor Villaraigosa has just called on the city to shut down all general-funded city services -- such as courthouses and libraries -- for two days a week beginning April 12.

Angels of Anaheim Could Make the Guinness Book

If you'd like to be in the Guinness Record book, here's your big chance. If you go to Angels Stadium tonight for game 2 with Minnesota..you'll get a free red fleece blanket which you'll be asked to wear for 5 minutes prior to the game.